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  1. So after my first mission, have some nitpicks. Enemies stack up WAY too fast. You shoot one thing, and then you get 3-4 crew ships warping in, numerous fighters, and constant boarding parties. This was on the first mission. It was really difficult for an introductory mission, even with a crew of three on guns and constantly swatting fighters out of the sky. The guns of the ship feel weak, archwing is the easiest way to sneeze things out of existence, so its better to just leave the ship behind and mop up in archwing. This has promise, but difficulty really needs to be tuned. Hoping the command thing is going to be worth it, as out of the large group I used to play with, I'm one of the only ones left and I end up doing solo play for most of the game.
  2. Managed to get a salvaged weapon from my first mission. Clicked on it to repair and it vanished entirely. Hasn't shown back up. Really hope it'll come back because it was a really neat sounding weapon. Couldn't grab screenshots(As it vanished) and can't really say how to reproduce, other than just attempt repairs.
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