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  1. i killed it sunday morning using zephyr although 1 of it's arrow's glitched through my turbulence and almost killed me XD. now i just need to hunt for more radiation kuva liches. but thanks for the help guys. now i know better ways of killing tanks like that monster >.>
  2. finally killed it. the weirdest thing is that after i switched to zephyr my weapons started to do actual damage to the lich.
  3. welp after 3 long hours of trying to kill it i finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!
  4. so here is the problem i have a level 5 lich with a bramma and im barely doing any damage before getting 1 shot or 3-4 shot if im using inaros and the worst thing is, the lich weakness is viral while resisting slash. i can't even do enough damage to get the 1st bar down before dying 3 times or getting low on ammo. i never get over 100 damage per shot on any weapon i use. anyone got any ideas that will help?
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