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  1. Grineer are also over-produced, degrading clones, shadows of the military force they once were at their peak (though arguably still fierce, if for no other reason than gear and numbers), and Corpus are mostly workers and profiteers, not soldiers so much. They rely on tech more than their physical prowess. The robots, sure, buuuut once they get going they're pretty fierce, too... We're just that much stronger. And that's by DESIGN. The Tenno are -legends-. They're some of the most powerful and feared warriors in all of history, so much so that some even thought them a MYTH until we returned! So yeah, a few scrappy clones or accountants with pew-pew guns aren't gonna hold up against us, and that's as it should be. I know people want a "challenge", but aside from the subjective issues with that, really...being god-like is what the Tenno -do-. But hey, Tau is in the near future, and if we're gods....The Sentient Devils are surely waiting for us in their own Hell, so...we'll have our reckoning, no doubt. I'm aware, was more just sarcastically pointing out how quickly these forums jump back and forth in terms of complaints, and honestly to point out just why DE -doesn't- necessarily "listen to us", as we can't even figure out for ourselves one "right" answer.
  2. Over the course of 9 days, I will. It ain't that much, tbh. 😕
  3. Is this topic REALLY on the same forums that are constantly complaining that we're also "too OP!"?? Like, pick a stance, people... Also... ....Grineer and Corpus have Helmets that make for crappy peripheral vision, and probably nullify their hearing to a degree. On that note, and in regards to how they "somehow tell everyone 3 rooms away to trigger alarms", these factions have powerful battleships in SPACE, advanced weaponry, AND sentient robots... And you think the concept of having a Bluetooth headset in their helmets to call for help like a Walkie-Talkie is somehow too much? And yeah, on Orb Vallis they would absolutely send in the entire fleet to capture a sighted Warframe. We are the -most- powerful weapons in the universe, right now. Alad V worked on Zanuka for good reason...that kinda power could basically tip the entire scale of the war in their favor.
  4. Not for a single second did the idea of turning on the game just to AFK through it ever enter my mind...nor will I ever do so. DE didn't -design- it to be intentionally AFK'd. They gave us a fun event, WE found a way to broke it. That's more on us than them. They were just focused on delivering some fun, and y'all complain because you didn't wanna "use as intended". It's like complaining when you get shocked after dropping a toaster in the bathtub 😛 Just don't... I thought it was a great time, tbh! ^_^ My whole clan is having a blast, and the map is pretty chill! By the by, I hope your week is looking up and less stressful, Tenno!
  5. That might actually be a great part of his rework, to be honest! Should suggest it in Frame Feedback!! Makes sense, since he's the "tech" frame, that he'd have a satellite! Would kinda be the Tech version of Khora, in that way, I suppose.
  6. Tbh it is a weird analogy...it's 2am and I'm fresh out of coffee, sorry about that. Regardless, what I'm trying to get at is it's a "Power-Up" that we "unlock" via progression, but it's use is voluntary. We can still push through content without said power-ups (for the -most- part). That fact that we choose -not- to is more telling of what we truly wish for in the game than what we actually say on these forums. I -am- looking forward to the Lich bit coming with Railjack....And I'm totally not against new modes, or new ways of adding higher level enemies in the mix.... But I think people are a bit too picky with their demands sometimes. Yes, some "big bads" are just bullet sponges, but hey...if they serve the purpose of slowing us down and forcing us to focus on one thing over another, dividing our attention and firepower, then I think they serve their purpose well enough. If a Wolf-like mob showed up every 10 waves in a Defence, it'd be great! Currently, there ARE progressively difficult mob spawns in most defense missions. You'll see more and more eximus, more and more nulls, Nox, etc... I don't think it's that they're doing it wrong...I just think we need a bit more of 'em, but it's tough to create an enemy that is some perfect counter to -every- threat we pose, varied as we are. So, bullet sponges make the most sense, currently.
  7. Np, happy to help, Tenno! Because not everyone is at endgame power yet. Some players are still finding their footing, and it's a nice, level introduction to the mode, as well. Regardless, its existence is doing nothing to block you from playing anything else in the game, so what's the issue?
  8. Y'all realize that running ESO counts for the SO challenge, yeah? Juuuuuuuust want to make sure.
  9. YUP! Honestly, can you imagine if, back in the day, people complained to companies that made games with unlockable Cheat Modes and Power Ups, like Goldeneye had Invincibility Mode, and then nagged the devs to "make an enemy worthy of fighting us in that mode!" And when we tell 'em "Just don't use cheats", they'd freak out? That'd never happen. We all KNEW that we were giving ourselves a huge handicap, and accepted the fun factor over the difficulty factor, unless we preferred it vice versa. In much the same way, I agree....We may "earn" those powerups in Warframe, sure, but they're removable for a reason. In some cases, it's like playing with cheats or whatnot toggled on...a handicap. If I get bored, I just try other setups..... Or yeah, try it without mods/etc. I don't understand why people are so resistant to the actual solutions out there. And don't get me started on how people want a "great opponent that can match their skill and power", but still refuse to use Conclave, which is -LITERALLY- exactly that...
  10. Seems like how EVE and Dust used to interact, Macro interacting with Micro battles, space and ground troops playing out separately but affecting the other. Always thought that was an awesome concept that could've been bigger... . Now Warframe might take it farther still, and I'm very much looking forward to it! I think what he meant was "connection" in a broader sense... basically, these "islands" of content are isolated releases that, once you've farmed everything from them, you never revisit... and he knows that's an issue. He didn't want to provide yet another such expansion, and so instead of doing that, Railjack focuses on how to make the inbetween, essentially the LOAD screen, more interactive in such a way that there IS no "down time" during gameplay. In this way, WHATEVER they add going forward, the gameplay going TO it will always be as engaging as when we GET there.
  11. So....wait for a coupon. *rolls eyes* Seriously, the audacity some people have to make such asinine demands... Nothing DE ever does will please people like this! They could give the ENTIRE game away for FREE and sti- oh wait 😛 Case in point.
  12. If that were the case, then where do all these "BUT TEH REWARDZZZZZZ?!?!? WE NEED MOAR!! NO POINT IN RUNNING MISSION WITHOUT BETTER REWARDZZZ!!!!" threads come from? DE creates challenge proposals, noone wants them unless they get more powercreep from it....but then DE gives more powercreep and the players complain, after receiving said power, that the missions are now "boring" and "not worth running until we get MORE STUFF!" Just seems to contradict what some seem to be asking for... Problem is the playerbase. These days, if you don't give players MORE "power" or higher "numbers" than the current mods, they disregard it as "trash". It's an attitude issue and it's on players, not DE. I mean, I agree...more options seems like more fun, rather than just continually increasing numbers for a narrow range of stats. BUT....I do not represent all players, so ... 😕
  13. Basically this. Every time DE "balances" something, people cry about it. When things are "imbalanced"..people cry about it. Honestly, this game isn't about balance. It's about us being super strong bada$$es and being one-Tenno armies, taking on the entire solar system. Why does that need toning down? Because it's "too easy"? Meh..it kept most people engaged for 1000's of hours, so it's clearly fine. If it doesn't keep players retained -forever- that's not a poor design, that's just inevitable. That's just people. But I don't want this to become a superman game where I can supposedly lift the EARTH, but I struggle with street thugs. All in the name of "balance". We don't have that, and we don't need it.
  14. Well, tbh, halving our power or doubling the enemies' power...mathematically has basically the same outcome. Whether I double your wages or halve the price of the product you want, you're going to be paying the same amount, RELATIVELY speaking.
  15. Welp, that's how I feel. I enjoy just being an OP ninja/samurai/warrior with crazy powers and cool weapons fighting hordes of enemies and giant beasts. I don't see why people need to overcomplicate it. Sure, they may seek more "challenge" or whatever, but I might seek more pizza at a dessert bar. Just because I want it doesn't mean I'm gonna get it -there-. And again, people assume that there never was any challenge anywhere in Warframe, and that's just not true. I constantly mentor new players, and my gf plays as well...she's a total novice in the game. I see her and others struggle early on until they have better gear (common in MANY rpgs and mmos) and develop their skills. When you get to the point that you've got top tier gear AND top tier skills... why WOULD it feel challenging? Doesn't mean the challenge isn't present, just means you've already beaten it. So, uh... ggwp. Move on. In the case of the race car driver, it's like they've mastered the course and have the best vehicle, as well. At this point, the only reason they WOULD drive is "for the thrill of driving". If they don't enjoy it, they simply wouldn't continue doing so. But they shouldn't accuse the track's construction team of making the track "too easy". or providing "no challenge". That's just...ugh.
  16. So what do you do for a race car that can fly and moves at light speed?
  17. Ah, gotcha, lol. Yeah..Imagine if restaurants worked the way forum posters seem to think game devs work? Just strolling in and telling the chef how to cook literally everything, even though you, yourself, have little to no culinary experience... They'd laugh ya out of the place. Feedback is one thing ("This steak seems a bit undercooked") but 1) belongs in FEEDBACK and 2) it's far different from just BLASTING devs for making an attempt and improving the game. ("This is the worst steak ever because I said so! HAVE THE CHEF FIRED! I WANT A REFUND!" "......Ma'am, the steak was free...")
  18. Wish I could upvote this more, but instead I'll just quote it for it's significance! This is SO very much the truth! It's getting to the point, I'm really concerned more about the New Player experience when they interact with these people on forums...moreso than I am about the NPexperience in-game. If anything, things ARE getting too easy. I LOVE the grind. It's why I PLAY Warframe, partially! I love always having something to work towards. Now, DE has been making things TOO fast, imo, all because people can't stop making stupid demands >.< AND THEN THEY COMPLAIN THERE'S NOTHING TO DO AND THE GAME IS TOO EASY!! The AUDACITY, I swear!
  19. -THE GAME- ... Players are just playing THE GAME as it is normally. That's ALL NightWave is! It's just "Hey, ya know that Sabotage you're gonna grind in Relics to get that Prime Junk? Here, do it 3 times and get points..." That's IT, for the most part. There are a few harder, more specific tasks, sure, but those aren't -necessary- to get to rank 30. People need to stop making more of this than it is.
  20. I quoted a small few people, which isn't even a drop in the ocean of players of Warframe, for one thing.. And I quoted you all saying the same thing BECAUSE it's such a hard turn from previous sentiments on similar threads in the past. If you want to do 20 minute survival, do it. If you want to do less, don't do Arbitrations. Simple as that. Stop demanding the game be made more mundane just to suit the "I want instant gratification with as little time/effort invested as possible!" attitude. Arbitrations are SPECIFICALLY there to cater to the crowd that DOES want to invest as much time as possible and push as hard as they can. It's NOT there to be a casual stroll through the Warframe Supermarket when you need a few things. That's what the other 99% of the game is there for. And this is coming from me, someone who hardly does Arbitrations on a regular basis. I still understand the purpose of them.
  21. And yet people like to recall the "glory days of Void Keys and endless missions". I don't think this community knows -what- they want >.>
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