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  1. I'm guessing it's already been pointed out, but... All I imagine is mesa with some heart problems. Jokes aside, there's always gonna be a meta. Nothing DE can do will stop that. Even with your changes, the meta will only change to suit it, ie, your proposed mesa change would make it so that chroma isn't used, and the meta becomes harrow, trin, volt and mesa. Plus, you're using limbo, who is still hated within certain parts of the community. That's probably what tips the host over the edge.
  2. The new boss fight and hildryn are going to be more things you can do in the vallis iirc. I.e. like fishing
  3. What's up with the horrendous download speeds? I'm getting like 6kb/s-50kb/s here in the UK. Never used to be this bad. Did you guys change something?
  4. Gives me something to do while playing smash I guess.
  5. They hate releasing on Fridays. It means they have to work over the weekends. Which they obviously don't want.
  6. I mean, they said week starting the 1st, so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Canadas new regulations have something to do with it
  7. How bad were these animations? were they noticable and funny, or were they just minor problems?
  8. Likelyhood of these happening: 1) Low 2) 50% 3) High 4) I... Don't actually understand what you mean by this 5) Unless it's an umbral frame, 0% 6) Low for the time being. 7) SoonTM
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