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  1. Login reward tracks!

    It depends, primed vigor is quite a big bonus for inaros with his huge HP pool, it also gives chroma a decent HP buff and due to his armor it’s worth several thousand EHP also Mesa/trinity/Gara/nidus and other frames with large flat damage reduction bonuses all get quite a lot out of primed vigor vs vigor, even more so Mesa etc because of her damage reduction effecting shields. game changing ? Not entirely, but have some 10k EHP bonus by just having a mod slotted is quite large i would say. primed shred is just a flat DPS boost ofer shred, which is near enough a meta mod for weapons like soma and braton etc
  2. Because that’s what the biggest part of the discussion has been around? ok so any high level content trin is a better choice. bless can help you survive an eidolen blast, Oberon can’t do that bless can make you survive multiple kuva guardian attacks, Oberon can’t do that bless / EV is NEEDED for trials, Oberon is far from that sorties, any frame can do that because of how easy they are, although in a support role trinity is flat out better than Oberon. the whole time trinity is healing you and giving damage reduction, she can also feed her team thousands of energy, meaning your team mates can dish out more damage and more useful CC than an Oberon too
  3. Founders Exclusivity [solution/suggestion]

    I fully expect that at some point when we can all get to mr29, DE will just have a massive content drop to be able to get everyone to 30 in one go, so founders can’t be mr30 for a while before anyone else , since technically when we reach mr30 is when the game is “complete” and exits beta
  4. Lvl 60 isn’t high level..... again the OP was talking about trials, so this is what I am discussing
  5. A few humble views on grind, login and rewards in general

    Implying a daily played figure effects Warframe...what DE care about is ££££, new and casual players bringing their friends is what brings ££££.
  6. Right, in a trial situation you have frames like trinity and nova and Loki, 67% is less than 75% from trinity, and it doesn’t apply to shields which helps those frames survivability massively. if your teammates are out of range of a bless trin in trials....then you need better teammates quite frankly
  7. The proposed log-in reward changes are frustrating and dissapointing

    That’s because the HEMA was an actual item in game people spent resources on, The login rewards are a FREE GIFT from DE. You didn’t “work for” logins, you didn’t “grind” logins, you and your buddies didn’t load up and play the game all night to get more login rewards. its a passive free system that was broken. oh the point about casual players? Yeah that’s because they are what keep DE alive. casuals are the middle age working class that can only play 2 days a week, will login and spend a ton of money and log out. without them you can kiss bye bye to DE and Warframe. thats why other games like destiny 2, ESO, WOW FF a realm reborn all cater heavily to casuals now, becauss catering to “fanboys and vets” wasn’t doing them any good, in the case of games like ESO and FF not catering to casuals nearly killed the games off entirely!
  8. A few humble views on grind, login and rewards in general

    I’m not the one crying, the system is being changed. It’s a handful of pissy vets that want their “status symbols”. regardless I’m thankful for the new system as it will encourage new players even more.
  9. A few hundred armor isn’t a massive boost, nothing like trinity’s bless with. Large flat damage reduction that applies to health and shields.
  10. A few hundred armor isn’t a massive boost, nothing like trinity’s bless with. Large flat damage reduction that applies to health and shields.
  11. A few hundred armor isn’t a massive boost, nothing like trinity’s bless with. Large flat damage reduction that applies to health and shields.
  12. Nobody uses mics on PC, probably different on consoles because text chat isn’t as quick to use, only time we use mics is our clan/alliance runs on discord
  13. Not *needed* for heavily coordinated groups (ive been the only trin on 8 man runs plenty of times) but certainly worth it, since after rhino/Vauban/nova and Loki you don’t need anymore CC, so a second trin just makes things easier
  14. There has been a bug thread on this forum for nearly a year about lephantis, thousands of posts on Reddit with detailed videos, they’ve “fixed” him numerous times that did nothing.
  15. The thing is for raids you do need two trins ideally, and Oberon doesn’t do anything better than her. he gives an armor buff, but trinity gives a flat 75% damage reduction which also applies to shields (and stops the injectors killing half the team in NM LoR) you need an EV trin for LoR, both for the bomb carriers and for Vaubans/Rhino’s/novas to spam their abilities. you need bless for keeping the team alive, driving the train, giving massive damage reduction to the whole team in general. oberon can’t do any of these, his armor buff is weak in comparison, you can’t replace a good CC a frame such as above with him because his CC is lacklustre in comparison. i mean, we do raids all the time with funny setups, we brought a team of wukongs with 1 trinity before, but Oberon doesn’t offer anything to the group on the same level as others, as such when we want to do some quick runs (or we are training noobs) we bring “meta” setups to make it as quick and smooth as possible. his problem is a HOT is weak compared to a large instant heal, and his armor buff doesn’t do much compared to other frames. Take kuva floods, I could take Oberon, but a lvl 90 kuva guardian can one shot my Oberon even with his armor buff up, he’s actually very squishy at high levels, and his CC works in a limited area, and the heal over time is too slow to recover against high level enemies. where as I can take terminator nyx, be utterly immortal, and use a huge AOE CC which distracts the kuva guardians saving my entire team.