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  1. Thanks for the update and improvements team! -and don't worry Hydroid, they'll fix your textures, someday.. :(
  2. Hydroid's uncolorable textures are still missing form his body across ALL platforms. Old bug left ignored. Mag Prime is STILL missing the Orokin gold on the front of her waist and the sides of her hips. Ugly seam can be seen. Very old bug left ignored. Pox impact audio cues play ten-or-so seconds after the impact, causing Pox explosion sfx at seemingly random times. New bug. Harrow has a misplaced glowing energy texture underneath his front cloths by his left thigh. Very old bug left ignored. Harrow Reliquary skin is missing backfaced culling on the bandages. Old bug left i
  3. Just happened to me. Came back because I had always hoped for an Infested Landscape after POE. Sad to see they still release things like this with so many game-breaking bugs. Definitely hoped this update would've been fun but this and the fish cutting bug along with having my Cyst removed from the new chair instead of just sitting in it for the new system... man. I hate this game. 😞
  4. Hydroid uncolorable texture fix when? This is an old bug can you fix it already? Y'all fixed Nyx Prime's missing uncolorable textures days after her PBR but no love for Hydroid. Thank you for the update though, I absolutely love it!
  5. Bull! They should add a way to get a new one! They SHOULD! I'm tired of the Cyst not having at least a PROMPT like EVERY OTHER SYSTEM. I love that my Khora is now locked out of the new Helmith content now. Thanks DE I didn't want to enjoy something new and fresh anyway on my favorite Warframe. Here I'm going to do some actual game design for DE: If you OWN a NIDUS how about letting us RE-INFECT Warframes that might've been screwed out of a Cyst due to poorly thought out systems like this? Not trying to sound or be mean on purpose but man, this really upset me actually. So... sor
  6. So I walked up to Helminth and instead of the normal "Remove Cyst" it greeted me with a "Helminth" so I thought oh, the new system! Instead it popped by Cyst and now I have to farm an entire new frame to get it back. I demand a way to re-acquire a Cyst and you REALLY shouldn't have changed the "Remove Cyst" part if it is still going to remove the Cyst. Really hate that I was fooled by a laughably simple UI oversight. Fix this immediately and give us a way to re-acquire a Cyst on Warframes where they were accidentally removed. This is way more upsetting than it should be so thank you for t
  7. I know it isn't out yet but this NEEDS to be said: If you could change it back to the original presented helmet that would be great. This new helmet is too similar to the Saryn Blade of The Lotus helmet, while the original looked sick and unique as far as silhouette and design goes. I wanted to buy this the second I voted for it on the workshop and to see it "updated due to FEEDBACK" is a real kick in the teeth. I am very unhappy with this change and sad I can't get the skin and helmet I VOTED FOR. Bait and switch yet again. At least include the original helmet too, it isn't like Excalibu
  8. I for one love her design. I see her as more of a Mantis due to the menacing shape and energy of her helmet, and the two carapace things on her back. I say hooray for the tail!
  9. I'm so excited for her! Infested 4 lyf. I love her simplistic design. Her head reminds me of the Xenomorph Queen (<3) and I ADORE the exposed muscle and carapace look. The fins on the side of her head look cute. ^-^ I hope one of her abilities is to assimilate corpses or mutate them into infested, I think it'd be cool to see how chargers and leapers are made. :O Maybe her arms can stretch like Ancients! Idk haha. So pumped. <3
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