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  1. If I ignore a player, does it affect anything about public squad formation? e.g. does ignore: 1) Make it less likely I will join a squad containing that player? 2) Make it less likely that person will join a squad I am in? 3) Make it so I will not join a squad hosted by that player? 4) Make it so that person cannot join a squad I host?
  2. Rank I like this in principle, including keeping separate ranks for ground assault and space raid, but it makes far more sense as a cumulative thing instead of a per-flotilla thing. What you do in a single instance doesn't really matter to a month-long war effort. Also I suggest adding several more ranks, because by halfway through the event a large portion of players will be rank 3, and if everyone is max rank then max rank means nothing.
  3. Please make victory point payout based on total score, not just the higher of ground or space. Please. I am repeatedly running into situations where when I join a Flotilla there are plenty of space teams, but when I check after a long ground mission this is no longer true. If I switch to hosting with my pimped out railjack I can help the effort more, but I would lose significant victory payout if I did so. I stay on the ground, and while I feel guilty for doing so I should not, because that is a choice forced on me by a poorly designed point system. I do not wish to offend, but I cannot think of an honest but less offensive way to put that. Not nearly as important as the main reason above, but also I would rather be able to switch back and forth because doing the exact same mission for 2 hours is boring and repetitive. P.S. If you agree with me on this even partially then reply to it, even if your post is just "+1" or something, to make it more likely to be seen.
  4. -Excellent- change to victory payout. Why have rank and victory payout limited to each mission type? 1) It discourages players from switching based on current flotilla needs. 2) Personally I find doing the same mission over and over very boring.
  5. A suggestion: Add increasing duration to the mines tied to ranking up the arcane, e.g. 4s 4s 4s 5s 5s 6s. These are now limited to 2 per player so they don't have the effective range they used to, and damage has been removed, which used to be one of the greatest effects of ranking up the arcane. And if you consider increasing the number per player that could also be tied to arcane rank, e.g. 1 1 2 2 3 3
  6. It should be noted somewhere that these are not independent mods, but special versions of other exilus mods; Ironclad Flight cannot be equipped at the same time as Aviator, and I suspect the other two mods cannot coexist with Power Drift
  7. You have highlighted simultaneously why Magus Lockdown CC needed to be changed and why demolysts needs to be changed. * Magus Lockdown, which you can use regardless of frame and without spending energy, should absolutely not be better at CC than the majority of Warframe abilities. The only case where Magus Lockdown should dominate is against nullifier bubbles or similar. * There are very few forms of CC that work on demolysts, partially because of CC immunity and partially because of nullifier qualities. That makes sense only if it's possible to kill them before they reach the target without requiring absolutely broken weapons. Some are too fast for that. Some are too tough for that. They need to be nerfed or a lot more forms of CC need to work against them. True, but with only a few nodes allowed active at once the positioning and timing may get much harder. We won't really know until we can playtest it.
  8. RE: Magus Lockdown Removal of damage: Great. Operators already have a way to deal damage, and they can get better ones by levelling up Focus skills. Nerf of CC: Overdone. Old version was practically free infinite use CC. New version isn't worth picking over than a healing or a survivability arcane (Vigor/Husk). Needs to hit a middle ground between the old and new. Timing: Releasing this after the 5-rank change to Arcanes seems either short-sighted or designed to be upsetting, neither of which makes sense. I suspect there was an internal lack of communication and/or the Magus Lockdown change was last-minute. Either way, players who purchased copies of Magus Lockdown between the 5-rank update and the announcement of Magus Lockdown changes should be reimbursed somehow. Simplest response would be to remove any recently purchased copies of Magus Lockdown and give back the equivalent rep. It's not perfect but it's the only thing I can think of that doesn't require lots of extra work.
  9. rstripn

    Topic removed

    Easy. Items 1 through 9 of the recent announcement had nothing to do with the operation or prime frames. DE rarely announces content in that manner unless it's already good to go or close to it. And I highly doubt that the list including everything that was being revised. That said, I have removed the original post. I didn't give enough weight to the emotional stress this is causing. No special request, no matter size or justification, should be made right now. @DE Sorry. Be well.
  10. rstripn

    Topic removed

    See updated post. I wasn't clear. I was asking about content that is already complete. Chill. You have a point but there's no reason to be a jerk while making it. I've got a degree in software engineering and my best friend is a game developer in Seattle. You know, location zero for covid19 in the U.S. I know what DE is going through better than most. Not that it matters to my request, but I have spent more money on this game than a dozen AAA games (a lot more), something I've never done for any of the many other free games I've played. They don't "work for me". I like what they do and I want to help them continue doing it.
  11. rstripn

    Topic removed

    Edit: I have removed my request. Nothing to see here.
  12. Wow. Talk about salty. So much for feedback being "civil and constructive". Magus Lockdown is not "useless" as CC. It's limited in area now. Consider: it's an effectively free ability that you can access from any warframe in practically any situation without putting any time or effort into improving your Operator. It never should have been as good as it was at CC, and it shouldn't have had damage. Yes 2 nodes per player is too low but I don't know which is more extreme: the nerf overcorrection or the feedback overreaction. so... what's with the finger?
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