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  1. I recall once having the Grost Frost Armor as an attachment but now it is gone. i'm not sure if this is the case for his other skins as this bug is what keeps me from buying them. Yes it is a bug, because if you preview it in the Market it shows the armor pieces included. Here is my attachment inventory for Frost with the "Frost Grost Armor" no longer there: And here is it in the Market showing it included: Please fix this DE. ILY ❤️
  2. Garuda's energy colors are all screwed up. I use Garuda with red energy and black secondary energy to get that deep blood look and before these recent changes her unique UI took on the red color. Now after the last energy color update my colors, abilities, and everything else are all still correct, but her UI is using the secondary (black) color instead of the red and it looks like their position in the UI was swapped? Maybe this could've caused this issue. If that is the case I really hope it doesn;t break the way her abilities/channeling colors are coded because those still work perfectly. Please fix this. <3 Here is a current photo of the current UI. The two color options used to be █ █ but now it is labeled as █ █. Again, this issue is strictly UI related, but somehow when these were switched it caused Garuda's ultimate UI to be the black secondary color instead of the red primary. Here is a photo of it in-game:
  3. Have you tried increasing the game's FOV? Personally I increased it to the max 78. I think it makes the game seem quicker and more ninja like! Not to mention you are a bit further away from your character so aside from seeing more of your sexy FashionFrame, you are further away from the visuals of abilities. Not sure if this would rectify the visibility issue, but having some abilities devour the screen is what made me increase it and it fixed it for me. Now I get the big powerful visuals and all the visibility I need. I hope this helped in some way. If it didn't help, I'm sorry and I hope they fix it. ❤️
  4. Thank you! It looks and feels powerful! Don't change or reduce the visuals on it ever please. Very few abilities feel as powerful as Sol Gate because you guys always make the effects look like garbage when people cry about it. Please don't change it. ❤️
  5. Thanks! Still no fix for Hydroid's textures missing his uncolorable parts.
  6. I finally had default Saryn with her purple energy emissives and her toxic green abilities, something I always wanted. Now it looks terrible. Terrible change. 0/10.
  7. Now instead of having my frame's energy one color and my abilities another they are all grossly mixed together. Thanks for ruining my fashion frame. This should've been an Appearance toggle option, not a forced change. Please change it back.
  8. Thanks. No more wiggly Ogris wires 😢
  9. Thanks! Still no fixes for these visual bugs though:
  10. Thanks! Still no fixes for:
  11. I honestly didn't mean anything bad by it. I'm trying to not get so... "impassioned" about these kinds of issues in the game. I do truly love his work. I buy everything he releases because the quality and the way he has perfectly integrated the Grineer aesthetic into the Tenno form. I really hope someday he fixes Mirage Graxx. I love the way it looks so much on the Workshop, I just hope he either fixes it someday or maybe will revisit Mirage. Love you Faven, and sorry for being mean. 😞❤️
  12. thanks for the fixes! Still no fixes for:
  13. Thanks a lot for these fixes. ❤️ Still no fixes for:
  14. This is what needs to happen: Control options added to toggle between old/new Melee system aspects. Melee Style: [Melee 2.0]* [Melee 3.0] *(Hold to equip melee/Manual blocking/Blocking aim-glide/Quick melee) Because I know many people like the new changes, but I don't. I don't care if they like it or not. It ruins the game for me, the flow, and the enjoyment I had. I know I am not the only one. If you are going to force these kind of unwanted changes down the throats of your loyal players then you better give us the choice to use what we like and what feels good, not take away our toys and force us to play the way you want us to.
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