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  1. A bit disappointed in the changes so far. Vacuum is a good KoL addition, but Titania needs a way to stay alive, whether that is through generation/regeneration of her Razorflies, Evasion bonuses, or more defense. Titania's cast animations and the requirement of having to have an enemy target to cast her abilities makes her a bit clunky. Because of Titania's poor defensive capabilities, players want to stay at the edge of combat to shoot at enemies, but her abilities force players to get dangerously close top cast them, with Tribute forcing Titania to dive into an enemy pack to gather the Soul. Looking at the defensive options available to other glass-frames, Loki's Savior Decoy allows him to immediately exit combat if his health gets low. Tied with his Invisibility, this gives him lots of survivability even with EHP than Titania. Because of her low defense, Titania is discouraged from being too close to enemies. This makes playing Titania as anything other than a long-range DPS feels underwhelming. A support focused on gathering Souls require Titania to walk close to enemies. Even if it is for a few seconds, with her low EHP, one lucky shot from a Bombard is enough to down her. This used to require multiple stacks, but they changed Tribute to only require one stack, which is a great improvement, However, even if the buffs are fully stacked, they are still weak. Thorns' damage reflection is low, especially when you take into account that, at later levels, have an extremely high health to damage ratio so unless you the percent of damage reflected is increased by at least tenfold, the reflected damage is unnoticeable. Entangle's slow debuff is very weak, a measly 25%. Equinox's Pacify does the same thing but can be modded with Power Strength for increased effectiveness. The biggest problem with Titania's Tribute is that the buffs/debuffs are centered around herself, meaning she has to be in the middle of the battlefield for maximum effectiveness. That is not where Titania wants to be. She wants to be above the battle, shooting enemies with Dex Pixia and avoiding any unnecessary damage. The small buff/debuff aura she has centered around herself is not going to reach any of her allies or enemies from her position. Titania also has an extremely small Energy pool for a caster as well as very long cast animations. Players that use a Razorwing build cannot afford to spend energy to cast abilities if they want to stay in Razorwing. This was a problem that many players noted when Razorwing Blitz was added into the game. In the majority of cases, it was more efficient to mod Titania to do more damage right out of the gate rather than making a build that tried to cast multiple abilities to achieve 8 Blitz stacks. This was due to her long cast animations, low energy pool, and poor range on all her abilities (which require a valid target to cast). None of these issues are addressed in this preview, but I hope DE takes this into account when looking at her abilities.
  2. Waltz of the Flowers? 1:45 https://youtu.be/QxHkLdQy5f0 Might not be possible because of the timing of the music
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