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  1. Operator emissives are STILL tied to energy color. Please change for both consistency and customization. Pretty please?
  2. If I'm using the Varida Suit then I want the Varida pants to go with it like before you guys mucked up the Operator suits. Ever since you changed the way suits were you ruined my FashionFrame experience so thanks for that. If you could AT LEAST pair the correct pants with the suit top that'd be great. Thanks, dolls. It doesn't help that the needless Waistbands are STILL gigantic... *frustration*
  3. The weapon's moving parts no longer animate. Please fix.
  4. Title. Please fix. Broken Prisma Tetra: Normal Tetra for comparison:
  5. Looks good! I just hope they reduce the shine overall to near before. That is the part that looks terrible, not the lighting.
  6. A recent update made everything TOO shiny. All of my Warframes and weapons look like they are covered in plastic wrap and it is insanely ugly. The brushed metal of Gauss is gone, the fleshy and leathery textures of all items in the game now look plastic and shiny. i hate this change and I hope it is reverted. It ruined Fashion frame for me and not to mention the over abundance of shine hides all the detailing on EVERYTHING because it is all too busy to look at now. the environments look amazing, that is the only thing this change did right. Everything else looks like flat-out garbage right now. Please revert this change as it makes everything BUT the environment look terrible, almost pre-PBR when everything was too shiny and flat, now everything is just TOO metallic.
  7. Ugh, that sucks. I hate missing out on stuff because they threw a 'tiny hint' as to what you are supposed to do with them. They should've had a transmission about it instead of hoping you see that what you think is Endo is actually some other new thing. I can't believe I have to wait roughly a year for this stuff. I:{
  8. I just found out that there was a color picker, mods, emblems, sigils and more! Nowhere in the game did it say that Nakak had items! Will these items ever come back???????????
  9. Maybe it is because of the terrible lighting in the Liset, but at the Arsenal screen they all appear TOO shiny, as if they had a chrome finish. It doesn't look good, at all.
  10. Arca Plasmor PRIME can never happen. It is a Corpus made weapon which means it existed after the time of the Orokin. No Prime variant, sorry.
  11. Bug persists as of Same bug as the recently fixed 'Garuda Successor Talon' bug. Double check each new skin for Garuda (in the future) as this issue might be inherent to the way her talons are coded with the recent customization additions.
  12. So they'll fix this bug for a TennoGen skin but not for normal Garuda? Man DE sucks.
  13. Launcher is stuck at "Checking for new content". Caused the computer to crash once.
  14. Thanks for the update. Still no fix for Hydroid & Meg Prime texture bugs. I won't be talking about this anymore because why should I care if you guys don't. I'd think you would at least want one of the main playable characters of Warframe to not have any bugs considering we spend the entire game looking at our Warframes, but it is still a Beta after all, huh.
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