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  1. 1. I'd like to see the scaling of endo, credits reward increased. You can either increase the base amount, which would help greatly for new players, or increase the scaling of the reward, 25% to 50% (or more). I know these are just trivial rewards but it is better to feel that when u reach a milestone of days, the reward is not just an amount of endo that you can pick up in one mission. 2. I applaud the no trading policy, as it would only promote phantom accounts for trading. 3. I'd like to see a decrease in the intervals, 50 to 30. 4. What do you plan to have in the middle of these intervals, some random RNG rewards? I think there should be something given in the middle of the intervals so that we do not feel like we are waiting for a paycheck. Your players like to be rewarded.
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