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  1. Very glad to see this change. The low healing numbers worry me for a lot of frames , but I will first want to test them for myself. This and Limbo changes might finally let me bring warframes I want to play for the Scarlet Spear
  2. I mean, the only reason people brought Limbo was because this is yet another babysitting a weakling object mission. People will still find a way to trivialize the mission because the whimpy oplink is going to get erased with its 20k hp, not because they are tryharding but because the oplinks can't survive hits when things scale up and you can't even buff them nor heal them with a plethora of other warframes, hence why they are out of the question to bring to the event to begin with. I first would like to bring a warframe I want to use, but alas we are limited to defence and room clearing warframes.
  3. You did a really good job with this prime access, DE. Both weapons I did not expect to get primed and both of them have exceeded my expectations. I want to especially point out that I love Corinth's magazine increase, something I wished the basic version had since 5 always felt too few, and the animations. The secondary fire remote explosions are so detailed and realistically made with the shockwave and the gas/dust going in all directions. The reloading animation is also really well made and I actually don't mind sitting through full 3seconds because that final cocking sound is worth it. Pangolin speaks for itself. The visual design is great and stats just as well. I haven't had a sword that I like visually and which has good stats in a long while, probably since Broken War. The team has been having a gloomy cloud over their heads for several patches now, so I thought to give them a bit of praise for something they did really well.
  4. I feel bad for Rebb having to write these kinds of posts to douse the flames every time someone else messes up.
  5. Our relay bugged out at 80/100 murex. People stopped receiving killcodes from the ground teams, so now we are all screwed and won't get out bonus points.
  6. They showed a dynamic event where in the middle of your mission you would ask a squad doing random things in open world to help you out. It wasn't this boring babysitting the whimpy oplink mobile defence on both sides. There is 0 dynamics in the released system between the two squads and their 'squad link' is an arbitrary feature where you get some randomly selected player names to pop up in your chat saying that they sent you a code.Steve was overselling the product and it wasn't the community that had a false overhyped expectation.
  7. That's exactly what I'm saying. 7 years into making the game and you still have critical issues on every release? Do something about it already.
  8. Why does everything look scuffed and downgraded on release compared to what they showcase on such events? Is it because it actually is or because Steve and his overselling the product which gets our expectations high?
  9. It exactly as they presented it during the TennoCon, No idea what you guys are talking about. /s
  10. I'd just increase the health % needed to trigger the mercy kill from the disgusting 5% it is at now to 20%. It will have some use on higher level enemies and I don't think it would be overpowered.
  11. Unintended :kappa: . Just say you nerfed it. Thanks for the 4% reactor drop chance, really helpful.
  12. When the host doesn't have NASA quality internet, you can neither leave nor open any doors on any ship you have boarded, objective related or not.
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