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    My Warframe Video's

    Try one of the new zaws, far more crit and status and range than the lesion could ever hope for, mine tears things up much quicker than my lesion build, and scales far better as it has decent Crit Chance so blood rush will keep the zaw getting stronger and stronger where as lesion is stuck with a terrible base crit
  2. Chroma is already meta for eidolon hunt, but so is trinity because you have to heal the lures, as the eidolens quake attack can one shot the lures, of which you need 2 to capture an eidolon. chroma (to one shot each limb) volt (use his shield to buff operator damage on eidolon shield) trinity (bless to keep lures alive) harrow (keep lures alive from eidolen explosion when limbs go down, prevents magnetic procs on the team too) thats currently the fastest way to do the caps.
  3. Oberon is just in dire need of a *proper* rework. not the half assed jobs he and hydroid had lately. trinity just outright owns Oberon in the healing department, it’s insant, restores shields, and gives a flat large damage reduction to health and shields. oberon has a heal over time, with an armor buff when used with his2, but the armor buff isn’t anywhere near as strong as trinity’s damage reductions that gives shields a large EHP buff too. so it takes 2 of oberons abilities to do a weaker version of trinity’s 4, let alone that she can supply unlimited energy to the team. And combine her 3+4 and she is far far more tanky than Oberon could dream of. oberon doesn’t even feel that tanky to me, even with his armor buff and renewal up, with stew fiber and vitality, a kuva flood guardian can one shot me with its leap attack.
  4. Well, there were problems with the UV, so it couldn’t be implemented into the game, Yatus needs to fix this before it can actually be considered and used in the game.
  5. Did you not read the multiple posts asking the very same question? And the swarm of responses, including one from yatus himself as to why it didn’t get accepted?
  6. Does this really need to be blown so far out of proportion ? It’s a skin, for a character in a video game based in a space ninja demon child with space powers controlling semi organic robotic suits of power ...., so you really need to rant on about how realistic or fitting a certain skin is? End of the day, it’s a skin that clearly many many people voted for and like, personally I’ll be buying it as it seems more “fun” than the basic octavia skin. if you don’t like it, don’t buy it?
  7. Maybe read the post on the nIOn one. uv issues (texture issues) prevent it from being implemented into the game at the moment which Yatus needs to resolve. personally don’t like the second, looks too much like the repella syandana imo
  8. nION just looks like a rip off of the repella syandana, and I don’t think yatus is in particularly good favour after he ripped off other people’s work. overall though it’s just not much different from repellla, most of the Yatus stuff just seems like the same thing over and over. anyway, the skins we got are AMAZING imo, octavia, Harrow, vauban, rhino, amazing heavy blade and polearm skins, great tonfa skin, huge amount of diversity and style imo, best tennogen yet! anyone know how long till we roughly get them in game?