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  1. Xbox One: TYPE: Sevagoth's Shadow Issue DESCRIPTION: Issue is similar to the bug regarding the transition from warframe to operator, back to warframe where you automatically trigger abilities when hitting the corresponding buttons instead of being able to jump, reload, switch weapons, or melee. EXPECTED RESULT: Proper Function of Shadow regardless of how many times summoned. OBSERVED RESULT: The first cast of Shadow works perfectly, able to use abilities and melee at will. After Reuniting, any subsequent cast no longer function, and you are only able to use Shadow's abil
  2. Honestly, the Arcane Helmets being in the cred offerings would make a pretty decent way of having them return. Could up the cred cost a wee bit and it'd be a pretty fair trade off. With how things usually work out, this is arguably one of the simplest ways you could reintroduce the item.
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