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  1. Why does her 2 have a stupid delay? strip the shield and restore it the moment the wave collides with the enemy. Whats up with her 3? it doesnt do anything other than waste my shields. Why cant i activate her 2 while in Aegis Storm? "oh durr hurr its because we need to balance to prevent you from staying in aegis storm" you know honestly stupid little balance stuff like this just puts me off the game. Considering its 27 pages now, no dev is going to read past the first 5 or 6 pages once they get this big.
  2. Yet if you moved to console you're out of luck... Yep figures
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/shanksy1387 Has a bot saying this: The dude's bot is also spouting out this give away on their stream: https://streamelements.com/shanksy1387/giveaway/5be54991f299e96577179365 Which if thats the case ill just start up my stream and offer to buy some one a chroma prime pack just for viewership. But you can still mute the tab and have it play at "full" volume in chrome and Firefox(that's how i did 85hours of security training for Nessus,.. HAHA screw you tenable.)
  4. Or when they realize that partner is talking about there backside and saying things like "Twitch drops are enabled, sub to my channel so you have a chance to win" but what they really mean is "Twitch drops are enabled, sub to my channel for a chance to win a giveaway specific to my channel"
  5. Sweet just in time for me to have already bought those....
  6. I think he means that some people are advertising they have twitch drops and are not warframe partners.
  7. I got one of each of these and the rest was just credits and two packs of fireworks, i have a stream running on both my pc and xbox linked twitch streams, my twitch names dont match my wf names.
  8. Iv'e been watching shanksy1387 and before that i was on NeoNess007's stream, I dont remember who i started with because i just went to the partners page and started watching them from there. When one of them cuts out their stream it usually send me over to another streamers stream.
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