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  1. We already have that, just run Excalibur?
  2. Really hoping to see a fix for that bug that results in Catastrophic Breaches becoming unsealable by anyone, causing a mission fail that nobody can do anything about.
  3. Region's blowing up on this as well, seemingly anyone that is invited to a game is given a "Host Not Found" or "User is Offline" message. Lot of people don't seem capable of trading, public matches, or playing with friends. Been automatically logged out a few times when going to relay areas like my dojo as well. Resetting game did not fix for any parties involved.
  4. That'd work too. I thought this mode would at least have a lock-on considering you have to look straight at the fast enemy to hit them.
  5. Oh. The arch-line. Forgot that was something that was added.
  6. Oljah everyone. All I ask for is: -Forma. Lots and lots of forma because these Kuva weapons are killing me...
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