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  1. Just as we do with the rest of market items, I'd love to be able to pay my money and buy a skin as a gift for a friend!
  2. Actually, last year I heard something on a devstream about the possibility to bring this animation back. So I believe those who actually want this should never stop pushing!
  3. Hello. I'm totally ok with all the changes devs made witht the Railjack from the inside, but the turrets changes feels more like a downgrade to me. I mean, before this, we had such a cool animation of the warframe sitting on the turret and getting pulled towards the window just before you're able to shot. This had always been one of my favorite scenes and animations in the railjack! Now we just see our warframes jump upwards or downwards to a whole on the roof/ground and that's it! I mean we had somethig that looks really cool, futuristic and impressive, and devs just took it from us! not cool
  4. 100% agree! The jacket doesn't make sense to me in the all futuristic look both Zephyr and the operator have. I've even seen some cool futuristic details on the back of my operator bellow the jacket, that would love it to be seen all the time, but ofc the jacket covers it ¬ ¬
  5. What the title says. The current wall... jumping? animation looks actually weird and totally not cool compared to the old one. Srsly I beg u devs replace the current animation with the old one! D:
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