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  1. zornyan

    Next Prime After Mirage Prime

    Female is next, zephyr is in line as she is the oldest female frame. Many of us want zephyr prime as it includes her rework. chroma and limbo are after as the next male frames, Mesa will be our for next December like we just had mirage.
  2. zornyan

    What is a God Roll Riven?

    Depends on the weapon, but there is always always a negative that doesn’t effect the weapon which can majorly boost the positive stats. for example, getting -impact or - puncture on a soma riven would be ideal, you can have more CC/CD etc, and both puncture and impact are worthless as damage types for the gun . therefor the riven has a negative, that technically doesn’t effect the weapon in a negative way.
  3. zornyan

    My Warframe Video's

    Try one of the new zaws, far more crit and status and range than the lesion could ever hope for, mine tears things up much quicker than my lesion build, and scales far better as it has decent Crit Chance so blood rush will keep the zaw getting stronger and stronger where as lesion is stuck with a terrible base crit
  4. MR cap he already been raised. Mr25 is now possible for founders mr25 will be possible for non founders this month (on pc at least) with mirage prime+ her weapons
  5. They have good rewards for standing. the best melee weapons in the game Arcanes to further boost them far more useful than say. A Telos boltace or vaykor sydon which is just MR fodder in comparison
  6. The /s was for sarcasm everyone has a different reward they want. for example some people cap syndicates daily to farm for plat through selling weapon, me? Can’t be bothered, I have enough plat and everything I want from them, I buy prime access so the relics are useless to me too. but that’s me, not anyone else. Much like how the OP said zaws are useless to him, but to me I’ve currently got 9 and want to make at least 6 more .
  7. As it stands, and as much as people hate it. with our current mod system that slowly grows stronger (such as primed fever strike a couple weeks ago) and rivens, just about every single weapon in the game can be made sortie viable, or lvl 100 viable rather, which currently as it stands is the highest level content in the game from raids to kuva floods, bounties to most missions, not many people ever see an enemy above level 100, which can be dispatched very easily. for most people power creep matters very very little, because that war/sancti Tigris/gram is going to kill just fine for what they encounter most of the time. the only people that really care, are people like you/me/others on this forum, as we are the ones bothered above possible higher level content, perhaps a 3 hour survival for relics, or a 90wave ODD run, which is the only point these very strong new weapons can really make an impact in our gameplay. on a weekly basis I’ll do a 2/3 hour MOT run, mostly just for fun with some buddies (especially when a fissure is on there for old times sake) and I freaking love it. Because it feels like a challenge, I F*** up? I die quick! But it feels fun to me, that’s when I say, wouldn’t take a War for melee but a galantine prime instead, because it makes a huge difference in TTK when enemies start getting scary scaling.
  8. But relics are useless to me so why bother it’s useless /s
  9. So what do you do with the other syndicates once you have every part you want?
  10. Save it up? If you have absolutely everything then it doesn’t matter does it? Like with every other syndicate in the game, once you have everything that’s it
  11. No, part of that response was to the OP basically saying don’t use anything but zaws, which half the population seem to think when a new weapon comes out “war prime? Better delete every other weapon in my inventory then”
  12. Makes me laugh. Because a new shiny comes out does that mean the old shiny is suddenly weak? Hell no lol my WAR still chews through sortie mobs like tissue paper (and looks damm good doing it) but it gives us more options
  13. Clearly you haven’t used any weapon mentioned theyr are BIS for their classes, there is no zaw two handed swords for example, I have zebra zaws that I love, but that doesn’t mean war and galantine prime and other weapons aren’t just as strong as they were before
  14. Zaws are the best in slot for each type best polearms best staves best machetes besr scythes best daggers and best swords literially every zaw zaw is the top weapon for each class...
  15. Chroma is already meta for eidolon hunt, but so is trinity because you have to heal the lures, as the eidolens quake attack can one shot the lures, of which you need 2 to capture an eidolon. chroma (to one shot each limb) volt (use his shield to buff operator damage on eidolon shield) trinity (bless to keep lures alive) harrow (keep lures alive from eidolen explosion when limbs go down, prevents magnetic procs on the team too) thats currently the fastest way to do the caps.