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  1. Leaderboards have been fixed. Not sure how to remove this post, sorry to waste your time.
  2. Not sure if this was deliberate or a bug but there are no longer any rankings on the individual leaderboards for Orphix Venom. I killed over 100k sentiants and spent a few weeks with my team grinding OV to get the #1 legit score and now we r no longer there. What a complete waste of time. I will also point out that the individual player leaderboards are not disabled for all past events. If it's disabled for one it should be the same for all events. I'm also unsure why the personal leaderboards were even shown if they were just going to be taken down. Seeing them spurred us on to grind eve
  3. Just another update on the host migration bug, another variation of this glitch is after a host migration if the Orphix was alive during the host migration the sentiant control can bug out and freeze while the current Orphix remains but can't be opened to kill and sentiants keep spawning. Apparently Orphixs keep spawning but my Intel left the game instead of remaining, so we r unsure what would happen over time.
  4. A fresh wave of glitched times are up. I'm guessing this will continue till it's fixed. ><
  5. I also check there profile and look at there sentiant kills and voidrig kills. The glitched scores have been taken off Xbox, thank you.
  6. Just reporting a bug were players are glitching the game out in there Orphix Venom runs to get whatever score they want. Basically they run the event normally up until roughly round/kill 32, then after killing the Orphix the main host will quit out of the game forceing a host migration. Next round after Orphix kill the new host quits out, and at round 35 after the Orphix has been killed the last host leaves. This apparently bugs the game into thinking all 36 Orphixs have been killed, when only 35 have. So no more Orphixs spawn but the passive 2 points per sec are still awarded. Then they find
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