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  1. I loved the Grineer back when Vor soke their languge. Considering they all view English as a dead language it seems really lore-breaking that the higher Grineer officials speak it fluently. Can we have a toggle option to have all Grineer speak their language instead of English? We have subtitles after all. It also doesn't make sens that the Grineer during space combat speak English as well. Why do they yell for backup and stuff in English? They don't like that language according to the lore and it makes absolutely no sense that they would communicate with each other in English. Before anyone says something about having Corpus speak their language too, I always thought the Corpus helmets scrambled their voices so that anyone spying on them or listening in couldn't hear their shady dealings or plans. Hence why I'm not asking for Corpus to speak, well Corpus. Woah I got sidetracked. TL;DR: A tooggled option to have all English speaking Grineer speak their own language instead for lore and immersive purposes.u
  2. I am fully unable to enter a mission with Railjack. I can only enter Free-Flight without issues but the second I try to join someone else's game i get hung at the loading screen for a few minutes before the game completely freezes and I have to hard reset. Worked flawlessly on my 6yr old laptop running everything at low and 75% resolution scale, but this issue happens on this megamachine I am on now.
  3. Wouldn't mind a Dev Workshop on why they still haven't fixed the plethora of broken textures and physics on Warframes and weapons that have been around for years at this point, too.
  4. I see that you guys STILL haven't fixed any of the visual bugs with older Warframes. To think you guys neglect them consistently this way, and have for so long... Maybe if you re-release ALL the Warframes with bugs you'll actually fix them since you guys ONLY fix new Warframes. Thanks for the update. 😕
  5. Garuda's Talons are supposed to default to a deep grey metal (when using default color schemes) yet appear with her own colors instead of their own when using any melee weapon that ISN'T Garuda's Talons. When a melee weapon is currently equipped in your arsenal the talons completely ignore what colors you chose for them and default to whatever color scheme Garuda is set to be using. Normal/Pre-Bug: Bugged: With Melee Weapon Equipped v (Broken Color assignment) Without Melee Weapon Equipped (Garuda's Talons equipped/Fixed Coloring) A while ago they broke this, and they seemed to ONLY fix it for her TennoGen skin. Now unless you ONLY use Garuda's Talons with her they will always be the wrong color and take on the colors of the frame instead of the colors assigned to the Talons.
  6. It would be nice to have some of these things fixed, DE. Some of these are very VERY old bugs. 😕
  7. Game refuses to start after this update. 😞 I press play and it doesn't do anything. I've tried it 8 times now.
  8. No pictures because I'm not wasting my breath making an actual thread for each of these individually yet again. Please fix this at least soon? -Hydroid is STILL missing his uncolorable texture parts (OLD BUG) -Saryn Prime gets covered with flickering triangles when using Molt (NEW BUG) -Saryn Prime gets covered in a nonesense glowing pattern when using Toxic Lash and looks like broken UV mapping (OLD BUG) -Garuda's Talons are STILL using the wrong colors when NOT equipped (RECENT BUG) -Mag Prime is STILL missing the metallic gold around her waist (VERY OLD BUG) -Trinity Prime's battleskirt now has broken physics boundaries (NEW BUG) -Equinox Prime has broken physics boundaries for her dress/skirt (RECENT BUG) -Rhino Prime STILL has mismatched textures under his biceps (VERY OLD BUG) -Inaros Ramses Syandana & sword skin are STILL broken with the over-abundance of metallic material (OLD BUG) -Harrow Reliquary skin has no culling on the bandages (RECENT BUG) -Khora's signature Kerata syandana is STILL too far off of her body. Hilariously this syandana looks good on every other frame EXCEPT for Khora (OLD BUG) -Ivara's rear wisp cloth effects are still floating too far from her body (RECENT BUG) -Mirage Noble Animations are still broken around the waist when wielding a single sidearm (VERY OLD BUG) -Warframe extraction animations are still broken causing Warframes to lean hilariously out of the Liset when clicking into the underside (OLD BUG) -Nekros fingers STILL clip through eachother when using the Noble Animation set with nothing currently in hand (VERY OLD BUG) -Oberon Prime's cloth physics still have broken looking boundaries. No improvement has been sought after (OLD BUG) -Mios is STILL using the Lacera's chord instead of it's own (VERY OLD BUG) -Akbolto Prime's muzzle FX remain default Orokin Blue regardless of chosen energy color (OLD BUG) -Hema's dynamic muzzle lighting remains Orokin Blue regardless of chosen energy color (OLD BUG) -Hirudo's left fist appears much smaller than it should be according to the weapon icon (OLD BUG) -Frost Grost skin does NOT come with the Grost Armor pieces despite showing them when previewing the skin (VERY OLD BUG) -Latron is missing 100% of it's glowing energy texture (OLD BUG) -Paracyst upper limb energy does NOT match the rest of the gun's energy (OLD BUG) -Paracyst does NOT animate when using primary fire (RECENT BUG) -Paris Prime's arrows are STILL using a broken texture (VERY OLD BUG) -Tigris & Sancti Tigris both eject shell casings after each trigger pull despite being breach-loaded shotguns (VERY OLD BUG) -Vulkar's Primary color channel bleeds into every other tintmap causing unsightly coloring across the entire weapon (RECENT BUG) -Twin Gremlins & Prisma Twin Gremlins both have their magazines facing the incorrect direction (VERY OLD BUG) -Viper Wraith doesn't eject magazine when reloading (RECENT BUG) -All Viper variants (Single, Twin & Wraith) are missing their weapon animations (RECENT BUG) -Opticor Day Of The Dead skin STILL has broken mismatched materials across all color channels (VERY OLD BUG) How these bugs that are plainly visible and constantly the closest things to the screen have NOT been fixed yet baffles me. I thank you all for your constant hard work developing more stuff for us but please take some time to fix at least some of these.
  9. Thanks for the huge content drop. Will you guys EVER fix texture bugs like Hydroid missing his dark uncolored areas, Garuda's Talons defaulting to her appearance colors instead of it's own, and Mag Prime missing the gold tint on her waist? What about how Khora's signature syandana sits away from her body instead of flush against her like it was when it released? Inaros Ramses Syandana and Sword metallic fixes? Frost Grost skin not including the Grost Armor pieces it is advertised with? Anything? The game is called Warframe yet the visual bugs present on most of them is horrendous and neglected. The extraction animation is STILL bugged, too. Sometimes I feel like I've wasted every bit of time spent bug hunting I've done for this game.
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