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  1. Please please please take the opportunity to tweak Mirage's kit with her deluxe release (which is gorgeous!) I'm looking at you mechanically broken Eclipse and clunky/pointless Prism...
  2. Hey @Rebecca, did you mention which of Savagoth's abilities will be available to Helminth?
  3. Hi there, I placed vial rush on my Mag to see if there is any cool interactions. However, using the ability as Mag makes it do no damage. The puddles themselves left from the vials, and the explosion both do no damage at all. In addition, what makes it extra weird is the enemies do seem to take damage ticks from the puddles, but the are always 0, regardless of enemy level or armor. I've been testing this in both the simulacrum and regular missions. If you read this and observed the same, please post your comment. Thanks,
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