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  1. Only 3 new weekly challenges? I was expecting like twice the ammount of the ones we have now. I've already grown bored of most of them due to how lame and repetitive they are...
  2. There are alot of oldies that you neglected for a while and some of them don't even have much competition. My list in order of importance would be: volt, ember, nekros, rhino, oberon, hydroid.
  3. Will we ever be able to toggle "Umbra parts" for Excalibur tennogen skins, like we do with Primes?
  4. You are beeing a bit vague when saying "winners". From the post sometimes it seems you consider only the 1st place the actual winners and sometimes you consider 1st, 2nd and 3d place the "winners". I'd say it's quite an important difference since the guys who won 2nd and 3d place in the last contest can't tell if they can partecipate again or not.
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