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  1. Kuva Bramma is not available to crew. All my other kuva weapons seem to be, just not bramma. Never mind. Didn't read patch notes carefully enough. As pointed out by @YuriKeller , bows aren't included.
  2. Another which is nice but probably unintended: If your warframe is using the Aura mod "Power Donation" then your Railjack stats show a gain of +30% ability strength. I do not know if this is actually a stat change or simply a UI bug, nor do I know if it affects the battle mods of other players in squad.
  3. Railjack things that are probably bugs, but if not I like them: 1) Aborting mission lets you keep mod and gear drops now. Didn't before. 2) Person in the BFG can use battle avionics. The UI doesn't show it, but the abilities still work. I'm on Lavos, if that matters.
  4. I have all lures and when I went to do the weekly conservation found out that the Kubrodon lure doesn't appear as an option. I double checked and I do still have one, and all the other lures show up and work normally. Kubrodon pheremone is available as well, just not the lure.
  5. I have received creds from other duplicates, but this time I did not. I know others have reported the same problem for higher rank rewards, but I'm a little further behind so can report the bug applies to earlier rewards as well.
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