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  1. I'm suggesting that there are many options to combat this threat of CC (as I've maintained as my point through all of my posts), which like most of these topics, those choices get completely ignored or glossed over as meaningless. You cannot claim bad design when you have almost limitless ways to approach this style of content. Options™ , let's explore some shall we. Let's not spend any time talking about all the CC immunity and mitigation based frames and mods that have been mentioned countless times. Let's instead discuss some of these things people claim they want difficulty designed around. Mobility and Environment:: hmmm, wonder what this could be? Many options for speed, flying, aim gliding and wall latching. ✔️ An open environment that allows you to dictate where, when and how you fight. ✔️ Archwings and K-drives for fast insertions or escapes. Combat as well in the archwing case ✔️ Mountains, hills, caves and structures to use tactically and strategically. ✔️ Mushroom forests offering verticality and a safe platform to rain down death on the enemy. ✔️ High ceilings in buildings to make use of wall latching, aim gliding and zip line shenanigans. ✔️ Bodies of water that swallow the enemy whole via being pushed, pulled or rag dolled into them. ✔️ There was one more I can't seem to think.... oh yeah! the sky. ✔️ What's next? Fire Power? OK! Modding and Weaponry: Variety of high ranged, high powered assault and sniper rifles. ✔️ Variety of high ranged, high powered explosives. ✔️ Variety of high ranged, high powered side arms. ✔️ Variety of strong ranged melee options. ✔️ Variety of options for modding damage that directly counters to the enemy.✔️ Variety of options for modding CC and status effects into said weaponry. ✔️ Variety of weapons offering a broad spectrum of mechanical effects. ✔️ Onward to the juicy core of any build or strategy! Warframes : Meaningful interactions? You be the judge! I'll try to focus on ones not generally thought of as effective/ efficient when considering the Orb Vallis content. Zephyr - amazing mobility, defensive and offensive options. 😀 Mirage - one hell of an offensive platform while also having decent defensive measures. 😀 Garuda - although mentioned a few times gets nowhere near the credit she deserves for how good she is anywhere in the game, especially in the OV. 😀 Mag - a bit on the squishy side, if played well she's exceedingly amazing in all OV content.😀 Nova - high mobility and reduces any content to easy mode. 😀 Trinity - I feel the lobster booty needs no explanation. But I digress, Massive amounts of sustain with some damage potential sprinkled in. 😀 Vauban - also a bit on the squishy side, but absolutely trivializes OV content when played well. Octavia - I rarely if ever use her at all personally, but I've seen others use her with great success in the OV. 😀 Hydroid - another I rarely use myself, but have witnessed some well played ones dominate in the OV. 😀 Valkyr - crazy raging cat from hell swinging around the OV like spider man. 😀 Harrow - mind blowing sustainability and offensive capabilities. 😀 Nyx - while her recent rework has definitely hurt her efficiency and volume of CC quite drastically, she's still capable of creating chaos in the OV. 😀 Mesa - ummm damage reduction,cc and a mobile pew pew pew aimbot.....😀 Choice of difficulty : Alert Beacons : A tiered system allowing the player to adjust difficulty on the fly. What's this you say? I can control the type of enemies spawning? 😲 All the aforementioned options, as well as others, can be utilized in various ways with each other to limit or negate most if not all of the CC spam in OV. Either for funsies sake, for efficiency or w/e reason you desire. Variety of Challenging Enemies: Well this is obviously very subjective, some claim no difficulty and not fun. Others claim fun and improved difficulty over the rest of the game. Claims center around increased damage,mobility and cc not being fun. Based on ? Inactive play styles that expect not to get chain CC'd knowing exactly what the enemies are capable of. 💔 Refusal to explore any options other than top damage and tanking potential at all times. 💔 But oh yeah! "It's bad design, if I can't handle the offensive capabilities of the enemies I get wrecked for not responding properly." How many times have people asked for enemy design that forces players to explore different choices? The focus of most of these threads has been to blame the CC of the enemies being "bad". People that dare offer any suggestions or counter to these criticisms get viciously attacked by a handful of forum users, who then reply with thesaurus fueled personal attacks and ridiculous assumptions. Hell, your own replies are full of out of context projection, word salad and hate. I'm not sure if they're meant as an invitation to dinner and a movie or if you're trying to get the thread locked so you don't have to deal with anyone arguing against these topics. Nope, never......... Sure doesn't seem so. So hateful. No one is saying things can't be done better. No one is saying Warframe or DE is perfect. I think what others and I are doing is pointing out that the Vallis enemies are not this horribly bad thing. While also pointing out options you can use to improve your experience. As I've been saying this entire time. You have options, explore them. I'm not gonna go through the whole post singling out and quoting everyone that's complaining about the CC, mobility and damage in the OV being "unfun". Or even the ones saying they don't want to play it because of the difficulty they're having. When the amount of "fun" you have access to is purely based on your own subjective views and choices. There's tons of videos, forum posts, guides, etc around the internet consisting of a plethora of possibilities in Warframe. A small percentage of the playerbase is trying to tackle content they aren't prepared for in terms of gear, patience or mentality. Then raging about how "unfun" it is. The issue people are having with this content being "unfun" is mostly based on they're own unwillingness to play it differently than the rest of the game, flat out insisting that it's bad because of it. Gear isn't even the main factor. I've done a lot of this content with basic load outs... no primed mods, no rivens, no arcanes, etc. Just to see how big of a difference it makes. It was barely a difference unless it was trying to solo the profit-taker. It's all about your personal choices as to how this content plays out. Of course you're gonna get your butt kicked trying to face tank a ton of CC spamming enemies if all you feel the urge to do is stand there and face tank it. You're space ninja's ...... move that booty around the battlefield. You have an open world area with many, many, many options to tailor the encounters to your liking. You can use distance, closed space, the air, and many other things. Stop looking for excuses to find it "unfun"
  2. I don't need to, read the thread and explain to me how so many of the replies are complaining about all the CC , damage and mobility of the OV enemies being bad design when it seems pretty clear it's more about them having difficulty playing around all those factors. Sounds more like people unwilling to adapt to situations that they can't afk nuke everything. Backed up by the claims of being easy, so which is it? The enemy CC spam is difficult so it's bad? Or the enemies are easy so the CC they're stopping my meta builds with needs to go. I'm confused af reading these posts. Everyone is constantly contradicting themselves. Not one of these complaint threads addresses any reasonable way to approach this "difficulty dilema" differently, it's just post after post of whining and moaning that it's bad. How else do you expect them to make things difficult on the player when we have so many insane ways to delete enemies in less than half a second. Got news for ya, it isn't possible to have anything difficult in a game like this unless the A.I can prevent us from being so powerful. Would you rather we go back to invulnerable states? Or would you rather actually have choices and options to deal with what the enemy is throwing at you? Sure it could be done better, and I'm sure it will be in the future, but what we have is not even remotely bad. It provides a new challenge, seems like a damn good thing to me. Sure other games do difficulty differently, but those are based on those game designs. Warframe is a much different beast than most any game in existence. I personally would love more of a team oriented co-op experience myself, but that would entail more of a rock-paper-scissors approach to difficulty. We've seen this communitys thoughts on that sort of play. Noone has the patience for it and doesn't want their power trip interrupted by needing someone else in a squad for a specific role. Which is totally fine. This was not meant in any sort of offensive manner, just the easiest way to convey it. I for one enjoy the game forcing me to think and play differently, sure it gets easy after you develope a strategy around it. What doesn't? Then after that you go back to the arsenal and fomulate a new way to approach it to keep it fun and interesting. That is after all what makes this such a great game, variety and options. All I was doing was offering up the advice to flip the tables on the OV enemies and fight fire with fire. My comment about Nyx was based on her rework and it applies to the entire game. At no time did I admit or agree that my one example of some early runs had any inclination of being one of the few viable ways to play this content, it was an example of a possiblity. I still stand by the options being damn near limitless. I haven't played one frame yet that I haven't been able to tackle the Vallis content with. You have to play to the strengths of your choices and do what you can to migitate and limit weaknesses, this should be very obvious. I've solo'd the Orb with Garuda, Zephyr, Mirage, Mag, Nyx, Vauban, and Harrow so far. Every single one of the frames I just listed handles the rest of the OV content just fine. I didn't do these frames because it was efficient for efficency sake, I did it because it was fun. I'll do more as time goes on I'm sure, I'll prolly try Volt next. If you need me to clarify how I made these frames work in OV feel free to ask. Point being, I've not experienced anything yet that's made me think the options aren't limitless. No, this isn't about being "holier-than-thou" as you so eloquently implied. It's about having fun, you should try it some time. Now as far as the Devs deciding they'll take a different approach in the future, cool, hopefully it'll be even more fun and challenging. Although I get the impression we'll see these exact same discussions spring up again. By the way, please point out where I claimed to speak on behalf of the Devs in any fashion what so ever. Now before you reply "straw manning" another rabid attack of "vapid, self-righteous" BS, putting words in my mouth........ Try breathing and maybe experiment in the game a little bit. I think you'll find many of these criticisms against the OV content flawed and hyberbolic given the limitless options at our disposal. This man has the best comment I've seen across all these threads, gg man It's even bite-sized
  3. Try adding some attack speed, the whole weapon class depends on attack speed (rivens, mods, arcanes, frames). That clunky feel goes away and they become power houses. While I agree that the little lunge the quick melee does needs some change, the rest of the combo and the charge combo are extremely strong and fluid feeling with the proper builds. Pretty sure they limited their speed by default because of their potential ranges. Pointing out that it doesn't take advantage of the whip in quick melee seems a little redundant. Although who knows what'll happen we'll see I suppose.
  4. Wth does cancer have to do with you not liking a silly attack animation in a video game? Blade & whips are extremely strong when used well. Just because you may or may not enjoy them or understand how to use them does not make them bad...lol The quick melee combos on them give a slower than average weapon a full on 'quick melee' combo option to use without ever switching into melee mode. Effectively being two stances on one weapon. What is it you find so "cancerous" about them?
  5. I think you're crossing that line all on your own here. It's a game, with many silly things in it. Why bother responding at all if that's your only arguement against it? All that aside, dare I use Clem as an example? He falls under any of the same conditions and chooses to side with the Tenno and the rest of the system to fight against the Grineer.
  6. Ummm, 2 things wrong with your arguement here. Kubrows and Kavats are actual living, thinking, free willed creatures ( have you not seen them just do their own thing with no regard to your wishes? especially the crazy kavats ;) ). The other thing would be that those jesters are just as genetically enhanced and manipulated as any of the grineer are. Why couldn't they be formulated to be allies of the tenno? They could even have lil kuva flasks to sip out of when they're feeling a lil parched. :P You really wouldn't appreciate a lil comedian riding around on your shoulder and turning into kuva kung fu smurf when the action starts? come on man oO
  7. It's kinda disheartening to see such a lack of interest in actually playing the game and wanting everything to be capable of standing or flying around on any frame destroying things with little to no game play effort involved. Yes, Vallis enemies offer new challenges to the players, no they aren't this insurmountable force a lot of people are making them out to be. Even the "vets" that are claiming the CC is too much. I'd like to suggest to anyone having issues with these enemies to "fight fire with fire". It's an extremely effective approach, even though it may require you to play more than w/e is meta everywhere else. So what is it I mean by this whole "fight fire with fire" thing. As an early example of when Fortuna first dropped on console, some clanmates and I went torid farming and adjusted our builds and tactics each time we went back out. There's countless things you could do. One of the best early things we did was having an Oberon and a Nyx in the squad handling the majority of countering the massive onslaught of CC. That left 2 open slots for w/e else, not to mention the potential of any weapons involved. The Oberon and Nyx combo of CC and defense alone made this content beyond level 100 extremely easy. This was ofc before Fortuna 2 dropped so Nyx was a much more capable frame at this than she is now. But the idea remains the same, there are limitless options to deal with these new enemies. My point being, instead of letting the enemies overwhelm you with CC and shut down, do it to them. I think you'll find many many tools in your arsenals that will allow you to do these things better than the enemies, if you care to try that is. Get them scanned, build around their weaknesses. We are space ninjas after all, why you gonna let some bucket head corpus beat you into submission. ;) glhf.
  8. If you're refering to the blade and whip weapons like Lacera, Mios and Jatt Kusar that use Defiled Snapdragon... Yeah I agree, would be really nice to see them preserve the quick melee combo somehow without losing the melee mode combos. Incase anyone is not aware, the quick melee is it's own 3 hit combo almost like a one handed sword while the actual melee combos are completely different being two handed animations using the whip and blade together. Also has a quick melee/charge combo you can do if i recall correctly, it's almost like these weapons have 2 stances in one.
  9. As the title suggests. We got Moas, why not Jesters next? They may not be as cute but they're sure funny as all hell. Ton of potential options with them as damage buffers or w/e. Could even do cosmetic/combat stuff with em like mini grineer manics, bombards, heavy gunners, etc. Would be pretty entertaining having one of those little suckers riding around on your shoulder giggling and climbing around your head until combat starts. Avoiding any spoilers, seems to be lore to support it. Thoughts?
  10. You do know that you can play w/e you like for anything in this game right? There is absolutely nothing holding you back from trying different things with different frames and weapons, other than yourself. If all you care about is speed and efficiency, what's the point in this gigantic space ninja sand box? There's limitless ways to approach everything in this game. The only reason things become meta is because of the lack of effort and ease of use invovled. It never will be the only way. I'm of the opinion they need to design things to be more difficult and actually require decent team work/ synergies. Unfortunately though there's tons of players that have no interest in that sort of thing, the game needs to cater to everyone. Therefore we're left to create our own difficulty with much of the game, which is also fine. Challenge yourself, run something else instead of defaulting to whatever you deem to be best in slot..... There's always a choice, wether you choose to have fun or tryhard everything is entirely up to you. Since we have no trials anymore, it's possible to solo everything in the game. Yes, even without "meta" stuff. Mix things up, try something new, you have a gigantic variety of frames and weapons to play with. Play with them, lol. Treat the torid farming like a survival and you'll have a ton more fun. Just because some youtuber or forum post says one way is "the best" way, doesn't mean it's true or the only way. Have fun, it's a game, treat it like a game.
  11. Quoted from the wiki " This is Vauban, focused and methodical. Vauban willingly sacraficed his own saftey in the name of mayhem, use him wisely , Tenno. -Lotus " " Vauban is an engineer-themed Warframe. Utilizing potent trapping modules to manipulate the battlefield to the Tenno's favor, Vauban is a versatile Warframe suitable for methodical tacticians. " It would be wonderful if his rework did not stray from this overall concept. Just a few thoughts on what could potentially update his kit to the modern game : Some of the Orb Vallis enemies have some very Vauban-esque abilities. I'm sure our beloved Booben would love to acquire these. cluster bounce pads deployed by Terra Embattor Moa - could replace Vauban's bounce pads tesla net deployed by the Kyta Raknoid - could replace Vauban's tesla jet pack jump of the Terra Trencher - could replace Vauban's bullet jump, able to travel in the direction aimed (horizontal, vertical, diagonal). On to some Grineer tech Vauban would make amazing use of. The inflatable Blunt barricade deployed by some Grineer units The riot shield / pistol combo Grineer Lancers are equipped with. The rolling Seeker grenades. Mixing these things into Vauban's kit would give him a completely new feel while retaining the " tactical mayhem" he's so wonderful at. Potential options to add these things into his kit : Vauban's Riot Shield : Same mechanic as Garuda's Talons. When no melee equipped this occupies the melee slot. This may allow for adding to his survivability without having to tweak his base defensive stats too much. Only allow Vauban to dual wield his secondary (no akimbo options) along with it, like the Grineer lancers do. This may need it's own stance or the default capabilities of the Grineer Lancer's shield/pistol combo. Vauban's passive : Jet Jump : Bullet jumping with Vauban fires boosters in his (awesome) boots rapidly propelling him in the direction he faces. Enemies in a 10m radius of take off and landing recieve 25% extra damage from all sources for 10 seconds. Using the actual animation of the Terra Trencher at the end of the jump would allow for good synergy with slam attacks. Vauban's # 1 : combine concuss and shred grenade into one "seeking" grineer style grenade, toss a single one or a cluster of them with an augment. bounce pads, single or cluster with an augment. combine tesla grenade and trip laser single, tesla/trip net with an augment. deployable grineer blunt/ barricade single, place up to 3 with an augment. Vauban's # 2 : Move Bastille and augment to this slot Vauban's # 3 : Move Vortex and augment to this slot Vauban's # 4 : New skill - Something along the lines of Clem's fort in Iron Wake - Scaling a bit with range, nothing huge obviously. Warframes and allies being able to seek cover within or on top of, capable of attacking through small openings. Maybe even have a turret/rampart on top. Possible option for augment. These are just some suggestions that could aid in a new direction for Booben the great. Things like this would go a long way into bringing Vauban back into the fray. Thanks for reading
  12. Why does this "CC frames need to do more damage" arguement keep coming around to destroy great CC frames. They're CC frames, they're built completely differently than damage frames. Modding/ building warframes is set up so you cannot effectively combine the two in a single build and have both be strong. Can we stop destroying great CC frames for the sake of damage that is still going to be crap damage. Let's focus on improving the things that need improvement, like base numbers and defenses. We have weapons to kill with, which are always going to be our main form of damage. Pretty funny how people are trashing on Vauban's ability to CC when I would place money on it that they use the zenistar religiously. Please let's not destroy Vauban trying to force him into a damage role. Just because a CC frame that's meant to do massive amounts of CC can't race through sub sortie missons nuking everything in a 3 room radius with little to no effort spamming frame abilities does not make them a bad frame. There's a ton of frames that are capable of that, use those frames if that's what you enjoy. Stop trying to destroy great frames trying to force them into something they aren't intended for.
  13. I'm confused, how is Zephyr at all bad at flying? She's my second most played frame on a 3 yr old account. She's pretty damn good at flying and controlling that flight. Sure it could use some improvements but it is no way bad. This whole comparison to Zephyr just because Hildren can hover is silly. How many birds in nature actually hover? Not a lot. Hildren looks like she'll be a great team oriented frame. We are in a coop after all, why does everything need to be solo-centric in order to be considered good or acceptable?
  14. I do not wish to distract from or confuse any other augment thread ideas. I've read a lot of great suggestions and idea's around the forum, and I feel those threads should focus on those discussions. The way building Garuda functions so nicely at base stat levels gave me the idea to suggest some augments that could potentially all be used in one build or seperately. Dread Mirror : possible augment names - Bone Mirror, Dread Mirror of Bones, or Barbed Mirror Skill functions : Retain all but mentioned base functions. Blood orb changed/ tweaked/ reskinned to something bone or barbed themed. Once mirror is active, channel skill to reflect damage. Damage reflection percentage scaling based on power strength and charge time. 25% / 50% / 75% damage reflection at 100% power strength. Release channel to launch a chain of bones / barbs impaling 1/2/3 enemies (harpoon style amprex chaining mechanic), pulling enemies harpooned to Garuda's feet. Blood Altar : possible augment names - Bathed in Blood, Blood Bond, Bound by Blood Skill functions : Simply adding to base functions. Any ally or allied structure linked to by altar gains Damage Reduction. 25% / 50% / 75% damage reduction scaling with power strength, capping at a maximum of 90% damage reduction at 130% power strength. On expiration of spire if enemy would be dead, corpse explodes in a shower of blood and bone. All enemies in radius are rag dolled to radius of skill. Bloodletting : possible augment names - Sacraficial Agony Skill functions : Simply adding to base functions. Garuda sacrafices her health transfering all status effects from her allies to herself, also unleashing an AoE explosion dealing cold and punture damage ( guaranteeing these two status procs ) to surrounding enemies in radius of skill. damage scaling based on percentage of Garuda's missing health and power strength at time of cast. base radius 3m / 5m / 8m scaling with range. Seeking Talons : possible augment names - Talons of Doom, Aura of Bones, Space Ninja 9000 ( lol, why not ) Skill functions : Retain all base damage and bleed chance scaling, convert skill into an aura. Possibly just flipping the skill animation horizontally centered at Garuda's waist. Talons / Bone Shards begin orbiting Garuda, applying the same slash funtionality as her base skill to any enemies that come in contact with the aura. 3m / 5m / 8m radius, scaling with range up to a maximum of 12m. 4 / 8 / 12 second base duration, scaling with duration. Before aura expires, reactivate and charge to release talons that seek out enemies and briefly stun them. Stun duration based on charge time. Does not apply slash mechanics. Aura grants Garuda 50% increased casting speed for it's duration, removing the need for natural talent for the sake of fluidness. Not sure if this would be a possiblity, but it's worth a shot. Garuda's Talons : possible augment names - Ritual of Rage, Vengeful Talons, Talons of Rage Talons augment : Similar to other weapon augments in the game. Enemy kills with ground finishers cause the corpse to explode dealing 200% of the enemiy's maximum HP as slash damage in an 8m radius. Thanks for such a fun frame DE
  15. Really awesome ideas for a new passive for Nyx, GG to you. I've given Nyx a decent chance since we finally go this on console, and it has many more cons than pros in comparison to her last version. I really appreciate the effort of trying to give Nyx a bit of a tune up, but this falls vastly short when compared to her old kit. The old psychic bolts being removed is the root cause of this new kit feeling so underwhelming and weak, imo. - Her mind control may be a tad bit better than before, but it still requires the use of her augment for mind controlled enemies to do any damage. The only time it seems to do any damage is playing in high level missions with a very narrow variety of strong units being worth the caution and effort to set this up. This all is also dependent on armor stripping, which is another issue with this kit. I'd like to suggest adding the type of damage you do to the target, this way your mind controlled target can actually do some damage. - Psychic Bolts. the idea of adding a defense debuff is a good one. It's just that you have to build into power strength to pull this off at a very minimal level. Nyx does not operate well building into power strength when her entire kit revolves around duration, range and efficiency. Previously her bolts acted as a synergistic link to her whole kit, wether it be for engaging or disengaging. As it is now, it has become extremely clunky to use for little to no pay off because you have to focus into power to make it worth even using. If you try to use the augment with an old style Nyx build it's even more clunky because you have no idea where the targets are if the bolts go through walls, and you have to hold a button for a full second or more before you can even cast it again. These are just a couple of the negatives without going into a full on scripted video (which i do not have the resources for, or I would). This is almost like removing silence from banshee, doesn't sound too pleasent does it? It would be greatly benifical, and appreciated, to her survivability for her previous bolt mechanics to be reverted along with the addition of this new debuff if it all possible. - Chaos. This change seems really odd and counter productive. Targets losing chaos if they happen to be outside your range when recast just feels and plays badly. Casting Chaos in a few different spots was a huge part of what made Nyx so good at what she did. - Absorb. This doesn't seem to have gained or lost anything, it still feels exactly the same as it did before. Too slow of a recovery when leaving Absorb. - Her passive. Seems completely non existent. Thanks for the effort, it's appreciated, but please don't leave Nyx in this state. She's always been a fav frame and after this past couple weeks I have zero interest in ever playing her again. She feels very slow, clunky and lost important tools that gave her some survivability and made her whole kit mesh well.
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