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  1. All items in my gear wheel past the first circle (slots 13+) were empty when I just logged on. Yesterday I had multiple level's worth of specters, potions, etc etc.
  2. Bug just seen on disruption on Neptune: demolisher bursa was stuck, seemed too big to fit between pillars in a room. I took a screenshot but I can't directly upload it and I can't link it from google drive so if you want it message me or something. Since I'm here anyway, there's also several places in the infested disruption node where demolishers get stuck, but I don't have specifics on that. So far that's the worst one, only a few problems on Neptune, no problems for me at least so far on Sedna or Lua; haven't tried the others yet.
  3. Liset Prisma skin post-update only shows the metallic sheen and cloudy under-the-surface effects when using default colors. Other colors appear flat and basic. Tested with multiple color palettes.
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