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  1. Eight replies so far. all critics. Nobody read the part: " the concept as a whole doesn't have to be dependent on formas. That was just a easy way for me to get my point across. Also, the whole idea of this concept is to have something challenging to do that rewards you for completing it rather than RNG, and I used formas as an example" And certainly, nobody replied to " So if you guys have a different idea for what the challenge would be, I'd love to hear it. "
  2. Sorry for my english if it was not clear enough. The idea is to be able to test a weapon or a warframe that you have already mastered, and being able to do so adding "simulated" formas and potatoes. The fact that you own it, or not because you decided once to sell it, should not be relevant. To master it is similar to include it in a "codex" just like the scanned enemies. For example I have a fully modded Mios and Lecta Secura. I want to compare them to a Lacera that I dont own right now but I mastered it a long time ago, and I just got a riven for it. I dont want to build it and spend a potato and some formas. Because if I do so, them I can test it directy in mission, there is no need for simulacrum, except that I can choose the enemies and dont have to wait for level scaling. Hope this clarify your doubts.
  3. I did. Found nothing first. When you mentioned it, I made a veeeeeeeery deep search and found it here as one of many topics, also mentioning that it was previously mentioned. I cannot find any other direct mention of that. There is a Nora's challenge where you have to use three formas "not in simulacrum". Maybe DE already though of this, but has not implemented it yet. Otherwise there is no reason for that challenge.
  4. I don't know how other players feel about it. I think that the simulacrum should be a real test area, were we can really test different configuration of a weapon or warframe, even if we do not own this items in our arsenal. By testing, I mean we should be able to place formas and potatos on the weapon we are testing without really spending them. At the end, we are only testing and we don't want to spend a forma for nothing. Just a few days ago I got a riven for a Lacera. I mastered it a while ago, and I don't remember how it feels in combat. I would like to test it and compare it to the others two wips I already own and use. Of course there should be limits, such as: A player can only test a weapon or a warframe that is already mastered. Like now, it can only be tested agaist enemies that are already in our codex. This is my humble opinion. Thanks for reading this.
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