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  1. Unfortunately you're on PSN. If Warframe ever gets crossplay one day, feel free to add me in game. I'd be down to run stuff with ya and help you out. Forgot about the toxic people in this game.
  2. Yeah I get that, just for someone who's been playing since the Beta, something new is always nice to have. 😛 I try to collect whatever is available when I can.
  3. Oh hell, I didn't see this post. I made my plans based on the splash page for TennoCon earlier in the week. Welp.
  4. It's only a Category 1 Hurricane. Just going to be a slightly windier day than normal 🙂
  5. So before I poke the hornets nest, I want to state this. Yes; I missed my chance to get the staff skin and the other rewards for being in the relay during TennoCon. I get that, and that's my loss. My issue is not about missing the rewards, but instead them springing up 'secret rewards'. I planned my day around this TennoCon stream while still having to worry about Hurricane prep here in Florida. I had to board up windows. I already had Hydroid Prime, so I said to myself that I'd watch the first 30 minutes of the stream in the afternoon before I began the Hurricane Prep to at least
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