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  1. Fix Sanctuary Onslaught. For some reason I'm not getting any focus even after killing enemies with abilities.
  2. Please fix the issue where the coolant disappears after doing a ground pound from arc wing for orb Vallis.
  3. Solaris United standing is still not reseting.
  4. For some reason, I don't know why Solaris United standing not resetting after 24 hours.
  5. Will we get an Infested open world where it has been taken over by Mutualist Alad V?
  6. There a problem when someone else comes into a game and the Archwing and K-Drive launchers cant be used and the K-drive icons are stuck and can't be collected leaving players to walk their way to bounties or back to Fortuna and not getting standing for the vent kids.
  7. I'm calling it Fortuna is coming next week after the 5th.
  8. For some reason, I'm not getting affinity points during any mission type?
  9. Is there a way to fix revenants quest because I used the mobile app to complete building revenant and for some reason, it doesn't show that I completed it on my codex?
  10. Will we get to see Cross platforming in the Nintendo switch? I want to play with my friend who has the Nintendo switch at the moment.
  11. Update failed me for the LAST TIME!!!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! (VAY HEK VOICE)
  12. Can you please fix the loading screen because for some reason it freezes on the main loading screen?
  13. Where are Hydroid Prime, Zephyr Prime, and Limbo Prime trailers are they still in development?
  14. PLZ fix the change display in the landing craft room for some reason when I try to change my loadout display it sends me straight to the navigation. Also, the game crashes on loading screen.
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