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  1. Cool fixes, you still haven't done the mission voting glitch that happens in open world but I assume you're working to figure it out since everyone ever has said it. Cool Garuda changes, just a couple notes: First, would really appreciate the health threshold being for Garuda and not for her target, and the threshold then being lowered to like 20% or something. Second, after casting Seeking Talons, there's an abnormally long period where no abilities can be cast. It's only approximately a second, but it makes chaining seeking talons with Dread Mirror's orb much more annoying. I'm okay with Seeking Talons itself maintaining this semi-cooldown, just not the rest of the abilities with it.
  2. All cool and good, but when will you look at Garuda? Her abilities are still rather lackluster, all things accounted for. It's not like it's easy to get Garuda, after all. Her 1 could use a change from enemies needing low health to yourself needing low health, her 2 could use larger range and offer more damage to Dread Mirror's ball of blood, and her 4 could use a change where it gets bonus damage from Dread Mirror's ball of blood. It would make for better synergy, don'tcha think?
  3. But what about the animal tracks being too hard to see?
  4. still have yet to fix that infinite voting glitch
  5. Still can't channel while sprinting, by the way.
  6. Signal boosting this, Defense takes goddamn forever. Normally Defense missions can be faster than Survival if you kill enemies fast enough, but the literal only way to make it take less time than Survival right now is to take a speedva, and even if that does do the job, that makes the mission much, much harder, and the enemies much, much more painful.
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