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  1. Perfect for people who need a big % to fuse and reach 60% Taking offers.
  2. Wich exalted weapons are you talking about exactly ? Also can you show what build you're running on them ?
  3. Thanks, was able to finally do it. Its very weird how you have to do it i agree, and can be hard, i think i enjoyed it more in the previous rework when you had to press and hold 3 keys at the same time 😂 Why ? For fun ofc and because its super strong.
  4. If you played Orvius you know it has a special ability (on charged throws) wich lifts and damages ennemies /sec. When it first came out, performing this was made by throwing the glaive while channeling and when channeling was removed from the game, in order to perform the charged throw and trigger the lift ability on Orvius we had to hold aim + shoot while throwing the weapon. But now, after the latest glaive rework, it doesn't work anymore ? I've spent a lot of time trying every combination of 2, 3 and 4 simultaneous keys and can't find how to perform a charged throw and lift ennemies wi
  5. Giving FREE Ignis wraith BP : Required mastery to trade it : 9 Giving one to people who don't have it !
  6. WTS : 25% Tox Kuva Twin Stubbas : 25 46% Rad Kuva brakk + Vengeful trickster : 150 30% Tox Kuva bramma + Vengeful Toxin : 150
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