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  1. Had to drop back in and say thank you DE. Giving Nyx her spammable bolts back fixed any major issues with her, she now plays alot like she use to although a bit different and better (?) for the most part. Only thing I perosnally still feel lacking is the rad & slash procs from her original bolts, but I guess we had to lose something to gain armor strip (even though i still don't build power on her)? She could use a few minor tweaks if you're looking to adjust things still. The cast speed as a whole on her absorb without the augment still feels like a sluggish thing as it always has, but I don't see any give and take to be had if you guys at DE feel the cast speed adds the balance you're looking for. But yeah, really appreciate the bolts change, ty again I'm not much of a titania player myself, but I still see the convos and notice this thread is still open. I thought it might be worth suggesting turning her buffs into butterflies that fly out to the enemies then redirect to yourself and teammates for the buffs.This could remove the need for changing buffs if you recieve the buffs based on how many butterflies return to any player. Or like it is now, based on the enemy. Just a thought, and it even fits into the context of the great meme machine that warframe is, she could have buFFerflies
  2. Really awesome ideas for a new passive for Nyx, GG to you. I've given Nyx a decent chance since we finally go this on console, and it has many more cons than pros in comparison to her last version. I really appreciate the effort of trying to give Nyx a bit of a tune up, but this falls vastly short when compared to her old kit. The old psychic bolts being removed is the root cause of this new kit feeling so underwhelming and weak, imo. - Her mind control may be a tad bit better than before, but it still requires the use of her augment for mind controlled enemies to do any damage. The only time it seems to do any damage is playing in high level missions with a very narrow variety of strong units being worth the caution and effort to set this up. This all is also dependent on armor stripping, which is another issue with this kit. I'd like to suggest adding the type of damage you do to the target, this way your mind controlled target can actually do some damage. - Psychic Bolts. the idea of adding a defense debuff is a good one. It's just that you have to build into power strength to pull this off at a very minimal level. Nyx does not operate well building into power strength when her entire kit revolves around duration, range and efficiency. Previously her bolts acted as a synergistic link to her whole kit, wether it be for engaging or disengaging. As it is now, it has become extremely clunky to use for little to no pay off because you have to focus into power to make it worth even using. If you try to use the augment with an old style Nyx build it's even more clunky because you have no idea where the targets are if the bolts go through walls, and you have to hold a button for a full second or more before you can even cast it again. These are just a couple of the negatives without going into a full on scripted video (which i do not have the resources for, or I would). This is almost like removing silence from banshee, doesn't sound too pleasent does it? It would be greatly benifical, and appreciated, to her survivability for her previous bolt mechanics to be reverted along with the addition of this new debuff if it all possible. - Chaos. This change seems really odd and counter productive. Targets losing chaos if they happen to be outside your range when recast just feels and plays badly. Casting Chaos in a few different spots was a huge part of what made Nyx so good at what she did. - Absorb. This doesn't seem to have gained or lost anything, it still feels exactly the same as it did before. Too slow of a recovery when leaving Absorb. - Her passive. Seems completely non existent. Thanks for the effort, it's appreciated, but please don't leave Nyx in this state. She's always been a fav frame and after this past couple weeks I have zero interest in ever playing her again. She feels very slow, clunky and lost important tools that gave her some survivability and made her whole kit mesh well.
  3. Please revert Nyx's Psychic Bolts, keep the armor strip/ shield debuff if you really feel the need, but it isn't needed with the way Nyx worked before this rework. The rad and slash proc her Bolts offereded allow it to be the synergizing link in her entire kit, and also allows you to see which targets they hit. Everything about the old bolts makes it one of the best CC 's in the game especially with the augement. As Nyx has always been my favorite goto type of frame, this really hurts and I haven't even played it yet. Knew instantly how negative it would be for her as soon as I read the abilities on the wiki after it went live on PC. Her bolts have always been a very enabling part of her kit. Even if you REALLY don't wanna change bolts again, maybe change her passive to rad and slash proc any enemy affected by Nyx's skills. This would allow us to keep track of anything we've had an effect on while simultaneously returning and improving the original functionality of what those status procs did for Nyx. Even taking a route like this, she still absolutley needs the spammability of Psychic Bolts reverted. I can understand a large amount of the playerbase wanting these more support oriented frames to do some damage, but isn't that why we have weapons? We have a huge arsenal of frames and weapons, and a lot of damage based frames. Why must we damage one of the greatest CC frames to cater to a mindset that won't ever enjoy that type of play style to begin with? If anything she'll see much less play now all across the entire spectrum of the playerbase. On a side note, maybe it would be a good idea to introduce some sort of contest for frame tutorials/guides and have people submit videos for the playerbase to vote on. Have the top few for each frame linked to in the codex or ability screen of the frame itself. There could be different categories in the submission process for new player or vet friendly, plus anything else that sounds like a good idea. In addition this could also add a way to revitalize a given frame or weapon without having to go through the whole rework process to begin with. It may also add a fun dynamic of interaction between DE, the youtubers /streamers and the general playerbase. This might help aliveate some of this outcry for changing things that need no change and would add motivation to focus on the positive aspects of so many different things. Not to mention relieve you guys at DE a little bit of stress so you can spend that small amount gained on more positive stuff for your staff and this amazing game you've delivered us over the years.
  4. Wow, that's awesome. Can't wait to see how this progresses. Keep it up! You have some serious talent and persistence goin there.
  5. I think Nyx's changes seem great for the most part, just a couple thoughts about the new mind control and psychic bolts in general. I've always felt Nyx just needed her augments added to her base abilities, barring chao's ofc. I feel the strongest about psychic bolts in general. I think it's always been a bit underrated/overlooked, especially since condition overload was introduced. With her augment in the equation, you have a guaranteed slash proc, rad proc and 10+ sec stun all in a nice spammable skill. This has many many uses, anything from opening windows for head shots, rad proccing like crazy for insanely cheap with no other form of radiation in a build, awesome set up for things like glaive/zakti combo's and other insane melee interactions, and just stun spam in general along with many other uses. I would hate to see all those interactions disappear in favor of something much less versatile. Nyx is and always has been an insanely good CC frame, and I believe psychic bolts has always been a huge part of it. That being said, I do like the addition of armor stripping to it, if it's an addition. I'd like to suggest either keeping the original skill as is and adding the armor strip to the augment along with the stun it provides, or flipping the interactions between the base skill and augment. Like maybe keep the changes, and then just add the rad and slash proc to the augment along with the stun. As for Mind Control that's a great change for it. I'd just like to suggest adding the damage type you're pumping into it to be added along with the new change. That way it would scale better into high level content. Considering that even with Absorb returning the types of damage it has absorbed, most mission enemy types have resistences to the types of damage they're dealing. With a change like this players could better adapt to the situation on all levels of play. Outside of those thoughts I think it's a great rework for one of the best sleeper frames in the game. I sought out Nyx in all her forms the moment I first learned of her on my journey through WF. She's totally my favorite for almost any situation. Nice to see her getting some well deserved attention from the community. Hope you give these suggestions some thought. Stoked she getting a pass on her sounds as well. Don't change chaos's sound please, maybe enchance it somehow. That echoing thhhhwwwummmp is pretty epic already ;)
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