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  1. Regarding Endless missions. There are divided opinions on this issue, some claim that endless is endless, so three players should be able to call for extraction. And some claim they would like to have single extraction like in defense missions. Maybe the last option would solve the problem. But for those who want to stay longer, maybe a pre-mission option on how many minutes/extractors before extraction would do the work. So if a player wants to stay for 20 extractor in an excavation, is paired with others who want the same, and extraction only appers when the goal is achieved. In this case a pre-mission menu would appear asking for normal, 5 extractors, 10 extractors, and so on. Thanks DE for all the hard work. Really impressive.
  2. Agree on the optional and mandatory contribution
  3. Maybe it would be nice to have some upgrades for the clan administrators, in example On every item on investigation, the possibility to see individual player's contribution. So we can see what players have made their contribution. possibility to restrict access to lab's weapons to certain players, or ranks. Information on the date of entrance to the clan per player, added on the table where is possible to sort players by rank, last connection, etc. Like it was mentioned on other threads, to have information available on which player made changes on the clan (Player X invited/promoted/demoted/ player Y), like we currently have on players expelled from the clan. Individual messages of the day, added to the one for the whole clan. Thanks!
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