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  1. thats not the topic, neither fast, you can spend more than one year doing that and never getting anything decent, it will just be a normal case not even one of an unlucky player xD everyone is gone off topic now lmao
  2. just make it limited then, people won't be able to abuse and it will make the current farm less painful ^^
  3. transmutation is just a "second chance" to the most useless rivens (cestra, artax, cronus ...), I'm talking about a system for 2 rivens for the same weapon for a stat mix
  4. We should have a system for same weapon rivens wich allows us to fuse them together and get a random combination of the stats listed on used rivens. Right now we can easely buy or get rivens from sorties / standings, but the kuva farm takes too long before we can get something satisfying and most of the time we only focus on only one riven meanwhile the other pile up.
  5. My idea for the broken warframe is something that can use ennemies as source of power : breaking ennemy armor and shields will create fragments wich the warframe can turn into a new set of abilities and weapons. You can adapt to any situation by breaking your main body and rebuilding it into a protective, offensive or support one. Stats : Armor 200 / Energy 200 / Health 300 / Shield 300 / Sprint Speed 1.00 Passive : Dodging breaks shield recharge to drop energy bomb. The bomb shatters ennemy armor and shields wich can be picked up by the broken warframe. Direct contact with the bomb opens to a parazon finisher, staggers ennemies in the blast radius. Blast range : 5m Fragments for each ennemy : 100 on contact, 50 in blast radius 1st Ability : Shatter : Break your skeleton to rebuild yourself and switch between Tank mode, Support mode and Damage dealer mode (names not defined yet) : Drain : 50 Energy • Tank mode : Armor set to 500, Shield set to 500, Energy set to 125, Sprint speed set to 1.5 • Support mode : Armor set to 100, Health set to 400, Shield set to 500, Sprint speed set to 1.25 • Damage dealer mode : Energy set to 300, Health set to 400, Shield set to 200, Sprint Speed set to 0.75 2nd Ability : Salvage : Convert the picked fragments into protective drones, Healing drones, Offensive drones. Each drone is unique to one active mode. Drain : 30 energy on cast + 10 fragments /second • Tank mode : Create 5 protective drone, each drone can absorb received damage (similar to Nezha's Warding Halo) and explodes once out of durability or if the ability is stopped. Damage absorption : 300 for each drone. Explosion damage : 500 (Blast) for each drone. Stun radius : 3m Stun duration : 3sec • Support mode : Create healing nano drones. You and your allies in range have their health then shield restored. Affected allies can leave the healing area with one drone wich prevents from status and can increase energy and healing orbs value for the target. Radius : 25m Restoration /second : 20% Drone duration : 10sec • Damage dealer mode : Create Offensive nano drones. You and your allies have additionnal strength and weapon damage. Affected allies can leave the buff area with one drone wich reflects received damage and increases sentinel's / pet's damage. Radius : 20m Strength : 20% Weapon damage : 40% Drone duration : 15sec Sentinel / pet damage : 100% 3rd Ability : Recycle : Tap to break your own energy reserve and convert it into fragments for yourself or, hold to break your shields and use its fragments to affect targets. Energy drain (fixed) : 20% energy for 15% fragments (if ou don't have fragments you can't cast this effect). Shield drain (fixed) : 25% • Tank mode : Break your shields for a stunning effect on the ennemies in range. Ennemies killed with finisher attacks have their armor broken and give you additionnal fragments. Radius : 10m Stun duration : 5sec • Healing mode : Break your shield for a slowing effect on the ennemies in range. Killing slowed ennemies has a chance to generate healing or energy orbs. Radius : 15m Slow duration : 10sec Drop chance : 20% • Damage dealer mode : Breaking your shield creates an explosion of shards wich can weaken ennemies. Weakened ennemies will take more damage and have hight chances to be exposed to a parazon finisher. Radius : 15m Damage received : x1.5 Finisher chance (fixed) : 20% 4th Ability : Scrap Baron : Consume all fragments to create a super body immune to status wich will use unique attacks instead of its weapons. Using more fragments to build the super body will increase its duration, attacking and taking hits will reduce the duration while the super body is active. Base stats are applied when using the super body. The super body is too heavy to jump ! Damage reduction : 50% Drain : 100 energy + 500 Fragments Drain /hit : 5 fragments /hit Duration : 20sec +2sec for each additionnal 50 fragments • Melee replaced by Ground slam : Use all the weight of the super body to slam the ground and create a massive seismic impact wich will stun the ennemies. Drain : 30 fragments Radius : 20m Stun duration : 10sec • Primary / Secondary replaced by Scrap Artillery : Aim to create a deadly super rifle. Tap to shoot or, hold for 2sec to consume more fragments to overcharge it and increase the damage and blast radius. Drain : 20 fragments Scrap Artillery weapon stats : Accuracy 100 Charge rate 2sec Critical Chance 30% Critical Damage x2.2 Multishot 1 Noise Alarming Reload 0.5 Status 30% SHELL DAMAGE ON HIT Puncture 600 SHELL EXPLOSION DAMAGE impact 300 Slash 300 Blast 1200
  6. Chill arcane, shedu and intrinsics farm isn't a great event for you ? damn lmao
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