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  1. RIP Crit? Definitely a nerf for Melee overall, but it seems like many of these systems, while neat and flashy, have to sacrifice good things.
  2. Dagger Nerf Melee Nerf... You missed Grendel's acquisition, it seems. You mentioned it on Discord but it's not here.
  3. Considering Atlas was just primed with only minimal tweaks to his abilities, was there any real consideration put into Tectonics? With Open world and how spawns work, just the single Tectonic wall seems so obsolete. Would combining the three from the augment with manual boulder pushing be considerable or is he cursed with an outdated ability?
  4. I have never once sold it since we received the research, and routinely give it away for free en masse in trade chat. I apologize you've had difficulties, but if you need one, i'm always willing to give you one, along with anyone else that needs it, for free.
  5. Hoh boy, thank you for the chuckle. Hey, can the next one you do be "Trinity is a worse version of Ember! (and here's how to rework her), i'd love to peruse it.
  6. Rock Man had no neck. Rock Man get buff. Rock Man get neck. All Hail Rock Man.
  7. Helping newer players is essentially all I'm doing outside forma and trade chat. Essentially just playing other games in the meantime As for Gauss, definitely like him more than I thought I would, was an extremely quick farm, maybe 20-25 minutes. His weapons were even easier as i got them both in the same run. Primary is fun, but Secondary just feels lacking.
  8. I will admit, firefights in the relay is what made the Reconstruction fun. But honestly the story is going in a very predictable way, only way they'll throw a curveball is by magically making Mutant Arlo a boss.
  9. Everyone's talking about Dethcube and I'm just thinking about Atlas. ...I'm not the only one that dislikes Dethcube, right?
  10. I mean. We could just make an argument for all the random pool salespeople, Nakak, Ticker, the... Ostronnequivalent of Biz that I can never remember the name of because of how insignificant he is. Could just have all items up at all times and just let you pick what you want when you want it. But then that defeats the repetition time gate and it'll honestly be more likely for them to just fix it so the Thumper Floofs are randomized as well before they'd ever add more slots.
  11. If you're referring to the Umbra statue, it's still very late with shipping. Some people I know have theirs already, but the second batch here is very slowly coming out. Another friend of mine got his shipping notification for it.... a week ago? I want to say a week. It's coming, you just need to be patient a little longer, it seems.
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