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  1. I've been playing since this game was new and I think it is a good time to explore the idea of being able to further customize Warframe visuals by allowing us to toggle the removal of various Warframe parts. These are the kind of things I have in mind for being toggled for both the normal Warframe variants as well as any skin for them either texture-swap or original model: Hydroid Prime's Shoulder Armor (These as of now can't be removed or swapped out by other shoulder armor) Ember's Leg Casings (Weird idea but, maybe?) Ivara's glitchy Skirt and it's currently offset physic
  2. New update's event is unplayable for me. Every single time I try to do the first Orphix Venom mission I get stuck at an infinite loading screen. Sometimes everything freezes, sometimes I can still control my ship, just forever. :(
  3. They revert to default regardless of Tennogen skin being used. Aside from this their default skin coloring is still broken anyway and has been for a very long time now. They incorrectly take on Garuda's chosen colors instead of remaining the colors chosen for only them when equipped. They do not look the way they are supposed to do, and fail to match all promotional material featuring Garuda. :(
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