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  1. As to current makeshift solutions, loot radar mods mark caches like they do any other item, so you can use that to get an approximate location.
  2. ...this thread is honestly painful to read through. Between the circlejerking and the lack of basic information, it should be clear why the devs don't look at the forums much for feedback. Firstly, the immediate assumption that Rivens will be nerfed into the ground on all "upgrade" variants, leaving the base form as objectively the strongest, is just ridiculous. They'll be balanced so that the base form is competitive with its upgraded forms, but ultimately Primed variants will win out, if only because they need to keep sales up on Prime Access. They're not so short-sighted that they would damage their profit model in the name of balance. Secondly, people keep acting like the stats would change with zero warning when equipping a Riven on a Primed weapon, but we've already seen that's not the case. The Riven screen is getting a tweak to show the stats that each version of the weapon would receive when equipped to it, so you could easily scroll through and see specifically what your preferred weapon would get from a given Riven. There's no surprises, no possibility for exploiting unaware players, no risk of suddenly realizing you've wasted your plat on a Riven you didn't want. When it comes down to it, this thread is just a whiny echo chamber for people who are upset that their toys are getting brought in line, and don't want their power trip to end. There's a startling unawareness in this community of just how unhealthy raw power fantasy is for the future of a game, and we're already suffering from the effects of power creep limiting development possibilities. Things like this need to happen, and should have happened a long time ago. There comes a time when you have to let go of the big numbers if you want this game to continue to grow.
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