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  1. Twice now, this has happened, where a downed player leaves and we all get stuck with the orbs we were collecting to revive them...once, it corrected itself on its own, this time it made me play the rest of the round on a heroic health handicap...
  2. Honestly, one higher level of arbs might really be it. We have sanctuary onslaught versus ESO...how bout elite arbs that start at 100-120 or something and just one life?
  3. I don't know how others feel but i consistently have bad experiences with players needing to be be revived in arbs and i personally think it should go back to having one life to live. Its always irritating when someone constantly dies and requires reviving, but this is of course harder in arbs, not to mention puts you at an increased risk for someone who may be simply unprepared for that high a level. What's more, there's not even an option to be that player and ignore them, since you still need to kill the red drones making enemies invincible for the sake of your own survival, which will inevitably force you to pick up red orbs here and there (if you melee, more), forcing you to deal with less and less health for yourself. There should at least be an action required to pick them up or not like ayatan stars. Another instance; a player is at extraction after about twenty minutes and dies, requests revival. Me and the only other player each share the burden and go revive them...in the extraction zone...ending the mission before either me or the other remaining player would have. Annoying! There's gotta be a happy medium here, or just put it back the way it was, as the elite(ish) content we all asked for...then asked them to nerf?
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