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  1. every mission is pewpewpew 30/60/90 enemies...
  2. i think they need rng in the game because everything we own we only need to find once and we dont have to bother with that grind anymore which makes "content drought" happen real fast. but granted they way they have made their rng and resource costs silly.
  3. I have literally not heard anyone say to use corrosive projection since like 2 years ago
  4. if it takes consoles 1 or 2 weeks to get updates after pc then no. its already holiday weekend
  5. Stay a while for a few more years and you will see that every major update has potential, but then they just leave it at that once the bugs have been ironed out.
  6. you guys act like there is no rng in most games yet this game has the least rng in any game i have ever played
  7. railjack meta is farming after every mission...
  8. there are essentially two camps of players: one who welcomes more mini games to play so they can stay in the game longer two who play the game for for the hack and slash gameplay and would play another game if they wanted to play a 2d fighter, guitar hero,skateboarding
  9. I'm pretty sure what most people mean is the railjack is the new "archwing", as in it wont tie in to any of the core game, so you're just grinding a new archwing for mods and stuff
  10. If 99% of the game is based on the ground and tilesets and archwing has not been integrated with the rest of the grind I doubt railjack will.
  11. DE is owned by a chinese company to my knowledge. And im glad someone with a different view point has replied to me. Can I ask why you would rather be spending time in warframe doing these "minigames" rather than playing another game which may have it as their core gameplay?
  12. We all fell in love with this game for the core fighting mechanics right? Did any of us long for mining, fishing, flappy bird, guitar hero or space ship battles while playing this game? I sure didn't. Ive been playing for 4+ years now and they really haven't done much with the core gameplay except meele changes.
  13. But this has been the go to answer from this community for years, take a break from the game because burnout is a real thing, have you ever heard any other gaming community tell you this?
  14. I started playing and loving this game for the hack and slash gameplay, with this new update I don't understand why i was looking forward to it since it has nothing to do with why i liked this game in the first place
  15. op is like hey i spend money on the game do what i want or i'll spend my money on someone else, lol classic
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