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  1. Line of Sight on her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th abilities: LoS requirement for her abilities makes them feel very unreliable. Examples: Haven obstructed by the enemy in front of me (until I move). Aegis storm being obstructed by the slightly raised tile under her flight. I suggest removing LoS requirements from her abilities. Aegis Storm: The ability can be a strong crowd control tool. However, I feel punished for leaving the ground due to the shrinking AoE for doing so. I cannot fly (have fun!) without giving up my crowd control duties. I suggest that the range be fixed at the current maximum range. The damage dealt by Aegis Storm feels redundant with Haven. I suggest that the damage mechanics be removed from Aegis Storm passed on to Haven (height while flying = strength increase). Thank you for Hildryn, she is my favorite. I will continue to play her regardless of the issues.
  2. It's hard to expect people who do not own a riven like this to know how it performs. I have a nearly identical riven and its performance checks out both in-game and in theoretical kill time simulations. For anybody interested, you can run the simulations yourself with this calculator.
  3. I'm late, but here's an updated version (with hunter munitions!):
  4. You could already do this in ESO
  5. Whatever the changes, I would like them sooner rather than later. I've been sitting at X99 days for a month and I'm beginning to miss playing.
  6. They will still need to log in the same number of days to get it all. If you were given the same options when you started, you wouldn't have more than you have now.
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