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  1. Took a month off, just came back for a little bit. Guess I’m trying to grab those Lich weapons and rank them. Kinda meh about it all rn.
  2. They still do. Been having massive FPS drops when I’m hosting RJ in the veil, with a full squad if I need to use hysteria. I crash. I didn’t think anyone was listening until Danielle pmed me further about the problem. They are still listening, I think they’re just being a bit more quiet about it.
  3. Not for me like I mentioned above, and I’m not using augments for my ult.
  4. I hate Harrows in my party too because of Oberon. Know how I avoid that? I recruit a party. I can’t dictate how others play in any mission. Harrow is just as good, but just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean I get to tell someone “hey don’t play this frame.” Just recruit if you don’t want a harrow.
  5. It’s unfortunate I’ll never be able to go physically, but I’ll be waiting to join you all digitally!
  6. It’s something to do with ult in general I think. I cannot have a full squad as a host as my Valkyr’s 4th ultimately causes a FPS drop then crash. Only happened in the veil, sentient anomaly or not. (Though they are aware of this).
  7. Probably went off to lick his wounds after Octavia’s quest. I do hope to see daddy Hunhow in the New War or something at least.
  8. Those sounds tho 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Now I just gotta wait to snatch up those digits tickets 👀
  9. Same here! Had a mirage in both Gift of the Lotus missions and every time she’d use her moves, my frame rate would hitch and drop for the rest of the mission. I haven’t crashed yet, but I definitely experience the FPS loss.
  10. Had it happen to me before and honestly I hated it. Made me feel sick.
  11. Yay sound!!! What is the team’s favorite sound in the game? Favorite making of a sound?
  12. Ah yes, now I won’t be plagued for not buying Nekros P accessories when I first joined...
  13. Hope so. If it’s any help I’ve noticed it’s a hosting issue (on my end). If I host a full squad, eventually I’ll crash. Also noticed around the crash part it’s when boarding parties, well, board, and I’m using hysteria. (Also crashes with particles off and lowest possible graphics). If I’m not hosting and it’s a full squad, the game has ‘fits’ of jittering back and forth so hitting enemies is next to impossible, but I don’t crash. I’m really hoping the bug gets squashed, because I don’t like running solo and I miss playing 😞
  14. Apparently pc still has the frame rate loss too! I’m on the pro as well and it was professionally cleaned. Considering many other users (on and off of the forums) are having issues I know it’s a game problem. I’m hoping in the next mainline there will be something, because railjack is pretty much unplayable for me now.
  15. I’ve made some posts about it and tried to catch Danielle’s attention. They said we’d have a fix in the Rising Tides but went silent. Still can’t do a full squad in the veil without crashing. Starting to think they never had a fix or can’t fix it. 😞
  16. Definitely here for the SwSh update. I’ll pass on Nezha though, he’s meh to me. I’ll wait to see what the accessories are like though.
  17. It’s been happening since the Old Blood. Danielle said they’d have a fix by the Rising Tides. I’ve noticed in the Veil if I’m hosting I cannot have a full squad. My frame rate will drop, then I’ll crash. A lot of others have been complaining about frame rate for a while but it hasn’t been fixed. I don’t know how they expect us to be more co-op with railjack if there’s a high chance of failing due to frame rate loss.
  18. ‘Alas! Hok Tol had always admired the small Ballista, yet was too frightened of rejection to speak her mind. After growing tired of the shy gunner’s profile, Cupid decided to give her a gentle, loving nudge of her heart shaped arrow- straight through her heart.’ Man.. getting enemies to spawn how and where you want is NOT easy let me tell you.
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