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  1. Ok? It’s pretty bad that it only works on *certain* rifles. This wasn’t specified before many people (like myself) purchased it
  2. Honestly I really wish I knew this before hand before I bought it. Pretty sure it was mentioned in the Devstream about the ignis and the skin. I wouldn’t have purchased the skin if I knew it was only for a very few rifles.
  3. Apparently not. Danielle replied to me after I mentioned it doesn’t work on Ignis, that the skin was only for *some* rifles.
  4. I won’t lie, I bought it was well because Rebb and the rest had mentioned on Devstream the ignis wraith, even talking about how changing the fire to blue to look like water so I thought.. well it’d be usable on the ignis wraith. Slightly annoyed about the fact it was only useable on specific rifles, but I guess it is what it is
  5. Ah damn, thought Ignis would be there since I remember them on the Devstream talking about changing the ignis fire to blue to look like water. Thank you though!
  6. Ignis wraith, and synapse (my friend). I hadn’t tried others though.
  7. All good- I wasn’t exactly clear on the issue haha. And thank you!
  8. Oh no, I mean when you buy it it’s in your inventory but it doesn’t show up as something you can equip.
  9. Hey! Just thought y’all should know the soakatron skin doesn’t show up for rifles at all, or any gun for that matter.
  10. Boston Dynamics you say? Well I know exactly what I’m calling them.
  11. That’s nice. It’s a simple fix until DE adds a hot fix about it. If you don’t want it use it then that’s on you.
  12. Never heard of the game. And default in default? Can’t say that makes sense. Swiping literally takes 0 seconds. If someone’s too lazy to do that while the R1 and square gets fixed well, that’s their problem then.
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