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  1. Still really wish we could earn Steel Essence off enemies in addition to the alerts instead of being limited to only receiving them from alerts. Should be an additive method of acquisition.
  2. Indeed it does. Until you have friends that go through it and want your help, essentially making you go through it over and over as I'm not just going to say no to my friends if im capable of doing it, just not liking it.
  3. It's a form of the acceptance portion of denial at this point. I know what I say is meaningless, but I still say it just to feel as though it isn't.
  4. I am just one person, you're right. And this is merely my opinion. Not a demand nor magical facet that will force a change.
  5. Kinda been on one, but I still play as I do very much want to see it thrive. I just don't feel like the decisions made this past year have been good, and feel as if much of the content we've received has been half baked when there's potential for so much.
  6. I'm covering multiple topics and topic not in the game. I genuinely do not care at this point where I post it as it will not be read by who its written for anyway.
  7. To preface, these are merely one man's thoughts on a wide variety of things within the game. You may or may not agree with me, and I may miss some things, either intentionally or accidentally. In which case, you are welcome to respond with one of the many things i'll likely miss. I currently am MR29, with 3k+ hours into the game. I may not have the best opinions, but i've played long enough to grow resentful when I see so many bad things popping up one after another with seemingly no consideration, only to be met with the usual corporate response of "we're listening". This year has b
  8. Not looking forward to Railjack at all. It's so barebones compared to what was shown at its Tennocon debut, in addition to being repetitive to an ungodly degree. We don't even have Command yet, so just adding another bland tileset with the exact same issues fixes nothing. Least they're finally making Soul Punch more useful than just its Augment. Too bad the same cannot be said about Terrify. Not to mention Bulwark could do a lot more than just shrapnel damage. It's so situational it may as well just be you picking up and throwing it instead to at least have some accuracy. Spectral Scream
  9. Ah I thought I was having a stroke there but that's pretty funny.
  10. Holy crap, im on Android and it's the same. What was wrong with the old forums? It looked and worked fine, this one is straight up just missing entire features. Guess I'm not ever using mobile forums again. Great job DE, you mess up Railjack, Liches, Scarlet Spear, Grind of Deimos, and now somehow the forums. 2020 everyone.
  11. Yeah, everything seems like there was an extra zero or two placed in there. Looking at you, Railjack Helminth.
  12. Welcome to Deimos, where the bugs aren't just Infested.
  13. Yeah that idea sounds good on paper, but once the slow canister is thrown out, or the grenades start flying... or if you're doing T2 or T3 where there's multiple mechs that likely will have your immediate attention.... Doesn't work as well suddenly.
  14. Read through the link, I fully agree that there's way too much stuff in Deimos release that seemingly announces it was not tested well, if at all. It's essentially a Beefed up version of Wolf with the damage resistances. I've been under the impression that, completely against lore, Necramevhs prevent operator ability use for some ungodly reason. I've heard hitting their spine disables the shield but uh... those things don't turn around, they're like Z-Targeted on you. I've noticed that. That's why I do these solo, it's not worth the risk. But that also means that T3 vault
  15. Should be 3 with Necroloid tomorrow. Despite constant vault grind im still missing every piece of the weapon, and with the capsule and engine. I actually found a Scintillant today. Just one, but one regardless. Looked like Jesus himself floating in the middle of the room. Now i actually know what to look for. However, the grind for them is still atrocious, the timers are tedious, and the Necramechs are just egregious (gotta have some fun, might as well rhyme).
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