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  1. All looks good with shattering impact aside. Instead of armor reduction immunity I would make use of the ingame mechanics provided to cover that gap (whether its about difficulty or not). Its all there. At the very least instead of armor reduction immunity why not create a softcap on max armor reduction from useing shattering impact. That method would not only fix the breaking of ALL armor and keep from a potentially complicated work around of useing the mechanics shattering impact is meant to work against. Haveing exceptions for some enemies is fine, but should not make any enemy (which may already have ludicrous health) special, you have armor ratings and shields, as well as eximus immunites to do that. I dont mean this to sound like I have any authority or anything. Devs are probably already working on better solutions. Hotfixing and bodgeing are two sides of a nice pretty coin. That and I havent run that mission yet; so maybe its a justified decision if at least for a little while.
  2. YES! YES! Life just got so much better. I need new pants to fully enjoy that fix.
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