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  1. I can be host or client. Things goes through pillars, floors, enemies... In 3.3k hours, I've never seen a single weapon other than the Lenz when it first dropped do this.
  2. Nope, no PT. That's why I thought it was weird as no other weapon I've used had done that, and I'm a fairly avid fan of the launcher weapons.
  3. They do? I've never noticed it on anything but the Kuva Ogris. That's.... annoying? Why would it be purposeful for these things to just ignore most of what you're shooting at? Can't hit the floor, can't hit most enemies directly, can't hit nearby walls...
  4. Never understood the Bramma drama, though I guess I'm curious if it has the same issue the Kuva Ogris seems to have where the projectile clips through like 80% of surfaces?
  5. Holy crap I actually agree with Voltage and his edit for once. I imagine for any openly opposed to the riots we'd get silenced by the chat mods though as we do not share the same stance there. It's a bad situation, and what happened to George Floyd was terrible, but it's quickly gotten out of hand.
  6. Can't wait to see what kinda Anthem-esque Demo Reel they'll play at Tennocon this year! 🙂
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