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  1. 5 hours ago, lhardy said:

    I think those are exclusive for PC if you used Epic Games launcher on December.


    On consoles, you have exclusive skins for PS, XBOX for weapons, syandanas....you can buy tennogen things with Platinum, when on PC you have to buy those from Steam.


    The best thing would have been that everyone can access ALL the content, but It all started a long time ago, when someone said: "time exclusive" and you have excalibur, skana, lato, orbiter prime versions. After that, some glyphs and skins you can get on a temporal event, that never repeated in the future.

    No no, since the first day we know about this, read the last line in the link, anyway, in the previous page, Danielle says july for the release on console.

  2. 7 minutes ago, MollAgdeduba said:

    Is funny, cause probably you were thinking to be the smartest person in the world... the one that was trollig another player taking for really low price something of value, the only one that could spend just 30 plat for a skin of (how much? 150, 100 or maybe a $ only tennogen?), while other player must pay the real price. And that's what happen when you think you are the smartest... I'm totally not sorry for what happened to you, but i hope this will teach you. 

    Your 30 plat are probably lost forever, and probably that guys will never gat any punishment. Now he is enjoiyng your 30 plat, while you are here, crying out on the forum.

    If you trde and what you are looking for is not in the "Trading Box" of the other guy, don't trade...



    what are you saying? On console the 50-75% discount is apply on skin and other things on the market. In this type of transaction the other player didn't pay the "real price"

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  3. After the phase 1, when I remove the global sentient shield with the operator, I try to shoot the synovia limbs, he take the damage, I can break them if I shoot enough, but the lifebar don't show the lose of the hp, beside, now, I don't know why, the lifebar is purpe, not yellow.



  4. Plague Kripath Plecitor (mr16, 61 time rolled)

    Slide attack has +118.2% chance to be a critical hit.

    + 154.6% range

    - 62.4% impact

    I need another (any) plague kripath riven, rolled/unrolled + 200 platinum

    I'm trade the riven here, facebook and in game, I have no idea how long this riven lasts

    I have trading the riven with the player archangel, thanks

  5. 10 hours ago, (PS4)AliZarar13 said:

    Actually it affects it somewhat, on low levels the first impact and cold is enough to kill enemies so you dont have to wait for the explosion.

    Enemies low level? Under 20? You confirm it useless, if I wait I think it's not a problem.  I kill 1 enemy with the arrow, but the others? I have to wait anyway, lenz is used to kill many enemies, not one at a time.

    EDIT: ps...maybe you don't know this (from the wiki):
    High chance for impact procs to occur on DIRECT ARROW impacts.
    If you hit the enemy directly with the arrow you have bonus impact, not at all enemies, useless bonus with the lenz.

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