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  1. Anime_Chaos

    Brightness and fortuna player rendering

    The light situation is bad enough that some photosensitive people have Orb Vallis's snow be physically painful to look at due to the extreme eye strain. I've found a better band aid than adjusting brightness directly. Disable Volumetric Lighting, High Dynamic Range, Adaptive Exposure, Glare, and Ambient Occlusion in the display settings. It makes some things look funky, but it makes the Orb Vallis surface and everything else visible with the same settings. For me at least.
  2. Anime_Chaos

    Warframe Builder

    With myself making three here after being unable to find a contact for the site admin there is probably a wave of email addresses being used to create phony accounts. I can't imagine why.
  3. Anime_Chaos

    Warframe Prime Time #54: Tonight At 7Pm Est!

    Twitch: AnimeChaos IGN: Anime_Chaos