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  1. CasiusFaux

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    Looks like some good changes, but please keep the Plasmor bouncing shots in, it made it so much more fun to use!
  2. CasiusFaux

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    Ah, thanks. I couldn't remember if it was 600 or not.
  3. CasiusFaux

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    So if this hits in the next 21 days, I'm gonna get a tad screwed out of the Sigma & Octantis. As I'm 21 days away from getting it. It being the day 600 weapon, and day 600 getting swapped to a primed mod... Yeaaaaaaaaaaah.
  4. CasiusFaux

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    No escape from the RNG
  5. CasiusFaux

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    Is this a fanta-sea?
  6. CasiusFaux

    Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.0 + Hotfix

    Seems the Zephyr Hagaromo Skin had its accents and trtiary colors changed around, metalic parts are now accents instead of tritary.
  7. CasiusFaux

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.2

    Really hope the bug with face/ear accessories not showing up on the PoE headgear gets fixed. And soon. I wanted to make my operator wear both Ki'Teer mask/earparts with the Vahd hat, but now it doesn't work together, not the face part, not the ear parts, only eye parts.
  8. CasiusFaux

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.5

    Can we have a hair part for the Vahd Mask as well? So we don't go bald with it equipped. Just like a basic hair mesh that won't clip though everything.
  9. CasiusFaux

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.3

    So minor problem. If our standing with the Quills was in any amount with 25, 50, or 75, we can now not rank up with them.
  10. CasiusFaux

    September: A month of solidarity.

    Will we be able to keep these ribbons by chance? For additional support outside of the month.
  11. CasiusFaux

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.2

    Shame. No reverting of the Javlok nonsense.
  12. CasiusFaux

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.1

    I'm not too happy with the Javlok throwing change. The delay between impact and detonation takes away some of the fun of just hurling your weapon into a group of unsuspecting people and exploding them, now they often are able to avoid it. Quick revive is nice though for when sentinals are taken out.
  13. CasiusFaux

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.7

    My Opticor is re-ready.
  14. CasiusFaux

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.5

    If you read the other 5 pages you will see many people saying the same thing.
  15. CasiusFaux

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.5

    Hmm, not sure if it is just me or not but my Opticor isn't counting its full multishot like it should be still. Its got a little over 300% multishot but only ever does damage of two beams, sometimes one. Or at least the damage from only one or two beams shows. It used to be either 37-40something thousand in groups of three + splash damage, or just solid 120k or so. Now it only pops one damage number as if only one beam is doing damage