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  1. I was hoping that the medallions would apply to Conclave. Going though it to get max rank was torture the first time. Getting the syandana and a few skins made my will to exist visibly drain from me. I still have a few skins I wanted to get too and hoped to use those for them. Teshin wants us to do Conclave. No easy way out. I'm gonna make a salad bowl out of his stupid hat.
  2. I'm not defending the changes, they have repercussions due to the money value of rivens. However what I don't understand is why everyone is flipping out like they never mentioned that rivens would be changed. it was said from the very start, and talked about constantly. Rivens were always meant to be changed and their strengths shuffled around. Its not new news, and people are getting super uppity that meta weapons are getting their riven strengths changed know that it'd potentially happen.
  3. Okay, so what you're saying is instead of having a super powerful riven on a super powerful gun, we take the super powerful gun, nuke the crap out of it, and then move on? Rivens were always intended to change. If you nuke the weapon itself and not the mod, then that mod is still gonna be damaged in the process, and it'll kill the ability to use said weapon without a god-roll riven. Changing riven strengths is how it was intended to be, and the only way to go about it properly.
  4. It took them time to do so remember? Give them time to properly do it and not do a rush job on it.
  5. It takes much longer to implement a matchmaking system for the fight than it does to fix the ability to skip an entire section of the boss fight you realize. Its likely coming but needs to be properly done instead of rushed out. Otherwise, Recruiting chat exists for a reason.
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