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  1. No, it propogates twice when damaged by WHIPCLAW. So this statement is only true for Khora, and not other frames.
  2. I think it is good. Some of these abilities are so strong that 40+ choices are actually just 5 choices, and that is far less exciting. For example, Nidus's Larva is better in EVERY way compared to Khora's Ensnare. With Larva now having a reduced radius, Ensnare may have the radius advantage, while larva has the energy cost/cast time advantage. Thus, there are now choices, and choices are great!
  3. Hi tenno, I have a pretty minor suggestion that will add some quality of life to our loadout screen. I posted this at the end of last year on reddit, but now with Helminth and the skill swap system introducing an unspeakable amount of new potential builds, it is more relevant than ever, and SHOULD be pretty easy to implement. Currenty, when selecting a "loadout image" for one of the loadout slots, you are limited to the default image of the warframe, and also all the glyphs you own, like this: However, this "default" image is only the regular skin of the frame (prime o
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