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  1. because you have to actually pay to play save the world mode, stupid epic kept it paid only for the last 2 years. Also my kids that play fortnite Br play warframe more then i do
  2. not really i just waste their bandwidth while at work Plus i play on console so when i do play i get all my tennogen for plat, i literally dont have to spend any money.
  3. The most defiantly are losing money because i just up and quit playing when night what ever dropped. Same with my clan on PC and Xbox, To bad they want to pander to the fortnite kids, honestly i wish warframe as a Paid to play game,maybe it would be better and less "screw the player over unless they drop plat" I log in to get my daily reward and thats about it.
  4. Game is free to play so they have to make money some how.
  5. yep this, i pretty much just stopped playing when they added nightwave.
  6. Woudnt need to get insulted if you all would support asking for a match making filter.
  7. contact support, the fourms cant help you.
  8. first is easier to code since you dont need to do any animations for the player except for the hands. the other players dont need me to have a model of the warframe in my client for them to see me on their client.
  9. Mission are hosted on other players computers.... seems like yet another reason to push for dedicated servers were other players cant screw with stuff and potentially break the game for people they pug with.
  10. I mean, im not gonna lie, im guilty of loading up mirage with a penta and the tether grenades mod, setting the energy color to neon pink, then heading into hydron to watch a light show. But it was only that on...tw...three times
  11. Don't you mean the "entire game"? One time i was in a survival mission and at the 25minute mark my team mate goes, "Im gonna be honest with you dude, i have no clue whats going on, all i see is just light", I turn bloom waaaay down to almost off, i turn off motion blur cause thats just lazy dev tech to make things look nice, turn down AA also.
  12. Just buy him something as a gift via the marketplace like a starter set.
  13. Ah, Doctor Random, the universes most challenging boss. awarding people with neither will or skill but those with only those with time to waste.... just what i was looking for, to feel like i just wasting my time.
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