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  1. This is a major concern for many of us with multiple dojos across all platforms. It could either go really well or very badly, I am hoping for really well and we are can unite in one home and see each other - trade etc
  2. So you do not waste time talking to someone in a clan impersonating the Warlord in some cases. Since clan and alliance invites only go to the original/main Warlord account.
  3. Only in your own clan you are a member of - Not for others to find out if they wished to join a clan who to contact.
  4. In an effort to continue the discussion about Clan and Alliance recruiting here is a post to see interest in having Clan and Alliance main contact person(s) added to the Clan and Alliance Profile pages? Pluses and Minus please list up your thoughts. At this time it (as far as I know) is basically impossible to see who runs a clan or an alliance from anywhere in the game other than trying to catch them in recruiting chat. BUt we need a way to confirm a person is actually in control of a clan or alliance to confirm legitimacy. Thoughts?
  5. Yep it will super complex. In a perfect world for me, I would merge everything into my xbox account. So Switch and PC - They can also liquidate my switch and PC dojos and maybe add the resources to my xbox dojo vault or even if I got half of those resources back. As a moon clan on xbox that is heavy into decorating those resources would be used up in one room more than likely. As for loadouts, I would be find with picking one platform and lose my other load outs as I rarely play on these platforms. So I assume most people have a fav platform they would be able to merge into. I just really want all my players from PC and Switch to be part of one physical dojo so we can all easily play together no matter the platform. Also playstation people I know can finally join the clan.
  6. Clan name: RAZOR7Tier: Moon Platform: XB1Role: Founding Warlord Entered: Star Chart All Stars Category Dojo Built by many in the last 5+ years but most new work has been done by: ThatHappyCat482 Clan Description: Friendly to all who like to play and want a place to call home in the complicated world of Warframe. Ask for help, get the help you need from a clan that you can help build while making friends. Hopefully friends that will revive you many times on Nightmare missions. Dojo Tour 2021 The Dragon The Ice Halls of Pluto - Also see the Ice Caves in the Video Wukong Sanity Underground City of Darkness Gilded Halls Aquarium - Explore the open vents to see the tribute to the oceans of sectors visited Step Carefully The Fields of Remembrance - To all the fallen members that moved on to other games or were grounded by their parents Upper Garden Cantina and Gift Shop The Hall of the Falls Just a quick note to all that have submitted and put in so much work. Thank you for showcasing your effort and the efforts of your clans. This is why we play Warframe, why we spend hours to invest in our dojos and why our members are such a key and important part to make the Warframe community one if not the best out there. Everyone that has entered here so far is a winner in my book. Especially all the Switch clans, more power to you all if you are just using the Switch controls and not a controller, you all deserve to win.
  7. Just one question on the plat prize - that is still just limited to rushing items in the dojo or can that plat be used to purchase other items?
  8. I am hoping this will be restored as it is very helpful in game
  9. All I know is that based on how changes are done, merged etc will be a direct correlation to how I proceed in the game and how well my clans survive the changes. If they truly wish to fortify the clan experience that I believe many of us feel is very important, some very very good decisions need to be made. Some of those changes might be loses for DE initially but in the end would really enhance the clan experience overall. My hope is that they call upon those Warlords that can give constructive feedback, not just youtubers or partners. Many of us have run very successful Clans and alliances and are happy to give realistic feedback for what the majority of players see daily in the clan and alliance experience. I know I am one that looks at this game as my family and really wants it to succeed. I have piled tons of hours (over 3k at this point I think) and tons of money into the game as it is just over enjoyable and something I keep coming back too for all the right reasons. Sure there are issues, heck I even like some of the bugs, but in all the games I have played this one always brings me back. I want to make sure that with these major changes coming I still have that mindset post changes.
  10. Question of the year for me - I would like all platforms to be able to merge into one dojo personally. Blow up my other to dojos and put those resources into my main vault. I would be pretty happy with that, I know all my Switch members now would love to trade with my Xbox members etc. Then all the PS4 5 players would also be able to join their friends on xbox. This is massive if it happens this way as everything will be easier, mainly recruiting.
  11. Hopefully DE reads this post to try to get their heads around all the questions before roll out, because if there is anyone that can raise and sense all the issues, it seems to be us players. Especially the ones that have been around and through many of the major changes in the game.
  12. I agree we need something else - Honestly probably need multiple things and locations to recruit.
  13. I thought we were getting recruiting in Maroos'
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