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  1. i also seem to have an issue since under my wreckage i got 2 engines that says they are repairing but i cant find them anywhere outside of scrap wreckage :/ so cant check if they got all their resources or anything nvm figured it out XD
  2. no worries :P just finishing up the last bit of grid then i should be good
  3. is it just me or did the update to the early adopters packages just get more confusing ? like do i have to repair a wreckage for each slot ? can i just repair 6 different wreckages and not care about the slots they go in as long as i got 6 of them made ? it says one item in each slot you have build yourself does that mean building something from the dojo research count aswell ? or does that not work since im pretty sure thats not a wreckage ? might just be me but it just got a lot more confusing to understand XD also a full grid does that also mean upgrading the grid slots o
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