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  1. RAZOR7 R10 Moon Clan is Recruiting active Members The **RAZOR7** R10Moon Clan is recruiting Active Members. Recent #1 Dojo Contest Winner. No Drama! - 100% Research, Ignis Wraith, 0% Tax, Clan Emblem, 4+ Year Established Clan, Active Leadership, Helpful, Discord, Giveaways. Join our discord and ask in Welcome for an invite. http://www.razor7.org/join/discord Or MSG: BURZYCKI on XB1 Clan Stats: Rank 10 Moon Clan – 100% Research – Dry Dock – Ignis Wraith 1st place in Dojo Contest – Twice! – 1000 of hours invested Full Discord with years of game information and help available 395208 Hours played Over 1.5 million Missions completed 15000 Conclave Kills 90 Lunaro Wins 🙂 513,000 Revives Fastest Obstacle Course Time: 2.19s
  2. Link to join our discord: https://discord.gg/nhmY6pU Or code: nhmY6pU (Case Sensitive) Unlock the mysteries of how to run your clan and bring your own ideas to the table. Get the help you need from both experienced and new Warlords.
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