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  1. Nyx is one of my most used frames and I love her so much but its painful to see such harsh words be true. The only real "viable" way to play her is to kinda cheese it with assimilate which even though its effective its extremely boring and makes all her other skills completely pointless. I think DE should hand her over to pablo and say go nuts, do whatever, instead of trying to rehash outdated skills that don't fit with the current direction warframe is going we need a completely new kit or to a 180 on the current skills to make them valid again.
  2. I just....wow, how big headed can you possibly be? You just don't like him, that's fine and you have a right to say that but telling me hes bad when I've clearly demonstrated hes not is just you grasping at straws. "14 other people who lasted longer than. Well and its pretty safe to assume that at least one of those people was not using revenant". Remember the statement you quoted? the one you clearly didn't even bother reading? " I am stating hes not bad, and out of all the "best" endurance frames such as octavia, ivara, ash, loki, etc hes one of few that doesn't have to spend the entire time in stealth so I get to enjoy the game." you literally quoted it yet didn't even read it. You still yet to have provide any proof that hes bad, just say it and say x frame is ability is better which is the most commonly used and ignored argument on this website. You are doing exactly the same thing when I saw someone compare oberons renewl to wisps buffs and said oberon was bad compared to it yet did not provide a slither of evidence or an actual rebuttal, just said it, anyone can make claims without proof doesn't mean they are true, I said I could do an endurance run, I did do one and posted a picture of it, but of course hes bad and since I didn't get to number one so my point is invalid I assume. People dislike things and there is nothing wrong with that, I loathe saryn and a lot of other people in this thread do too, doesn't mean shes bad though. The only reason I even try to debate you isn't for the sake of being right or throwing fuel on a flame to derail the thread, its because I worry that people might be influenced by just negative opinions instead of trying it for themselves. I genuinely used to hate garuda and thought she was bad until someone on a thread like this opened my eyes and I did a complete u-turn on her. After checking your forums history you've got a bit of a habit of putting nidus on a pedestal and downplaying other frames and I'm normally up for a debate but you've openly said you just hate him and always will and haven't even done the slightest bit of information gathering or providing things to back up your statements, my point being I am putting a lot of effort to prove the things I say and just get "no hes bad" as a response and I'm kinda done at this point. I will notbedebating you anymore, if you want to take me as not replying to anything you say after this point as you being right then more power to you. I'm sorry to others in this thread if it seems like I'm trying to derail, I understand the nature of this thread and I'm okay with it I just don't think people should be influenced by statements that are just filled with spite and untruths.
  3. Its pretty obvious you just like to bash on revenant without much evidence to support your claim, you keep saying x frame is better while admitting you won't even play as him for 5minutes, how could you possibly come to the conclusion his entire set is awful when you've only used him briefly on low levels? By that logic any frame can be good or bad. Loki is really bad, I don't like how he looks and he doesn't do anything someone else can do better so hes a bad frame, it only took me one level 30 extermination mission to figure this out. You realize how much of a strawman argument is? and you can substitute any frame into it? If I un-ironically said loki was bad because his use wasn't warranted on low levels I'd look foolish, which is exactly what you are doing. "you are so desperate to prove a point" so you admit that I have proven my point yet decide to just dismiss it because you don't like it. Nidus is not immortal, he is tanky for sure, beefy spaghetti boi and a fantastic frame but on arbs missions hes not the best choice, drones make enemies immune to spaghetti ball, they instantly remove parasitic link and even with all those damage reductions MOT enemies will still put you down in 2-3 shots. "hes not one of the best tanks" at not moment did I specifically say he was a tank frame, you are the one fixated on calling him one and trying to compare a caster frame to a traditional tank, you are not supposed to just stand there and let enemies try to kill you. You are telling me hes bad and that his kit is garbage yet people have done insane endurance runs with him, if hes bad how are people doing it, you've not made a counter argument at all just say hes bad with nothing to back it up. Here is an arbs run I did. It was very, very easy by using his immunity to self damage to make the most of secura penta to take out drones, and then I even used my grattler because it was -fun- . I'm not claiming hes the best frame or best endurance frame, I am stating hes not bad, and out of all the "best" endurance frames such as octavia, ivara, ash, loki, etc hes one of few that doesn't have to spend the entire time in stealth so I get to enjoy the game.
  4. Of course, since someone doesn't play high level content where some abilities shine and stand out its easier to just dismiss them and say x ability is better because low level enemies don't dish out enough damage to warrant such a skill. Honestly I'm sorry to say it but if you struggle to play revenant at high levels then you need to git gud. I've solo'd arbs missions countless times for an hour plus while utilizing his entire kit, something isn't bad just because you don't know how to use it. "So many tank frames that are immortal" Reeeeallly? so they are immune to self damage right? or don't die instantly to grenades? "But adaptation!" Only works if you build up a resistance to the damage types, grenades are blast, I've seen 8k hp inaros's drop dead to a single grenade on MOT. Revenant does not shine on low level content, his specialty sort of speak is endurance runs, arbs, missions, that high level content where traditional tank frames just don't cut it, in that area he is fantastic. You can't say to me hes only got one skill that's good when myself and others have casually used him to carry missions. Hes amazing for index and a hard carry frame for arbitrations since there is no penalty for picking up drone points, can inaros do that? gara? trinity? Nidus? No they can't. This thread is about stating frames you dislike etc and I'm all down for it, I seriously hate the way revenant looks, the sound effects on him drive me up the wall too, completely warranted things to complain about but saying his kit is terrible when there are so many amazing feats accomplished by him is downright ignorant. The fact you stated that you had to run away to cast mesmer skin says enough in itself, rolling guard is a thing, if you had invested even the slightest bit of time in getting to grips with how he play's you'd would have figured it out.
  5. Revenant not viable? wut? mesmer skin overrated?. Revenant is arguably one of the best solo frames in the game. He scales regardless of level and actually takes some form of input and skill to play, hes not set and forget such as iron skin, splinter storm etc. I have no idea where this stigma that hes a bad frame comes from, imo its people who are so fixated on his theme being muddled up they completely ignore how good he is. This is the exact sort of conversations I was having with people when gara came out. "x frame is more tanky, frost is better, shouldn't glass be dps?" and now shes considered one of the best frames in the game.
  6. If you wanna not die and cheese an arbirations mission then use Nyx assimilate, zenistar and an explosive weapon, works on any faction apart from infested. I sat in a room for over an hour and it was the easiest snooze fest ever, if you fancy like moving use revenant.
  7. I am honestly kinda shocked people are still calling the komorex trash. In my opinion its easily the best sniper by far for standard missions, its designed to deal with crowds, not priority targets and it excels in its niche area. I've been running numerous high level missions and melting crowds of level 180+ with ease so I don't understand where the lack of damage complaint is coming from. I'm gonna sound like an elitist here but I really do think the current majority of the sniper player base only care about ediolons/profit taker and it doesn't matter if any other sniper comes out and how good it is in standard missions if it can't one shot a limb people will instantly call it trash.
  8. The problem with Haven is that it supports everyone but the Hildryn so it discourages being cast due to its nature of draining shields. I very much think it should provide a damage reduction on all incoming damage only to Hildryn that increases as her shields get lower. For example at max shields or overshield it would sit at 50% then at half 75% then at a quarter 90%, I think this would help a lot with her tanking damage as right now as others have stated shields are just inferior to health as health is protected by armor.
  9. The nova mithra helmet I can understand the complaints saying its too rabbit like but I think the Khora complaints are not really warranted myself. I really enjoy the personality your tennogen skins has and its rather saddening seeing that the complaints about them feel almost generic at this point "it would look better on x frame" or "Doesn't fit the style off warframe" are honestly so common on every single tennogen discussion that it feels almost invalid to me personally. What I am getting at is do you feel personally that these complaints have any weight to them? For example your Saryn skin (which I love I may add) clearly has hair like features, bangs, yet on Khora its not ok for some reason. Sorry if the question is a little intrusive or if I worded in a rude manner but I'm genuinely curious as to what tennogen creator thinks about this wave of almost copy paste criticism.
  10. Bleh might as well upload a picture of myself here, been on this forums long enough.
  11. I'm not one to normally complain about console exclusives since PC has them too, but come on DE, PC players have been dying for a hek skin for years now. Call me an entitled etc as much as you want but the steam skins really do suck in comparison to the console ones.
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