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  1. You can take Primary and Secondary weapons to either Rude Zuud in Fortuna or Father in the Necralisk (doesn't matter which), select "Other services", and select "Entitle". You will need to pay 15 platinum to rename it. Melee weapons (just the Kuva Shildeg, for now, since the Tenet melees don't have Sister names) can be taken to Hok in Cetus (same process). Archguns (Kuva Ayanga and Kuva Grattler) can't be renamed at this time.
  2. Yes, you can. I rename all my weapons to get rid of the Lich/Sister names so the weapon name isn't so long. It doesn't remove the little symbol on the front of the name, though.
  3. Each Prime Access usually lasts around 3 months. Nidus Prime Access started 09 September, so I would expect it to end around 09 December. After that, we should have Harrow Prime.
  4. While I agree with this sentence, you quickly point out the issue with it: Warframe isn't a game that really operates like that (on a "learn from failure" approach). The game encourages efficiency, and the players come to expect it. So while there's nothing inherently wrong with learning to do Kuva Siphons by failing first, it doesn't fit in Warframe. The difference will be (and, based on anecdotal evidence in this thread, is) jarring to players who encounter it for the first time, and in the end, it will be less fun. Messing with player expectations is generally not a good thing (outside of story elements), and players in Warframe don't expect failure.
  5. They have arrive and depart lines if they show up randomly, the way converted Nemeses are supposed to do. But if you summon them with the On Call option, they don't use their dialogue. I wish they did; there's not really a good reason not to. I think it's just a coding oversight.
  6. Glad you like the site! Thanks for the feedback; no one has requested that yet. To be honest, I'm not very skilled at web dev, but I'll look into it and see what I can set up, because I'm definitely open to having a Dark Mode option.
  7. The motivations we've heard from Hunhow and Erra are to "complete the sequence" and "finish the war", so it seems like they're still stuck in the same mindset of "MUST EXTERMINATE". Erra also comes off as revenge-driven, but it's unclear how much he's in the driver's seat (and there is the theory that he's not even real). So right now we don't have a good, solid reason; it seems like the Sentients are holding a grudge or maybe can't shift their mindset away from war. There's also the consideration that the Tenno are the only beings known to be able to defeat the Sentients, so maybe they're wiping us out as a preemptive measure just in case. My interpretation is that the video of the trailers is not really meant to be taken as going along with the voiceover. As you noted, the Prime warframes are shown fighting the modern Corpus (as well as the Grineer, who are not known to have rebelled against the Orokin until after The Collapse). I think the video is just to show off the frames, while the voiceover is more canon, set during the days of the Warframe Project. The voiceover is almost certainly set in the Old War, because his audience seems to be other Orokin Executors (for the most part; Saryn and Nidus are notable exceptions). Pay attention to the Vauban, Nekros, Valkyr, Hydroid, and Octavia Prime trailers (emphasis added): "For your consideration" "Your Graces, we who are beyond death" "Our long deathless winter has left us numb. Our wasted animal within, ugly and gaunt, hibernates beneath our shimmering beauty." "While our immortal vines have left us distant from our baser selves, consider our subjects. Those who gaze upon our cloud-swept towers with simmering, violent envy." "But they are owed their struggle, as we are owed entertainment." There is no doubt that he is talking to other Orokin. There's obviously the question of "how canon" these quotes are, since they're not technically in the game. And whereas most of the trailers sound like sales pitches to the other Orokin (especially Vauban, Nekros, Banshee, etc), some of them are quite reflective and don't sound like he would have actually said them out loud to anyone (Valkyr, Oberon) since they almost constitute apostasy (the same crime Margulis was executed for). We know of course that Ballas eventually grew disillusioned with the Orokin, and this comes across in some of the trailers, but it's still unlikely that he would have voiced these thoughts aloud. If you're interested, I've expounded more on my thoughts about the Prime trailers over on my website, the Orokin Archives (although that post is currently not updated for the Nidus Prime trailer).
  8. Lore can't be "a stretch" if it's canon. The Vauban Prime trailer states that Vauban was made to guard against the Corpus. I'm not sure what you mean by 'militant', but we know that both the Corpus and Grineer were involved in the Old War prior to the Collapse, with the Corpus manufacturing weapons and the Grineer acting as soldiers. After the Collapse they were able to be independent, but they already had the capability to wage war (against each other) under the Orokin, if not the permission to do so.
  9. In case anyone wasn't aware, you need to relink your Twitch account to your Warframe account if you've reset your Twitch password because of the hack (or for any other reason):
  10. The Gauss helmet for Mag is super old (was added in 2013). When Gauss the warframe came out, DE sort of gave him a Mag helmet as a joke, because the Mag Gauss helmet already existed. I would suggest previewing things in the Market before buying them. It's also supposed to say "Owned" or "Blueprint owned" or "Mastered" (whatever is relevant) if you don't need to buy it.
  11. Silvana is brought in to create surrogate bodies for the Tenno. We know this because she is recruited for her Infestation biology skills ("I'll be working with one of my childhood heroes, Archimedian Margulis! On comms she said she needed the best Infestation biologist there was…"), and because she was working with the Tenno ("I don't blame Margulis; she's as much a victim as the children we're working with. At first, the project seemed therapeutic and nurturing.") The only time both Tenno and Helminth Infested entities were together is when the Orokin started using the Tenno for the Warframe Project and the children were put into the second dream. If Silvana had been working with the proto-frames, there would be no children, but she was working with children from the start of her involvement. The Rhino Prime entry depicts when the Orokin first realised that the Tenno could link to the warframes. It was revolutionary. It must have occurred long before Silvana was brought on, because Silvana was working with both Tenno and warframes – two components that would not be united until after Rhino Prime. Titania was not a proto-frame, because she was built to be used by Tenno. Silvana talks about "linking to Titania the way only Tenno can stand". Your timeline has a bunch of extra steps in it. The surrogates are the frames (proto-frames at first, then warframes as we classically understand them). There doesn't seem to have been a time where surrogates were used solely for therapeutic purposes; although that may have been the line sold to Margulis and Silvana, we have never seen any indication that Transference was used with surrogates other than the weaponised warframes. The Grove doesn't have any Helminth in it. It's just genetically engineered trees imbued with Silvana's consciousness. There is no Helminth presence except for Titania's body, and as you have noted (in that other thread about Nidus Prime), warframes don't spread their Helminth infection when deployed on missions (except for the neck cyst, which only infects other warframes).
  12. I think they can move their bodies. Mother and Grandmother pop up in multiple places all over the Cambion Drift, and I always pictured them as being able to travel within the Infested substrate of Deimos, but always attached to it. During the quest, Father is shown out on the Drift and Son actually shows up in the cave systems.
  13. Nope. Going under is the first dream. Going under again, into the warframes, is the second dream. This is what Lotus says when talking about Transference (controlling the warframes): "It felt like waking up, but it was just a lucid second dream." We were already asleep, and then put into a deeper dream – a second dream. The second dream is called such because the Tenno were already asleep.
  14. Here's the timeline: The Tenno are rescued from the derelict Zariman. Margulis tries to help them, and gets blinded in the process, because the Tenno can't control their powers. So she puts them to sleep. "This will stop the voices from taking hold. You will have to dream, my angel…." "She put us into the dream, brought us peace." "We couldn't help it, the outbursts. We hurt her, blinded her, but even then, she never abandoned us. In the dream we found peace, and she sang to us in that cold, dark…." "In dreams we could control it, focus it. So she made the pods, her favourite flower…." This is the 'first dream'. It was just a dream, no surrogate bodies. Margulis worked to heal them of their trauma ("brought us peace") by interacting with them through the dream. This is likely when she sealed away their memories of the Zariman, as Teshin reveals later. Margulis may have been executed at this point. The Second Dream quest sort of implies that she does, but the Silver Grove quest later says that Margulis was present at a later time point, so it's sort of up in the air. Regardless, it doesn't change the rest of the timeline. What happens next is that some Orokin researchers working on the Warframe Project (the proto-warframes Ballas talks about during The Sacrifice), which was at the time unrelated to the Tenno but located nearby, discover that the dreaming Tenno can control the proto-warframes and stop them from rampaging. This is detailed in the Rhino Prime Codex entry. Once this is realised, the Tenno Project and the Warframe Project are unified, and the Tenno are put into a 'second dream' that allows them to control the warframes. This is when Ballas and his fellow Executor have their conversation about the Tenno ("I know we are desperate, Executor, but these aren't Dax soldiers. These are golems, possessed by devil minds."), and presumably after this, Ballas is put in charge of the Warframe Project, and Silvana is brought on around this time as well, and the Project begins churning out warriors to fight against the Sentients. Silvana admires Margulis personally, so she definitely would be interested in meeting her, and afterwards she talks about Margulis likes she knows her personally. This is why I think Margulis was actually involved in the Project long after it was converted into a weapons project. The implication is we didn't actually succeed in killing him, like he barely survived and lived to fight another day. Most bosses in Warframe don't end up dying during their Assassination missions. Hell, this same Alad V previously got thrown out of a window and yet he stuck around. I'll point out that the Twin Queens, or just Queen at this point, are also Orokin by birth.
  15. The hive mind wouldn't get the chance to find out that we are immune because it never 'takes' the frame. The warframe goes in, kills Infested, and leaves. The Technocyte doesn't get the chance to assimilate the warframe because it doesn't fall in battle. None of what I said was contradictory. "Cast adrift" means it's not operating under its own power, like a life raft in the middle of the ocean. It's carried by forces like the winds and tide, things you can't control. I was postulating a drone as a stretch of this concept, because if you program a drone with a very basic set of instructions ("go out there and then come back"), you still don't have control over what happens to the drone's payload in the middle. I agree that it's on the outer limits of what I would consider being "cast adrift". The question of "how does Nidus come back to Earth after being partially Infested" is one I don't really have a complete answer to, hence my weird suggestion of the drone. But I don't think it's the most relevant part. Nidus came back. Ballas says so. Yes, we don't know how. We know Nidus didn't come back on his own power, or else "cast adrift" doesn't make sense. But he came back. I'm ready to move on from this point, because I don't have an answer as to how. We don't get all the answers sometimes. Well we don't know what makes the warframe immune, so we can't answer this question in detail. If it's some technological element, then I don't see why it can't be added to the warframe after the fact. The entire issue is speculative, which is what I've been saying this whole time. Besides, maybe the Orokin did have a cure that has now been lost. Maybe they didn't care? It's very possible to turn a wild strain into a less wild strain. It happens in laboratories all the time, since wild stuff doesn't do too well in labs. You need to change them to fit your needs. We have the tools to do so on a rudimentary level today (altering substrate specificity, building in antibiotic resistance, selecting for rapid growth, etc) so I wholeheartedly believe the Orokin could alter whatever wild strain of Infestation Nidus came back with. Again, this is assuming a specific timeline of warframe creation that is not explicitly laid out. Here's how I imagine it works: Ballas makes a half-formed frame, shoots it out into space, and it comes back Infested. Then Ballas finishes the warframe and makes it complete. This is either the normal Nidus frame or the Prime Nidus frame, depending on which you think comes first. Then those attributes are copied and used to make other Nidus frames. You only need to go through the process once. We know that the blueprints of warframes contain all the characteristics of the originals. Answered in the preceding paragraph.
  16. That doesn't mean she knows anything about how they were made. I use expensive machinery in my research and I definitely would not be able to build a GC-MS. I take this machine apart for maintenance and put it back together again and I still have no f*cking idea how it works. Engineers make this sh*t and then I use it. Margulis using Helminth bodies doesn't mean she was involved in or knows anything about the creation of those bodies. Margulis' initial efforts didn't even involve any warframes. She first put the Tenno into the first dream, where they were just asleep, with no surrogate bodies. It wasn't until the second dream that surrogate bodies were used to channel the Tenno's consciousnesses. To say that Margulis was an expert in the Infestation just because she used warframes to treat the Tenno is like saying that Kaelli is a weapons expert because she uses weapons that her father made for her in the next room over.
  17. The Orokin don't seem to be all that concerned about the Infestation's spread. Ballas calls them "horrors past" (emphasis added), implying that there is no longer any danger. When discussing Earth, Ballas talks about wanting to reclaim it from the Infestation but doesn't voice a concern that the Infestation might spread to other places, such as Lua. So making sure things are immune to the Infestation doesn't seem to have been a focus at that point in the Old War. We already know the frames are Infested. That's accepted fact. What's not accepted is the idea that you can't "re-Infest" a thing that's already been Infested. Being diseased doesn't confer immunity; quite rather the opposite. There's no reason to think that the reason the warframes are immune is because they're Infested. "Sea change" is a phrase with an accepted definition, that being a transformation. The phrase itself comes from The Tempest by Shakespeare: Full fathom five thy father lies, Of his bones are coral made: Those are pearls that were his eyes, Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea-change Into something rich and strange. Read that text about how a drowned sailor's body is transformed over time into something totally different, by the forces of nature. His bones became coral, his eyes became pearls. That sounds a lot like what happens when a person is remade by the Infestation into a new entity. Nidus wasn't sent out, he was "cast adrift". That implies Nidus wasn't travelling through his own volition or the power of another. "Adrift" means to move with the waves, the tides, the wind (or, in space-travel metaphor, gravitational forces and orbital mechanics). If Nidus was sent out to learn (a purposeful objective), Ballas wouldn't have said "cast adrift" (which very much gives the impression of aimlessness and passivity). Once again, your interpretation of Ballas' actual words runs counter to the simplest explanation of those words.
  18. I lay out the source material, give my interpretations of it, and if necessary, provide inferences. Everything is rooted in the facts that we know and I generally steer clear of speculation, and I will give ample warning if I say something that is not supported by the text. Maybe we disagree on interpretations, but to characterise my discussions as "headcanon" is unfair, in my opinion. Heath and shields are canonical attributes of warframes in the lore. For example, during Operation: Gate Crash, Lotus says "Cumulative exposure to the keys will have detrimental effects on your health, shields and warframe abilities" (emphasis added). Warframe shields have as much lore support as their immunity to the Infestation, which is why I thought it was an appropriate comparison. As a scientist, I don't rely on "logic", but experimental evidence. It's not enough to point to something and say "this makes sense". You then have to go and show that things are linked, or one causes the other, et cetera. You can only rely on the results of experiments for scientific fact, not the starting questions. Of course, this doesn't apply to Warframe since we as players and fans can't "run experiments" on the lore, but my point is that inferences and conjecture should not be what we take as solid canon. You may think that Helminth causes the frames to be immune, but we have no direct evidence or confirmation of that. Any connection you think is there doesn't exist until DE says it does. I'm not disputing the fact that warframes are immune to the Infestation! I am just saying that perhaps Nidus (Prime) isn't immune (or wasn't, when he was infected, but now is). I'm also not even stating this as a fact! I'm raising the possibility because it opens avenues for discussing Nidus Prime and his journey. The hive mind still recognises that the warframes are made of Infested tissue but not a part of it. It has no control over the warframes. I'm pretty sure we agree on this and the whole hive mind discussion is a red herring. Ballas says he wanted the warframe to undergo a "sea change". The wording suggests that he wanted the warframe to improve but he didn't know how to do it or he wanted something or someone else to do it, so he surrendered it to the unknown. Perhaps he didn't even know the Infestation was going to grab it and change it. But Ballas wanted an additional element to the warframe that he couldn't provide. He says in the trailer that he "cast [Nidus] adrift" for the purpose of a "sea change". Again, these are direct readings of Ballas' own words. You're also assuming that the Primes were made after the normal versions, which is also not stated anywhere in lore. We don't know which version comes first. This is assuming the Infestation worked the same back then as it does now, which might not be the case, seeing as the Infestation has already radically changed twice since the Tenno have woken up from cryosleep (first with the Mutalist strain created by Alad V, and then its adaptation to using human lures as seen in the Emissary storyline). The Gray Strain on Deimos also works completely differently. The hive mind on Deimos is split between its own warring factions of Vome and Fass, and the fish are separate from the hive mind entirely (which is why Daughter studies them). This all suggests that the Infestation is not monolithic. Perhaps there wasn't even a hive mind back in the times of the Orokin (although definitely point out if you know of any Orokin-era sources that mention a hive mind; I can't remember any off the top of my head).
  19. Lol what. Margulis has not worked with the Infestation as far as we know, aside from working on the Warframe Project. On the contrary, she called Silvana "the best Infestation biologist there was", implying that Silvana's expertise far outstripped her own. Margulis was a therapist who pioneered Transference. Aside from that, we don't know much about her scientific accomplishments. No. We don't know why Titania was ordered to be built, although Silvana later used her to fight against the Dax, Grineer, and possibly the Infested. But the Saryn Prime trailer shows that Ballas created Saryn in order to cleanse Earth. There are viruses that can cause mutation through infection. HPV, for example, is a transmissible virus that can cause cervical cancer. I'm not aware of any viruses that persist as chronic infections that also cause symptomatic mutations in the host in a manner similar to the Triuna, but it's not outside the bounds of our understanding of biology (and Warframe, like most science fiction, stretches the bounds of science anyway). This is to say that the Triuna could still be a transmissible genetic mutation, distinct from the Technocyte Infestation itself. It's interesting to note that, according to Father, Mother still envisions Continuity into a new, untainted body. "I think my wife's clinging on to the idea we'll all just jump into new bodies one day. Would be nice. (under breath) She sure made a mess of mine."
  20. The Myconians from the Glast Gambit weren't really Infested, they just lived near it. There was something called the "Triuna" that may have been a weak strain of Infestation (but maybe not), and the Lotus was able to cure this Triuna condition from Neewa (if you chose to do so). No large-scale Infestation cure. Alad V is a highly intelligent scientist and he raided (or rather, we raided on his behalf) an extensive network of biotech laboratories run by another highly intelligent scientist, Tyl Regor (this was Operation: Tubemen of Regor if anyone needs context). Alad then took those data and created a cure for himself. This cure was likely personally tailored to him (especially because Mutalist Alad V was a unique manifestation of the Infestation, as he kept his consciousness and had enough agency to seek a cure), and more significantly, Alad didn't share his work with us, so we don't have access to whatever he used to cure himself. Keep in mind that Alad V understands the Infestation better than anyone alive. So no, we can't use Alad's cure for anyone else. If you listen to the Entrati's dialogue, they are thoroughly Infested, not just in mind but in body. Their memories and consciousnesses are compromised. Curing them would be an extensive process. They've been trying to cure themselves for hundreds of years, and we're unlikely to have anything they don't, seeing as they are Orokin. This is a bad misreading of multiple events. First of all, we don't know that Earth's plant life is what exterminated the Infestation there, although it is possible. But we also know that Saryn was created to fight the Infested and reclaim Earth, so perhaps it was her that did it, or something else entirely. But if the forests did wipe out the Infested from Earth, then they did it because they were specifically engineered by the Orokin to do it and it likely took a very long time. Now, you reference the Cicero Crisis, which is when the Grineer tried to poison the forests and we fought back. The Tenno injected the antidote to the Cicero toxin, keeping the forests alive. The Infestation was not involved in any way. This is not a big deal but idk why you think the gold materials have anything to do with Tau. They don't. It's just gold. Eris is a major hub of Infested activity but not the only one. Mercury, for example, has large outbreaks (likely because of the events of Once Awake), which are referenced by Solaris in Fortuna. We know Sentients have resistance or immunity to the Infestation, but that's not really relevant to the discussion, as the Entrati are not Sentients. This is not true. We don't know when Eris was overrun by the Infested, but it seems to have been in the modern era. Konzu says his uncle was a trader in the area some decades ago, and the Eris cephalon fragment states that there used to be Grineer and Corpus activity at Eris but not anymore, due to the Infested. So while Eris is one of the main hotspots of Infested activity, it probably hasn't been so for very long in the grand scheme of things. Deimos, on the other hand, has been Infested for a very long time, and is the home of Lephantis, an Infested creature that Lotus says was "created to fight in the Old War" against the Sentients. If any place was going to be the origin of the Technocyte, it may be Deimos. It's certainly more likely than Eris. I can assure you that what you have said is in no way canon. There are no "Sentient nanomachines" and we have no information on the Lotus attempting to do anything against the Infestation in recent times (really, since the Jordas Verdict). Lotus is unlikely to have cared for anyone back in the Orokin days except maybe Ballas (who is not Infested). Lotus/Natah was a Sentient spy with a purpose during wartime. She wasn't there to make friends. Lotus didn't enslave the Wolf, Alad V did. And at no point was the Wolf a "secret agent". And no, there are plenty of Corpus on Jupiter who are not Amalgams. Nope. Sentients cannot control the Infested. Why would you think this? ???????????? The Mutalist strain was created by Alad V sometime after the Suspicious Shipments alerts, though he was in hiding for much of this period. By the time of Operation: Breeding Grounds he had definitely altered the Infestation enough to affect robots, and the Infested Ship tileset was introduced. We didn't see his new Mutalist units until Operation: Mutalist Incursions. The Jordas Precept quest was released later. We don't know when Jordas was infected, but seeing as how the Infestation's ability to corrupt non-organic victims appears to be the result of Alad V's meddling, Jordas would seem to have been infected with the Mutalist strain (not to mention Jordas' ship was near Eris, which was Mutalist Alad V's research centre). As a side note, the Jordas Golem is actually a reincarnation of one of Warframe's earliest bosses. At the beginning of the game, Jupiter was an Infested planet, not Corpus, and the boss was the J-3 Golem. The Golem was a giant Ancient (which back then just looked like giant Runners/Leapers). DE was going to add a "J-2000" Golem to the game, but this was renamed to Lephantis, and J-3 Golem was removed shortly thereafter in Update 11 (when Alad V and the Gas City were introduced). Jordas is the cephalon of a 3rd-class Corpus frigate, according to his Synthesis entry, so he is a J-3 Golem. J-3 Golem's dialogue is currently used for Lephantis.
  21. You can take this position, but I won't. If I see normal Octavia, I'm going to assume that it's actually normal Octavia unless evidence surfaces to the contrary. Octavia barely does anything in the comic; if they wanted to say it was Octavia Prime instead, they could have just not shown her at all and only mentioned her. The comic revolves around Suda, not Octavia, and she could have said "Octavia is here to take me away" or something like that. For reference, the Rell webcomic that previews Harrow doesn't show or mention Harrow at all. Thus, I'm going to say that non-Prime Octavia was serving the Orokin. If there's no wild Helminth, then where did they harvest the Infestation? It was growing there, uncontrolled. Wild. Ballas doesn't say it came from a lab. He says it came from "our horrors past, our ravaged outer colonies". Places that had been lost to Infestation. Conjecture. We know the warframes are immune but it is never stated what attribute or component of them makes them immune. You don't know it's the Helminth. It could be Void magic or just some special technology Ballas added. I never meant to imply that the Nidus warframe made it back under its own volition/power. We don't know how it came back. Maybe it was attached to a drone that brought it back after some period of time. Maybe it was on an elliptical orbit around the Sun and returned as a part of its orbit. Maybe the Infestation shot it out like the boil that hits the Plains. I agree with you that Nidus itself could not come back on its own, but that doesn't discount the rest of it. But again I don't see what that has to do with anything. Whether or not the hive mind wants us to join it doesn't affect the Infestation's ability to infect something. And for all we know, the hive mind is talking to the warframes themselves, not the Tenno, and doesn't even know that we, the Operators, exist. Most people don't. Every rule has an exception, and Warframe shows that better than anything. Every warframe has shields – it was a main attribute of the frames – until Inaros. Every warframe has energy – similarly defining – until Hildryn. Besides, this is why I think it wasn't a complete warframe that was sent out and Infested, but one that was under construction. Before it was made immune to the Infestation. I suppose it may refer to that, but I don't think so. Given that the whole trailer discusses Nidus changing and his journey, I'm more inclined to think that the "disease" in question has infected Nidus, rather than Nidus infecting something else.
  22. We have seen non-Prime frames in operation during the Orokin era, so this idea that the normal frames are only built by the Tenno and the Prime frames are only built by the Orokin is not true. The What Remains? webcomic shows a standard Octavia warframe in service to the Orokin (with a platoon of Dax). Yes, the warframes that the Tenno use are immune to Infestation. However, this doesn't seem like an absolute rule. Chroma in the New Strange quest was controlled by an unknown entity, possibly Infested (though more likely to be Sentient), and Mesa in Patient Zero was explicitly puppeted by "Infested flesh". Given these examples, it seems likely that Ballas was able to disable, override, or remove whatever quality or ability the proto-Nidus warframe had that prevented it from being Infested. I'm not talking about a second Helminth variant, just the difference between the 'wild' and 'lab-cultivated' Helminth. In the Sacrifice, Ballas implies that the Helminth strain used to create the warframes was harvested from Infestation outbreaks in the outer rim of the solar system: "Our horrors past, our ravaged outer colonies… became gardens!" This was 'wild' Helminth, and it was taken by the Orokin and put to work, resulting in 'lab-cultivated' Helminth. I am a biologist who works with cancer cells, and I can tell you that cell cultures used in laboratories will diverge from their original stock over time. The cells we cultivate in labs are very different from the tissues they were originally extracted from. So, we have a distinction between 'wild' and 'lab-cultivated' Helminth, even though one comes from the other. We learn from the trailer that Nidus (Prime) was Infested by a wild strain, so the wild Helminth must still have been out there. At that point it would have been distinct from the lab-cultivated Helminth that produced the proto-Nidus, so they would effectively been two different strains of Technocyte interacting with each other. Of course, you are correct that all strains of the Infestation were ultimately created by the Orokin in the beginning. I only mention Earth because Ballas does. The trailer literally says "And if, one grisly dawn, the skies should hurl you, herald-like, back to Earth…" (emphasis added). Perhaps 'Earth' is being used as metonymy for the Orokin government, since Lua, the seat of government, is part of the Earth system. I don't see how the Infested hive mind factors into this at all. So your interpretation is that Nidus was sent out on a scouting/research mission to observe the Infested and copy its behaviours and attributes? I think this theory is much less likely, because Ballas says "What succulent richness disease's kiss may bring." The phrase "disease's kiss" strongly implies that Nidus itself was Infested, changed by the Technocyte. He also describes Nidus as "festering".
  23. I meant first among those two. Obviously the prototypes Ballas talks about are the "first" warframes. This is the text of the Nidus Prime trailer: My interpretation of this is that Ballas "cast [his] shining child adrift" – ie shot it out into space to see what would happen. To wait for the "starless currents" (space) to "work a sea change" (alter the warframe). In the Sacrifice quest, Ballas says that the outer rim of the solar system was where the Infestation resided ("Our horrors past, our ravaged outer colonies"). Nidus clearly made his way to one of these Infested zones, where the Technocyte reacted to his Helminth biology. The outer colonies were actually where the warframe Helminth strain came from. So the 'wild' Helminth re-bred with the 'laboratory' Helminth, re-Infesting the warframe, as it were. Ballas then says that the re-Infested Nidus Prime came back to Earth, where the Orokin presumably made use of him in the war. They took advantage of the power ("succulent richness") that the Infestation had given him ("disease's kiss"). I think this is a fairly straightforward interpretation of the trailer that requires essentially no headcanon. Ballas spells it out plainly.
  24. The Nidus Prime trailer implies that Ballas took a Prime warframe and shot it out into space, where it got corrupted with the Infestation. Then it came back to Earth and he took it and used it like any other warframe. You can also imagine that he originally shot out a normal warframe and then made a Prime version of what came back, depending on which you thought came first (Prime or normal), as that's not established. It's not established if normal frames or Prime frames were created first by the Orokin. Obviously one is based on the other, but we don't know which.
  25. There is no issue with Nidus Prime. All warframes will have a Prime variant come out. If there are prevalent questions about the lore (as there were for Nidus), then DE may clarify some details when they release it (as they did with the Nidus Prime trailer). It's true that there's not a simple explanation for Nidus Prime, so your clanmate thought that it didn't make sense. But he's wrong to say that according to lore there should be no Nidus Prime. This is speculation. There's no reason Valkyr's original abilities couldn't have been the abilities we know, in which case there is no lore conflict. Not necessarily true. Protea was built specifically for Parvos Granum ("Legend says", according to Biz, so even that may not be true), but the Orokin could have produced a Protea Prime afterwards, having seen Protea in action with Parvos. The only official text we have is the Prime Access FAQ, which says that "A Prime Warframe, weapon, Sentinel or accessory represents technology as it was during the height of the Orokin Era." Just so we all have an understanding of existing lore on the subject. This is all completely made up. There is no special strain of the Infestation, unless you count the Triuna (but Ergo and Lotus don't come to the conclusion that that is what the Triuna is). Ergo says the Myconians gained their understanding of the Infestation from the Nidus blueprint, but that's really all he says about Nidus (and it doesn't confirm that the Triuna comes from Nidus). We know from cinematics and webcomics that Prime warframes existed, unless you think that the Erra cutscene we watched took place in a different timeline. Wrong. He thinks (or thought) there would be a lore conflict because the explanation is not simple. For most frames, the Orokin made the frame (such as Ember) and also made the Prime frame (such as Ember Prime). However, frames like Nidus that have specific origin stories (or seem to have specific origin stories) can confuse people. Some people think that the Orokin could not have made Nidus Prime because Nidus was made by the Infestation (because he is found in an Infested Corpus ship). But it's not true. The story just requires extra details. DE then gave us those details: Nidus was built or half-built, then launched into space and Infested, then came back to Earth and was worked on further. Prior to The Sacrifice, it was not confirmed that the warframes were made of Infested tissue (though it was very heavily implied). Now we know. Not everyone would think this substantially alters the lore of Nidus Prime, however.
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