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  1. It took them time to do so remember? Give them time to properly do it and not do a rush job on it.
  2. It takes much longer to implement a matchmaking system for the fight than it does to fix the ability to skip an entire section of the boss fight you realize. Its likely coming but needs to be properly done instead of rushed out. Otherwise, Recruiting chat exists for a reason.
  3. Looks like some good changes, but please keep the Plasmor bouncing shots in, it made it so much more fun to use!
  4. Ah, thanks. I couldn't remember if it was 600 or not.
  5. So if this hits in the next 21 days, I'm gonna get a tad screwed out of the Sigma & Octantis. As I'm 21 days away from getting it. It being the day 600 weapon, and day 600 getting swapped to a primed mod... Yeaaaaaaaaaaah.
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