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  1. First of all, please DE, stop breaking the dojo even more at each hotfix, every time I see no patchnotes about the dojo, but every times, it keeps getting worst and worst. I'm truly begging you, it is becoming even more bugged than scarlett spear. So back to the main issue. The lighting isn't symetric at all, while the decoration is, but that's not the biggest issue, even if it's really annoying. Here is the main problem. Same room than before. Why, just why are those 2 decorations red but no other decorations at all ? There are the same decoration used on top and below those two, so why only 2 of them are red ? And why are they ? Even worst, on the opposite wall, with the same decorations, it's not even red. And before anyone asks, the room next to this is an inspiration hall without any colors or lighting in the polychrome, so no the light of the room behind is not even red. Now the second problem : I think I don't really have to explain this one, it's pretty easy. I can just add that it is related to a reactor room, because it has the same surface and placement. This one is minor comparing to the one before, but still make the dojo really awkward. And finally, the third problem, and I will stop there : This one might be tricky to get. So this whole room is only made of ONE type of decorations, which are tenno base pillar. I only used one part of the decoration with only one texture to create a monochrome. And here goes the lighting : one texture, thousands of colors, but not smooth at all. Each decoration has its own color, they do not blend with each others at all, which is really annoying and destroy the whole concept of this room. I'm not reporting it for my room only, it also happens to many other players with orokin walls which don't have the same color at all when being placed aside. That's the main issue I can really pictures, and it would be awesome if it could be fixed, at least before the dojo contest, because it seems kinda awkward to organize a dojo contest while having so many issues in the dojo. Thank you.
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