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  1. In regards to the original post: Excalibur is one of three points of first contact for the new players. Being a poster boy means he also is a more popular choice. He has a great offesive ability, he has somewhat decent defensive/cc Radial Blind. His Slash Dash and Radial Javelin are still a good damage ability for initial, low levels. I think we are forgetting, that this frame along with Mag and Volt are supposed to be the entry experiences with low skill requirement to play but with ultimately high ceiling for their potential. In contrast to some Warframes that never really lift off regardless of investment put in them (ex. Loki, Grendel, Hydroid etc.) Excalibur and the rest of the Initiation Squad are in the comfortable middle for their power and utility. We also ought to remember that DE graced us with removal of arguably the worst ability ever to be in Warframe - Super Jump. With the option to greatly customise abilities further with the use of Helminth, it would seem that Excalibur's gameplay should be in a decent spot. He can be a one-trick-pony if you choose to play him this way. With the access to Helminth, augments and wide range of mods that can completely change your gameplay (Quick Thinking, Rage, Life Steal etc.) it really comes down to your preffered playstyle. I am personally guilty of going the most optimised, braindead build that totally killed my favourite frame for me, Gauss, and Rhino and Ash before that. And only after forcing myself out of the comfort zone, forcing to stop relying on AoE weapons and using One-Trick-Ability to keep myself alive and deal huge damage... only after that I have learned other ways to play. And mind you, not all of them were enjoyable. I don't like having to constantly keep checking timers, landing headshots etc. But in the midst of the other ways to play I somewhat reignited the joy that got buried by stagnant, repeatable and safe gameplay I created myself. It might be that your problem with how you play Excalibur comes down to... you. And it kinda is our reaponsibility to find our fun. DE already gave us the sandbox and all the toys. It's really up to us how we use them.
  2. I'm running whole setup based on Quick Thinking with Decaying Dragon Key, Primed Flow and as much Damage Reduction as I can. HP is permanently on 2 but my EHP is effectively infinite due to Kinetic Plating being constantly refilled, only danger coming from Toxin. I have a Glaive with Life Steal for heavy attack to refill HP if needed. Tested this build with and without Guardian and it is crucial for my playstyle.
  3. I think there is a real need to level all frames to the same level of usability and gameplay. Ever since I figured the most optimal build for Eclipse Gauss with Adaptation, Arcane Guardian and Quick Thinking and Galvanised Merciless Stahlta everything melts, I don't die and it's really, REALLY hard to get anything anywhere close to that with any other frame. Mind you, this build still keeps me on my toes due to recasting because of timers, but overall I didn't manage to see any other effective build like this apart from Amphis Accumulating Whip Resonator Khora. Would be nice to have similar level of godlikeness with other frames
  4. I never liked Stahlta gameplay and didn't touch it for a long time. Then I put it on my Eclipse Gauss because of the UT skin and decided to try galvanised mods on it. And oh boy, now I can't go back.
  5. Great update so far! Very interested in what new approach upcoming sentients change will bring from the gameplay perspective. I love the deluxe skin, Nidus Prime is truly worthy this title and the return of Plague Star is fantastic. Up five DE! Can't wait for New War... THE ANTICIPATION!
  6. I feel like an idiot. Well. Case closed.
  7. Well. Turns out that apart from the bugged UI showing strike as correct and then Lich disappearing I in fact completely messed up by not reading correct indicators on the lich page. Case closed Hi. I managed to figure out a sequence really early for the Tenet Lich because this fantastic system decided to put two attacks in one first time I had opportunity to Parazon her. Ever since I encountered her, I would down one health bar, use Parazon, get strike and she IMMEDIATELLY would level up. Because I'm not a masochistic fan of re-levelling the Anger Meter over and over again after 2 TIME it happened I decided to try Requiem Ultimatum. OH MY DEAR. WOULD YOU KNOW. She yet again leveled from 4 to 5 after first strike. And then when I used Ultimatum in the next mission not only whole UI bugged out and just let me roam around while playing UI for Parazon strike... ...she stopped, took a good old Slav Squat and... disappeared. I am really, REALLY DONE with this BUGFEST of a game. I lost 2 Ultimatums. I lost bloody time relevelling Anger Meter. And now I lost respect to you.
  8. Quest - unfinishable due to required championship in both Skate and THPS 2. Yareli - underwhelming with arbitrarily capped range on all of her abilities K-drive - still feels like a heavily greased brick with it's own conscience rather than a hoverboard Mods - critically unbalanced against existing Primed mods and on-kill requirements are widening the gap between strong and weak weapons Arcanes - just another grind fest expecting you to spend (in the best case scenario) 10.5 hours killing acolytes to catch-them-all. Pokemon games were at least somewhat interesting. One thing I do like is that melee still reaps havoc like before. Yes, we dropped damage numbers from DmC levels to something like Worms Armageddon, but melee won't go anywhere. With mods and Arcanes provided I can only expect that meta of Status Chance pistol mod + melee + Secondary Dexterity will soon arise. Dumb Enemies, Devalued Enhancements, Dangerous Expansion and Disappointing Experience. DE/10
  9. I would like to point, that since the great buff to the Creeping Bullseye in 29.10 (from +48% CC to whooping +187% CC) and now 30.5 (from 187% CC to +200% CC), it completely invalidated existence of the Primed Pistol Gambit (mere +187% while costing 3 MORE MOD CAPACITY). Considering that Primed Mods (Legendary) were always higher in tiers of mods than Rare mods, how did we end up with "weaker" and more "common" mod being a straight upgrade over Legendary mod (with omission of minor fire rate penalty) ???
  10. Can anyone explain me why PRIMED PISTOL GAMBIT (+187%) is LESS crit chance bonus than Creeping Bullseye (+200%) !?!? This is some PRIME BS, DE.
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