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  1. > The build here (Primed target cracker r9) 600 PL
  2. was working but i'm online now, or we can try this week end if you are interessed =)
  3. Starting price 450PL Buy out 700PL
  4. Must have : Drakgoon > Damage / multishot Afuris > Damage / multishot Twin vipers > Damage / multishot Or CC / CD Taking offers...
  5. not same server
  6. Taking offers for trading :)
  7. Looks like low stats but the riven has a low influence on the weapon. CD up to x6.1 with R9 primed target cracker. CC up to 106.2%. Also looking for a dual crit Nukor riven (for reasons), PM with your mods, thanks :)
  8. its still a buzlok riven
  9. 500pl mini
  10. Hi, I'm in game now, I still have the tigris riven =)
  11. EDIT : Spira Visi-critatis sold
  12. Hi everybody, I'm in game tonight, pm if you are looking for something, thanks.