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  1. Dedede is the only God aside from Regor's glorious postior, and both would be appeased you heathen.
  2. What you thought is irrelevant now that you've experienced perfection incarnate.
  3. For his deluxe, he needs to achieve absolute perfection. As a mere mortal this is all I can muster as imagery to explain such perfection. I present to you my proposal for his deluxe: https://images.app.goo.gl/nbYGejDpBAwiqfss7 This is peak perfection for what his deluxe should be. Paired with a Hammer Skin of some sort? Mm, yes, byuatiful. As for his Prime, aside from the glorious golden gut of this Dusknoir looking devourer that is more than definite, I would be remiss if I did not state that it would be an enormous missed opportunity if he lacks a Void Key belly button. ~~This thread's just a joke don't crucify me pls~~
  4. I know it was never specified, and I didn't realize until after I bought it, it does also come with a single Grakata Jade skin. Not an uber surprising comment, but thought people might want to know if it wasn't clear enough already.
  5. Hopefully the Boss in Series 2 is more like Wolf during these alerts, being susceptible to Warframe Abilities and Statuses. It's more fun then just shooting at a bullet sponge.
  6. He just needs more relevance. I don't think I've ever talked to him throughout 4 years with the exception of quests.
  7. In addition to what Matrix stated: Vauban's currently being reworked from his grenades. They just dont cut it when, like Mateix said, abilities that do much more are always better.
  8. Look at Vauban. That's why.
  9. I'd like a Pike to stick enemy heads on and build a nice collection. If we can't get Boss Articulas or more Boss Noggles, I'll gladly take their heads and pin them to my wall. Imagine Regor's head with his axe buried deep in it just chillin' there.
  10. Iirc it came with our Eidolon Remastered update.
  11. As of a few days ago from a Hydron run, observed: -Tankiness still intact after being "fixed". -He sat at a nifty level 70, despite the "fixed cap" being lower. -Armor took forever to rid, so that also was not fixed to scale. This is not the first time since the supposed fixes he has spawned with one or all of the above either. On other platforms I have been made aware that he still spawns during extraction, which was also said to have been fixed. He is an unsatisfying field boss due to Grind V. Reward, and having him still unfixed to alleviate the basic issue, his survivability, is not helping his cause to the community. This was observed on Xbox, I am unsure about other platforms.
  12. Works well on a Doom Guy Rhino. That's literally it.
  13. For double the work, endo and Sculptures do not feel rewarding enough to suffer through 30 waves/minutes. The rewards are too minimal for continued interest, and the mods that should drop next to never do. The reward system needs to be looked at, either giving a more minor reward at each interval between rotations or give us greater rewards for the double time we're currently doing.
  14. No, only the Ephemera and Lepus are time limited. Everything else is permanent. See the asterisk next to their names?
  15. Really hope the next season has more to do after rank 30. 15 creds each rank doesn't make me want to continue doing the missions. I've effectively stopped trying at 33.
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