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  1. Oh, you right... I should ask for a refund.. /s Dude, everything you've said is completely SUBJECTIVE. It might be the case for YOU that you don't like it, but that's not the case for everyone. It's an event where it costs NOTHING to participate, and the average player gets 3-6 months' worth of pre-built forma out of it! But you wanna sit around acting like it's "a sick joke"... What drop tables are you complaining about? The relics that are guaranteed to be Nidus Prime relics? That can be gotten plenty of other places, too? The EVENT SHOP where you can literally earn UNLIMITED standing daily to purchase whatever rewards you CHOOSE with NO RNG? Grief, man.. if you hate it that much, don't play the event. No one is twisting your arm. Everything in it can be traded for, anyway. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, but don't try to push it as a fact. I've been playing the game for YEARS, and it's plenty fine without "exploits". If you want to rush hundreds of runs of one particular mission into a small amount of time, because of some sense of FOMO, even though the event runs for almost a MONTH, that's on you.
  2. People not being able to utilize an unintended interaction or exploit anymore isn't "punishment", least of all in the way @Tesseract7777meant it, and you know that. Taking away something that is deemed harmful to the game or to the overall game experience, and you being sour that now you need to go back to "normal" is NOT equivalent to banning/muting accounts for their involvement/utilization thereof. Don't make false equivalences to muddy and draw out an already bloated thread.
  3. They weren't advocating reporting a PERSON. They were responding to the actual original question posed on this thread, whether or not to report this specific set of actions that dictate a particular outcome that bypasses RNG, as a "bug/exploit"... to which this posted said "Yes", basically. In otherwords, just move this topic to Bugs/Feedback and let DE deal with it, and move on....
  4. Right?? I mean, we should make some sort of armor for them... to better protect them... maybe something that enhances their strength to wield big weapons,.. Like a "frame".... for "war"... Gee, wonder if the game has anything like that in it... ? /s
  5. I do have to wonder if Ballas' "amalgams" might just be a bigger leap forward than we might expect... I mean, Sentients are second in power only to... the Tenno. And given Ballas helped create the frames... AND given "Caliban" is the next "new" frame, being half sentient... Does it not make sense that we might be gearing up to fight fully Sentient-controlled Warframes? :O I mean, I can't think of a cooler final showdown!
  6. But you're assuming the devs WANT you to "reliably keep his stacks up". Nidus' stacks being 15+ means he can't be killed... Making that easier to obtain and maintain would just make him EZ-Mode immortal. The game's got enough powercreep as-is. Why would the devs intentionally do that, too?
  7. I DO play Nidus, but... You're LITERALLY making my point FOR me. If it is so simple to get max stats NOW, with the skills working as they already DO, why the everliving hell would DE want to, or indeed NEED to, BUFF it? Make that make sense? It's already OP, so you want it to be even more "hands-off" OP?
  8. I mean, Entrati ARE , are they not? I can imagine it'd make sense for them to be able to Prime stuff, yeah? That's how I imagined Nidus being primed, too, tbh. What with their unique combination of Infested and Orokin aesthetics.
  9. Nidus becomes IMMORTAL with just 15 stacks. With his augment and his 4, he gains stacks like mad... Just passively getting stacks from kills in his affinity range would make him AFK-GOD. He'd literally sit there, healing in his 4, whilst allies get him ALL the stacks... And he just.. *survives* with no effort. No. Just no. If your idea of "QoL" is "Make me OP with no effort and let the game play itself", then you really don't understand game design.
  10. 1. 10 levels of mastery is only 1000 Affinity. ANY weapon will get you 3x that... without 5 forma invested. Any frame will get you 6x that without a forma invested... which leads to... 2. If you've "run out of things to do anyway", then where is the rush, the fire, the NEED to get there in any quick manner? If you're sitting at the top, with everything else done, ALREADY at LMR1.... then you don't NEED that extra affinity, you just WANT it. So, take your time, get to it when you get to it. In any case, at no point in time is the extra 1000 affinity *necessary*.
  11. If I'm juuuust barely managing to get a kill, though... I am rewarded with a SIGNIFICANT BUFF towards the NEXT kill... and then THAT kill gives me still MORE power... and that power boost lasts for the duration of my encounter with any group of enemies. Then, when there are no more enemies around (not enough to maintain buff), the power ebbs... and I need to ramp it up in the next crowdfight. This is intentional, and is a fine, balanced design. No, it's not just a permanent buff. You actually need to work for it a bit... but in a tense moment, it adds a little pressure to the gameplay. That's not a bad thing.
  12. Skill DOES play a part in higher end content, though. Standing still (unless you're Limbo in the Rift) will often get you killed in SP... FAST. "Skill" can also apply to understanding builds and how to make the most of them. Not all builds can just be copied from YT and just "function". Understanding what one has to do, and indeed executing on that understanding, makes a difference. Regardless, if your argument is going to boil down to "Well, new players rush to get to endgame stuff"... then what, indeed, could DE EVER add to Warframe that would stop that mentality? Indeed, your argument would suggest DE just give up on endgame content altogether, since it's just going to "inspire newbies to rush past everything else". Clearly, that's not a reasonable argument, though... So what do you ACTUALLY think ought be done? On the topic of Galvanized Mods, they are indeed QUITE powerful. Many have been having demonstrable success with them as of late, so clearly they can't be as bad as this thread claims :/
  13. Not every mission is a great match for every frame/playstyle. That doesn't mean there's anything "wrong" with the frame in question. A hammer doesn't cease to be a valuable tool just because you're working with screws. It just means you need to choose a better tool for the job. A hammer is good at its own set of tasks.
  14. Sorry, I'm getting back to this late as irl got crazy and it became a forgotten tab saved... Anyways, forgive my confusion but... if we're talking about Galvanized Mods, mods which are ONLY AVAILABLE at "endgame" levels (Arbitration) for which you must first clear ALL Star Chart content... how is this, then, an issue that affects anything BUT "top end levels"? Who has "far worse gear" by the time they're playing Arbitrations and upgrading to Galvanized Mods? Mods, mind you, that have not been required for ANY content thus far, as people were STILL clearing level 1000's before they were introduced. It just seems like this is more of an "on-paper" problem than a practical one.
  15. Yeah, I READ what you typed, kiddo... And I responded to the idea of someone being "100% new" in this event. Or did you not read that? Also, what the actual hell is with the rudeness in your reply? There is absolutely no need for that, least of all when I was simply pointing out that such a scenario was neither plausible nor likely.
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