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  1. Please have a look at Team Fortress 2 and CSGO, "shiny skins" have their part, but in the end not even the developer has the ability to keep the game alive, the community has. And DE gets a lot of income from the Prime accesory, dont underestemate the financial power of "shiny skins".
  2. I acually have to agree with you that the rewards are nice, IF you care about "gameplay". But this is from someone who likes cosmetic freedom more that getting infinite umbra forma. I havent even used the Nightwave umbra formal, and dont realy care about stuff that affects gameplay, im just dissapointed in what DE could have done, i myself sometimes use 3D software and i can tell you from experience that no effort has gone in the cosmetic stuff, wich dissapoits me. I acually side with the people that say MR doesnt matter, this said The Booster Well shouldnt be MR 30 locked and the Umbra f
  3. ah yes someone who doesnt get the point, its not about the mastery rank, its about the fashion. Theres nothing wrong with having a centain MR Rank, low or high, it doesnt mater. But for example if you did endourance runs, you expect a certain neveau of reward. The point is, this discussion is not about MR its about if the rewards look good. And if you dont care about that, then you dont have to be here.
  4. I just barely got to MR 30 before the new year, and was pretty exited because i didnt look what the rewards for beating the test where. rtThe stuff you get is realy disaponting, the hood ornament for the ship looks ok, even if it looks a little out of place. The umbra formas, the riven and loadout slots are not comletly garbage but if you got to MR 30 you where probably more exited by the chat emote than this stuff. By far the most rage inducing reward was the Emote for youre character, not only does it look like its made my DEs unpaid intern but also has absolutly nothing to do with becoming
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