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  1. This is kind of a downer, especially with the dojo contest running. My fiancé was in one of our rooms when they couldn’t see one of the special effects. This has happened in other rooms as well. I could see the effects just fine (they are there), but it still poses a problem. Picture to show you what I mean. (Missing effect on the right, but I could see both fine).
  2. (PS4)jaegerbombtastic

    Accolite nogle cant donate to dojo

    Same here. At first I thought it was because it’s a drop, but I could donate my Teshin stature and the like. Think it’s just a bug.
  3. (PS4)jaegerbombtastic

    Orb Vallis: Looping Battacor Firing Sound

  4. (PS4)jaegerbombtastic

    Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest is Live!

    They can’t.
  5. (PS4)jaegerbombtastic

    Warframe causes PS4 controller camera to move on its own.

    That’s what’s weird to me, too. It started happening on my older controller (about 6 months), so I thought maybe it was just going. But then it started to act up on a controller that was only two months old. Sure I was upset, but when I tried it on other games (mine craft and some others), but the rotation or movement or whatever was bound to the right anolog stick just.. didn’t happen. Hell, even in normal warframe it doesn’t do it. Normal missions I mean. What’s weirder is that it’s affecting fiance’s Controllers too! I’m at a loss. I’ve tried recalibrating them but nothing.
  6. (PS4)jaegerbombtastic

    Warframe causes PS4 controller camera to move on its own.

    I actually figured out that the controllers seem to be doing this ONLY on Fortuna! I had played for a long while today, mostly relics and dojo things, and none of my controllers had rotated. I had just started a pigment run on Fortuna, then bam, full rotation of the camera. I don’t know specifically Fortuna, but that’s what seems to trigger it
  7. As a whale who gets constantly yelled at (for being a ‘wallet warrior’), I thank you for this. I’ve invested a lot into this game, and I have no shame and will gladly continue to do so for years if that’s what it is.
  8. (PS4)jaegerbombtastic

    tridolons need a huge change

    They’re actually fine. I am in no way a meta player- definitely casual. I don’t cap more than one tridolon a night, but it’s because I simply don’t want to. I enjoy fighting them as is, and it’s not that hard. I run as a healing Trin and I enjoy keeping those lures alive so my team can shoot or do what they need. The only thing that aggravates me, is the stinky boi (Hydrolyst) CONSTANTLY is throwing off those mag procs. I mean like five every minute. Even standing in oberon’s hollowed ground doesn’t help. But I digress. I think they should stay as is. I really think they’re enjoyable and always feel accomplished when I see those nice arcanes lol.
  9. (PS4)jaegerbombtastic

    Enemies moving erratic

    Happens to me too.
  10. (PS4)jaegerbombtastic

    Sigils bugged

    Having this issue as well.
  11. This is a very frustrating problem I have been having since about a month ago. I have three controllers, one is default, and the other two are fairly new (one being two months old). Please keep in mind all of these controllers are official Sony ones. During gameplay in warframe, the camera will completely rotate (speed varies) and makes gameplay messy and annoying. At first I thought it was my controller due to a faulty calibration, so I have recalibrated them all and made sure they were up to date. However, even with that it hasn’t helped. Warframe is the ONLY GAME my controllers wonk out on. I’ve tried other games, played them for a while and have had no issues. Warframe, within the hour, starts causing my controllers to mess up. Hopefully this is something this can be looked into, though it sounds tricky so I’m not exactly sure if it will be.
  12. (PS4)jaegerbombtastic

    Exploiter Orb inside Fortuna

    She took a vacation to PS4 as well. (Yep, arachnophobia is spelled wrong).
  13. (PS4)jaegerbombtastic

    Any warframe you feel attached to?

    Valkyr. When I first started playing two years ago, I couldn’t click with my starter, Mag. Now when I play games, I need to relate to the character or I won’t get into the story. So I saw Valkyr (bad past, abuse etc. just fit me), and thought ‘yep, her.’ So I bought her. First day. I didn’t know who Alad or Zanuka were and I didn’t care. She was the only frame I used to clear my quests, my star chart, hell even my first sortie. I was always afraid of using other frames and damn I didn’t feel like I needed to! When her prime came out I was more than stoked. She was my first bought PA and I don’t regret it. I still use her to this day and still love her. I think by using her to play it really helped me connect with the story, the game and even the community. Because of this warframe I was able to draw a little more, something I wasn’t good at but enjoyed. I mostly drew headshots of her but I was happy. I dunno. I just really love and relate to her. Kind of nice finding solace in something so familiar, even if it’s just a video game character.
  14. (PS4)jaegerbombtastic

    Kitguns, Moas still not showing in profile for mastery

    Happening on PS4 as well.
  15. (PS4)jaegerbombtastic

    Vallis Spelunker... Bugged?

    As weird as this is, it just... randomly fixed itself. Fiancé and I were going about and ended up in a hidden cave that isn’t really a cave. Even though it was marked on the map already (we had visited it already), it made the Spelunker trophy go off.