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  1. Shouldnt have choosen the Grendel mission as example, my bad on that one. I just need an example for a mission that require proper teamwork with actual difficulty, Eidolons feel too easy even random squad scrapped together by bounty can do it. My point is we need a hard mission that dont rely on cheesy mechanics but on teamwork instead
  2. Unlike normal missions where it's feel like 4 men doing a 1 man job, the missions to retrieve Grendel is challenging in a fun way. It promote team work, communication and proper strategy. You cant just go in willy nilly and expect to survive. For example I ran with a Trinity and Mesa for the defense mission, my job was to manage my 4 and keep and eye out for nullifier, Trin provide energy and shield, Mesa killing the bursas and other enemies. Warframe has and will probably continue to be a multiplayer focused game, and more game modes or missions that promote such concept would be nice, a good example would be eidolons hunts and a harder mission that require proper coordination would be really fun. what do you think ?
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