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  1. I would've personally moved it to warframe, but the reason I talked about that was I thought this was GD. I spend most my time there, so my brain probably auto-ed to GD. Soz
  2. What I don't understand is why you are posting this here. Dev's are more likely to look in other forum hubs like "feedback" compared to this. And while I understand your point, the reason why people bring up invis frames is to show you that rhino is not special in this regard. Especially when alot of frames have similar uncontrolable effects, more uncontrolable than rhino, like nidus 3, loki 2, ash 2, ivara 3, octavia 3 etc. People don't care, because they at least know what they look like. Hell, try fashion framing equinox. Because you're only going to see default rarely, and not gonna see your other half. Sorry, I just went on a rant. But my personal solution? Don't make it a toggle iron skin, make it toggle warframe powers on frames.
  3. Goombpaler

    The Sacrifice: Prime Vault Hotfix 23.1.2!

    How long will it last?
  4. Did DE ever say why they #*!%ed up?
  5. Partly because gammacor is less useful nowadays 😛. But I agree. I rarely see two people with te same anything as me (Maybe because I'm always using "guilty pleasure" weapons)
  6. Goombpaler

    What's the point of operator and focus tree ?

    What's the point you ask? Why it's simple... it's more Jokes aside, they can be pretty useful with stuff like energising dash. unairu wisp, disorienting blast etc. Are they more powerful than frames? God no. Are they good at keeping a frame active? Yes.
  7. So many walls of text XD
  8. Goombpaler

    Nidus Deluxe Skin info?

    Deluxe B U L G E
  9. Goombpaler

    We don't need more Umbras

    I feel like they will add umbras as quest items. Since they can't just pump out quests like primes, you should be fine.
  10. Goombpaler

    Please go back as Ash Storm's ability was before

    Banshee's 4 deals next to no damage in high level missions. Plus it leaves a banshee increadibly vulnerable. The same cannot be said for ash. If you are afk-ing as banshee, and come back alive, you might find that your teammates have revived you 😛
  11. Goombpaler

    Unpopular Opinions on weapons that you have

    I would give my 2 cents on weapons, but I don't know the popular opinions surrounding them. I guess my only unpopular opinion is that I like braton. Don't ask why, I don't know myself, but there's something about it that I like.
  12. Goombpaler

    Nidus Exalted Weapon?

    Really? I can take him to pretty much any mission and out DPS most other people. His first ability scales up to 23,230 with max stack. His second ability does no damage, so scaling is less neccesary. His 3rd ability gives either strength buffs or defence buff. 4th ability summons maggots which, at max rank/stacks does 980 toxin damage per second per maggot, heals allies and, when it's over, does 16,905 blast damage per maggot. All these numbers provided are with default power strength.
  13. Goombpaler

    Should Digital Extremes Expand?

    I mean, they have a fairly big team last I heard (~100 people). But as you said, it's all risk/reward. I mean, if they waited until I got my degree, I would gladly hear that they are employing more people 😛
  14. Goombpaler

    Warframe's lazy people

    Meh, either way people shouldn't be forced to leave game and rejoin because someone on their team didn't feel like playing the game