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  1. I know is hard, but a new Umbra... And Tau System...
  2. OH BOI, when they do this, the next huge update is approaching..
  3. I thought the same, is a perfect song to Ballas entrance scene. I can even imagine the operator coming up and face Ballas.
  4. I'm here just to say thanks to all devs and specially the community coordination to make this game awesome as is. I'll keep my work on the BR Wikia to help the community, because, you guys encourage us to support them! Excited for the next content! :D
  5. Can we have a preview of Dexcalibur skin in game, please? ^-^ Anything new about the relay rebuild event? Thx o/
  6. Even The Sacrifice will no talk about the operators, would be able to launch in the Quills?
  7. "some upcoming content" - please, could we talk about The Sacrifice? Another teaser? Any information, I beg you. Stop postponing the Umbra, be clear with us, we need to now.
  8. "Talking", few words about it. I don't think so, I think DE is sick of it, and, PoE was a massive update that took a several months. Umbra was never priority, and it will not be, let's wait The Sacrifice, unfortunately next year.
  9. I'm not surprised with this delay, at least I expected something about the quest in the Dev100. Sadly they don't talk about it, even Umbra, I would like to know why.
  10. I'm fine with no leaderboards, my clan is not fully active, which is not excuse, but, no problem, next event we'll have the leaderboard. Also, we'll win trophy :D
  11. After all this time, finally the Umbra is here, and know, long wait, what would make the Umbra interest and coveted? The same abilities? It will be extremely disappointing. Even some players believe it is going to be just a re-skin with better stats, it will not be interest to the community, such a shame to DE. What we waiting for? My thoughts: - the 3 same abilities with some "dark skin" - the original passive transformed in abilities with better results - and the 5th is that leaked "Umbra Lance" different to each or equal to all? Hey [DE] please suprise us!
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