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  1. (XB1)ALG Minuscule36

    Day 1000 of the login is creeping up soon. Predictions?

    It is.
  2. (XB1)ALG Minuscule36

    Dojo Ignis Wraith Blueprint

    I usually give them for free on Xbox, but I rarely see anybody else do the same.
  3. 1) We actually are only a few hotfixes behind right now. Look at the current builds. Sometimes we get further behind, sometimes we've been on the samebuild, just happens when it happens. 2) I'm a vet myself. Alms 2.4k hours and I've mastered all 455 non-founder items. We have had a couple people mention the time difference between updates and the usual Certs. You can check the comments throughout the thread to find them, but the highlights are the facts if : -If DE never told you an update was coming, and certed the updates for all platform's to drop at the same time, the most time it would likely take is an extra 5-6 days at max. -To my knowledge, they can hotfix the game without Certs, so that likely wouldn't be an issue as once they found the issue on PC, they could replicate it for Consoles. -As a console player, we got the short end of the stick as it is already, considering the content drought. 3) I have a PC account as well, and I hear enough about the bugs and glitches from the hundreds of PCers I have in numerous Discords. I understand the amount, and that console gets the buffer, but most people in the thread seem okay with giving up the buffer to sync builds. Thank you for elaborating, keeps the conversation open and strong.
  4. Could you elaborate on your view on why it is not a good idea? I like to encourage a fair elaborated viewpoint to keep out the "Just because"s, you know? I believe it was highlighted earlier that Certs never take more than a week. If DE never mentioned an update coming out, how would you notice?
  5. Platform unification. To be honest, I never got the "My platform is better than yours!" thing. I just chalk it up to personal preference, and as somebody who has 4 Platforms Warframe is nowhat on, Switch included, I believe it just boils down to what platform you feel like using at that moment. Hopefully that'd change with this, even slightly.
  6. I couldn't have said that better myself, Paul. +1
  7. They can Hotfix without Certs, to my knowledge. This is especially the case with the gamebreakers. The whole thought process is sacrificin the buffer to reach a wideep audience, and figure out a more streamlined way to play simultaneous updates and fixes.
  8. We're actually not far off, just a few hotfixes, really.
  9. That would be an interesting way of pressuring Sony on the Cross-Play and the Cross-Platform Account Linking since Warframe is super popular nowadays.
  10. Universal Account Link for use on all platforms would be the best way to go, no progress lost and you can switch platforms as you please.
  11. (XB1)ALG Minuscule36

    Design Council Public Discord Server - The Tenno Council

    We hope to see you there as well!
  12. (XB1)ALG Minuscule36

    Day 950 log in reward

    Honestly I could care less about the mods, I look more forward to the Sundial Equipment. However, that is likely.
  13. (XB1)ALG Minuscule36

    Day 950 log in reward

    I'd be happy with that.
  14. (XB1)ALG Minuscule36

    Day 950 log in reward

    Well, hopefully the 1000 day login reward is better than Prime Sure footed.