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  1. However, the operator can still use the item that supplements HP and energy. Only when hacking can't use Cipher.
  2. After the Fortuna update, the bugs that have always existed seem to have been ignored by you. First. In the radiation disaster of the Sortie, the invisible radiation area has not been repaired. As a result, the recent Sortie are often radiation disasters. Is it intentional? Second. Switching to the operator, the problem of not being able to use the Cipher in the hacking console has not been solved after many hotfix. Third. The navigation function in the general task map after the update is often outrageous. The above problems are much more serious than some current small bugs, But unfortunately, So many Hotfix issues have still not been fixed.
  3. Still no fix Operator can't use Cipher on Hacking.
  4. Multiple hot fixes, the bug that the "Warframe Launcher" is automatically closed is still not fixed. I am really disappointed because the launcher of online games is a pretty basic thing. If you don't know the situation, I have recorded the whole situation. You can see that my cursor has not moved to close the window at all, just flipping a few pages left and right, then the launcher will automatically close. The entire game has also been re-installed, and the game version has also been tested on the Steam version or the version downloaded from the official website of DE. The results are the same!
  5. Still has not fixed the "Warframe Launcher" failure! After the game launcher is started, it will be automatically closed after about a minute of placement,or if you turn the page on the starter for a while, it will cause the starter to automatically close the window. I am using a Warframe on Steam.
  6. Still haven't fixed the bug that the launcher is idle for a while and then automatically shuts down. The launcher is a very basic thing for online games, right? How difficult is it to ask for a launcher without a bug? And why did the updated operator's body change back to the version before the "mainline"? Finally, I finally felt that I was working as a grown-up adult, and the result turned into a child again. Why do you hate adults or adolescent bodies?
  7. Your Warframe Launcher is still a big chance to crash. The Warframe Launcher is very normal before this so-called "mainline" update. I really don't understand why the most basic Launcher for an online game can go wrong. DE Although the game is not perfect, But this is too much!!
  8. Still does not fix the residual image of the Y button symbol of the main menu after the teammate joins. In the picture, when the main menu is opened, the Y button after the teammate joins, the "EMBER" in the red circle has the Y button. This picture is after the main menu is closed. The Y button remains still below the top left teammate's avatar.
  9. Still haven't fixed this problem when I use the controller For example below
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