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  1. Revolver reload change / New revolver [rework?]

    Not at all, DE stated that rivens would NOT age taken into consideration when buffing/nerfing weapons, it’s its own thing entirely. the gun needs to be viable and strong without rivens period, and THEN dispositions can be tweaked if necessary, but every weapon should be strong without the need for a rare mod that potentially requires 100 hours of grinding kuva to get a good roll. It took me 92 rolls on my braton riven before I gave up and spent 200p on a good rolled one already because I got 92 trash rolls from kuva. Rivens cannot and should not be accounted for as a tiny % of the population will ever have access to them
  2. Just a thought I had earlier, should deluxe skins, or any skins that change the mode of a weapon have a unique sound effect to them? Or a selectable one even? example, kronen tonfa, makes a typical blade “slashing” sound, apply mags deluxe tonfa skin and has the same sound, works fine as mags deluxe skin is two blades still. now the ohma, makes a “donk donk” kind of sound, which works with its default skin due to being a blunt type of weapon, apply mags deluxe skin? Still “donk donk” which just feels silly to me, since they now appear to be actual blades. I think it would be nice if we could use a “default” sound for the skin, such as slashing weapon sounds for chroma/mags heavy sword and tonfa skins for example, with an option to use the original sound. as it stands I really do not like using certain skins on some weapons as the sounds just make it feel like I’m using a toy, rather than a blade of doom for example
  3. You’re missing the point clearly, DE should personally email every one of the 30 million registered (losers) of Warframe, and run the acolyte event at an appropriate time for them, each one should have the game tailored to their schedule, because everyone is a special snowflake.
  4. The problem is like I said, as long as we have polearms with a 10m radius, and whips with a 10m spin attack, that can all one hit lvl 100 enemies, there is absolutely 0 reason to ever use another weapon type, I LOVE sword and shields, and one handed swords, but the entire time I’m using them I’m intentionally gimping my ability to kill because of the above weapon classes existing. a simple fix for me would be to give inherent targeting with multi attack combos and increased damage on other weapon classes, for example makes me handed swords dash between 3/4 targets close to each other like excals 1, when using combos, also provide a small damage reduction / chance to evade damage whilst doing so. this would bring them on par with other weapons, I could chose to kill only 3 enemies at once, but I’ve got some survivability whilst doing so, instead of killing 10 at once with no survivability bonus. either that or give a flat constant damage reduction that parry does, but make it active the entire time a weapon is out, give less damage reduction for big weapons like polearms (say 40%) scaling up to 70% with the shorter range daggers etc. this will make more frames melee viable that are normally squishy, promotes use of weaker weapon classes, and gives a reason to actually pull out my polearm and use combos rather than mash E for quick melee
  5. Corinth; Love, bugs and comments

    The same thing happens with the primary fire, can happen at any point during the reload. Pressing primary fire will also stop the reload after the first round.
  6. Some Mirage Tweaks.

    She doesn’t need nerfs, mirage is currently very weak and a low tier Warframe. Eclipse is buggy as hell, useless on the plains of eidolon, doesn’t give any consistent buffs and overall needs to be buffed, a castable selectable ability. her mirrors just don’t work well in the current meta, they’re bugged too atm, and don’t boost damage properly (elements don’t get included for instance) and if you don’t use an AOE weapon most of the shots fired by them pass right by your targets. Her 1 and 3 need outright buffs, and 4 needs a big cast time reduction, doing this would put her on par with more current warframes hat are far stronger. like how Octavia made every other invisibility frame obsolete, because she can recast her invis whilst active, something Loki and ash would cry for.
  7. Corinth; Love, bugs and comments

    Happens with either fire. if you press primary or secondary fire buttons at the beginning or during the reload it will stop, allowing you to fire whatever you have reloaded. if you fire the last shell, and don’t click either fire buttons (as in once he reload begins you don’t press primary or secondary fire) it will fully reload the gun.
  8. I just do the runs a bit slower, I find it extremely extremely boring, and have a dislike for it. so whilst doing the runs I mute the game and watch a YouTube video on my second monitor, so I don’t blow my own brains out from boredom. but bombards/eximus/heavies etc all die in a single slide attack, never have to use the finisher animation.
  9. The problem is there’s no point in using single hit powerful weapons when we have room sweeping weapons that are just as strong. its likenusing a vectis instead of a soma to murder 100 low level infested, why use the slow single hitting weapon when the faster firing one will murder them all faster? why use swords/daggers/dual swords etc, when we have weapons like scoliac, atterax, zaw polearms that can wipe out high level enemies in 10/15m radius. A zaw polearm can murder lvl 150 enemies in seconds, even the best swords can barely kill a single target faster than a polearm can murder 20 enemies. thos comes down to the game design. It’s a horde mode shooter, single target weapon art just isn’t needed, when big room clearing weapons are just as powerful. this is boosted by the fact that wide sweeping weapons build combo counter insanely fast in comparison, making their damage ramp up faster and harder
  10. Yes, formorian and razorback both have a fake “health bar” which is just a timer. same with acolytes. Previously acolytes had real HP, unpopular ones like mania would like 3/4 days, violence and torment about 6/8 hours max. every single acolyte has had exactly 72 hours uptime this time around, each one has lost the exact same % of HP over the exact same time frame.
  11. Funny enough the best mods are the common/uncommons. laser sight is great in conjunction with hunter munitions on shotguns like the Corinth. blood rush is great for every single crit weapon body count is a cheap replacement for drifting contact if you haven’t farmed it yet bladed rounds offers more DPS than argon on weapons like the soma prime. maiming strike is only good for atterax and orthos (and you shouldn’t be using orthos now zaws made it obsolete) and then it’s only good if you macro slide attack spam. argon is only good for snipers, just to prevent a non crit from happening, but then you could just grab a rubico/vectis riven for 50p and roll some CC/CD on it and have a much better mod in the slot anyway.
  12. The acolytes are based on duration. 72 hours each acolyte. Not bad timing on DEs part at all, they know the figures, their stats tell them more people are playing than not during the holidays, for every person on the forum complaining they can’t play the event, there’s someone (like myself) that can thanks to being off work over Christmas like many others. prime access isn’t a “timed” event, only if you want to purchase the prime accessories, she will be in the loot pool for months to come. same with the personal quarters and tennogen, it’s not going anywhere, you don’t have to build up personal quarters or farm mirage prime now, you could just wait a few weeks and it makes 0 difference. Not anymore, they use the razorback/fomorian formula now, so each acolyte lasts 72 hours, new ones appear at 2pm ET each day.
  13. Please re read what I wrote. how would maiming strike cut my time down at all? if I slide attack, and kill everything in a 10m radius with my guandao in one slide, how will gritting harder help me kill faster? Just to reiteriate, everything dies in one attack, maiming strike making my hits harder wouldn’t benefit me in anyway shape or form, nor would it make the process faster. the only mods to make it even quicker would be more range more attack speed
  14. Still don’t need maiming strike. ive been doing equinox adaro runs since focus 2.0 arrived daily, never needed maiming strike, my guandao can kill any mob on adaro in one slide attack. i do infect have a maiming strike, don’t use it, since I would rather use the mod slot for something that boosts overall damage rather than just slide attack damage. i get to the cap in 2 runs of adaro normally (about 120k focus per run at 10-12 mind each) Also a little tip. Take s fully geared focus setup with you for your dailies (sorties/trials/syndicates) etc if I just leave my gear on and do that throughout the day I normally only need to farm 100k in the evening before reset, if sortie is something like eximus stronghold I don’t even need to farm focus as that caps it in one mission passively.
  15. Next Prime After Mirage Prime

    Female is next, zephyr is in line as she is the oldest female frame. Many of us want zephyr prime as it includes her rework. chroma and limbo are after as the next male frames, Mesa will be our for next December like we just had mirage.