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  1. Finally manual block is back,melee is now amazing some weapon has epic range and make feel like devil may cry or another slasher,thank you devs,game looks now better,amazing...but stop making grind repetive mission,its too much now,really too much grind almost for nothing,give us more story,more lore,more story telling missions,grind is boring...and this players who say melee is worst,please stop.  I dont wanna see next update with remove of manual blocking and only melee equip and remove operator,this ruined lore for me,im still believe im space ninja only,not child in my frame. Long live Umbra

  2. please can you gave me option to turn back old melee,its better....can you tell me how to make combos now on xbox one controller when you need touch B,B,B+RT,BBBB...when you touch RT in combos you shot,please repair combos and channelling thank you...this ruined melee system now its bad you know

  3. why everybody thanks for that,this new melee is worst thing ever in warframe,you ruined all combos melee stance and broken controller,nice done...give us back old melee system or im done with this game,it looks so bad shoot n melee looks like glitch...fortuna hype killed by lag and new melee kill by devs change deep aspect of the game...im done,now its not about skill,its just frenetic shooter like anothe ones

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