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  1. I am always happy to give feedback on clan and alliance building and management. I wish there was a clan and alliance Warlord council that would be part of a mini community to help make clans and alliances better in Warframe.
  2. @[DE]Drew Would it be possible to get a thread dedicated to a discussion about possible future clan recruiting ideas? Where all of us Warlords for different platforms could toss around ideas and what we do currently to try to come up with some more ideas and suggestions?
  3. Cannot lie I found the clan feature very helpful in recruiting as we are on the top of it and many have found us that way because we put time and effort into promoting it. I would love a chance to get my membership list out of it, well it already seems to be gone., so I guess that is not possible. Will something be replacing it? Or possibly a channel where you can only post once per week etc with a recruiting message to keep it fair and not have to constantly monitor post bumps? We really need more recruiting tools, so this is a definite loss for our clan and Alliance.
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