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  1. Well, I had the thought that maybe it wouldn't be OP or anything but a nice unique boost if Garuda's Talons could have an arcane equipped as opposed to something like a riven or an augment. If that were under consideration, whynot experiment and add a little flavor with it. We could have maybe either legacy, zaw or kitgun arcanes unlock as an option for garuda depending on her choice of color scheme or aura or something. Maybe even stance choice. Similar things exsist. But if not even just access to melee arcanes would give her claws the tiny boost they feel like they need. No idea if DE would be willing to do something like that though. May have to deny her access to the arcane that tosses your weapon though...lol
  2. I would design a map/mission editor dual multi-launcher sidearm to use in Plains, Orb Valis and Space Proxima. Then we could finally get some war like endless survivals and assualts goin on in those big spaces
  3. I'd much rather have the option of another set of good fun claws. We have an exalted set, venkas, ripkas, and garuda's. They are by no means bad weapons either. Do venka out perform them, sure, so? They're more heavy attack/slam/status focused than venka are, look, sound, and are better than ripkas... Then there's an exalted pair, which like G Talons, has no access to rivens. which is fine. That makes 2 frame specific sets and 2 universal sets. Whynot tweak Ripka's and look at the augment as well Why have such an awesome weapon that's an equally awesome asthetic be a bugged mess, it's nothing more than a melee weapon, why must it have a special slot and a buggy reputation? Make it a real melee, give it a unique touch and bam! another awesome weapon for all to enjoy, on Garuda....lol. I mean, her prime is years off, there's a deluxe for her about to drop. Why not fix em now, if it's that simple? If not w/e... worth asking though right?
  4. Just wanted to drop in and maybe toss a lil inspiration for a Graxx Garuda if and when she works her way into the graxx line. A Graxx Garuda Manic could be kinda neat. She looks and feels like a manic during play most times, with her face pouncing followed up by the drum roll of death. I also figured you have a nice collection of graxx helmets you could use for a back piece. Just a thought I had recently and figured it might help inspire a graxx garuda down the line. Love your work, graxx is p2w
  5. That Garuda is pretty awesome. Now we'll just have to hold out for a good infested, alien, and/or demonic tail syndana comes along as well. Nice work, keep it up.
  6. Nyx's absorb augment and Frost's globe augment . Would be nice to have the ability to hold the ability for a couple seconds or something to convert it to a large co-op oriented team bubble. A Nully bubble for Nyx and a frosty eximus bubble for Frost. We need more open world with large scale battles happening as well.
  7. With Garuda's deluxe coming soon there's an oppurtunity to fix her talons. Some of the well known major issues with her talons : Disappearing during railjack missions Mods becoming ignored when host migrated in some missions Obstructing aim with some weapons Nothing unique Suggestions : Would it be possible to make them a full on melee weapon, occupying the actual melee weapon slot. Seems like this may solve any issues other melee weapons do not suffer from. Her Talon's could be made only available to her. Obstructing player view. Possibly assign them to the auxilary attachement slot in appearance so players can choose wether or not to equip the asthetic. Uniqueness. Maybe give them the ability to equip an arcane, or even cycle the arcanes avaiable to her based on her aura or power color or something? I'm suggesting something like this because any form of an augment could very easily be deemed useless or not worth the slot, over time and any changes to the larger game. Havng arcanes to choose from feels like it would have a better lasting viability, and would give the Talons the slight buff they're in need of, and also the uniqueness they're lacking atm. I have no idea how possible or technically challenging any of this would be. From an outside perspective, hopefully this may be one of the easier ways to achieve the goal of fixing her talons.
  8. Completely baffled by this community most times. You're asking, again!, for a CC frame to be given damage. I think most the people complaining about CC frames needing damage in their kits should probably stick to damage dealing frames. instead of trying to force damage onto something that was never meant for damage to begin with...lol. As always it comes down to personal playstyles, etc. But insisting CC frames have damage for them to be worth anything is just F'n silly. Maybe learn how to use the CC frames? Or just stick to damage dealers... sheesh. Nyx was damn near destroyed by this very same mentality, thankfully they gave her spammable bolts back. Although in a much worse state than the orginal. If you're frustrated that you choose to play a CC frame and the abilities don't do damage, well maybe try something else. Cause obviously you don't enjoy the CC that many others do? I'm happy as hell Nyx didn't get the wukong/vauban treatment. I don't care much for Wukong and Vauban was one of my favorites for a long time. Now he just feels like another " spam a ton of particles in your teams face because, fun for 'me!' " While noone else can really do much unless they have a frame with bigger and stronger AoE. It's maddening. Warframe feels like it's moving further and further from anything co-op, and everything has to be capable of soloing everything in the game with little to no thought about anything other than how much time it'll take to grind out all these pointless multi-layered tier systems.
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