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  1. I did have the Aubern Prime part, however an accidental sale might have meant that I sold my part and not the blueprint. This is the only other explanation I can think of for part 2. However, genuinely I was given 6/8 (we left early before finding all of them) Datum Insignias. But was given almost 2000 Arbiters Influence Points & 100 Suda Points with the associated almost 2000 point loss to Red Veil... that aspect of the post is not in question as I have never placed an Arbiters Sigil onto a warframe, and I made sure it was the 5% Suda bonus Sigil that was on the exact warframe.
  2. Hello, just finished a Cephalon Suda mission. But was directly given arbiters of Hexis point gain & thus also Red Veil deficit points. I had gathered about 6/8 Insignias too which were all Datum Pick-ups. I have also been having trouble with the RANK-UP area showing that I do not own an 'Auberon Chassis Blueprint' to max rank her syndicate. I don't currently have 500k credits, however I did earlier and it still wouldn't allow me to advance. I'm unsure if there are just a sleugh of Syndicate related bugs that are however, unrelated to one another. Not sure how to reply with the 'F6' not 'F12' Bug Photoes that might assist you. If you could tell me how to add or link you to them they should be saved somewhere, and I can send them as soon as you need. Thanks.
  3. Cronkonium

    I Believe UI Bug - Perhaps

    I have an Auberon Prime Chassis which is described as the Prime Part which needs to be sacrificed to Cephalon Suda to reach her max rank. I have maintained it rather than sell it for Ducats to Baro Ki'teer. Each time I attempted to view (before I reached 99,000 Points in Cephalon Suda's ranking), and now still that I have achieved it I am told [through the small (x) at the top-left hand side of the Auberon Primer Display Box in Cephalon Suda's Syndicates Menu - that I do not have the part required]. In checking my inventory again I still possess the Prime Part... I will attempt to grab another of these primes through Lith relic missions, but even if this fixes the problem (Needing to have two of these Prime Parts), I can take screenshots and provide more detail to help in elucidating the over-all problem for you.