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  1. Warframe is comprised of various factions who are hostile to us, but what they lack is variety in leadership in many regards. Corpus This faction has shown to be an extremely capitalistic to a point of being a plutocracy or mrgacorperation, but we see few characters of notable power. For example we know the Corpus board is comprised of 14 members and we know less than a quarter, so instead why not develop more characters based in different positions such as robotics, biology, cybernetics... It allow large variety in boss fights and world building for corpus culture. Grin
  2. Factions in are a major world building element in any story a write wishes too convey. For our Tenno's coalition we're joined up with various other groups known as syndacites who all have seperate agendas, and i wish to see these play a larger role in Warframes story. Story missions Side stories are great for expanding the universe, but we're only limited too a few syndacites having side story missions (so far) and is something I hope is thoroughly continued. Syndacite weapons Every sub faction is shown too have 3 weapons available variants of already existing weapons but
  3. Too address some criticisms first off the idea is entirely experimental and something too draw up conversation so wuite honestly idc if it's not a unique idea, and if it's something that pops up often then it's because theres support behind it. To address the economy in warframe it's doubtful that because you can see the prices all prices will drop. Reason i doubt this is because warframe has a system too develop scarcity (ducat conversion and vaulting) which forces prices to fluctuate and still allows neebies a chance to learn the trade instead of being scammed.
  4. Warframe Trade is an enigma to most full of back room trades and price jumps only your local crack head could explain, BUT what if we made it easier and maybe more competitive for everyone! Auction house and mobile stores! My proposal is a mobile app way too post trades online and allow display and insta trade with any objects people have posted. It'd make a faster and more competitive market! Just so player can also see price flux like stocks i would recommend partnering with sites that do this to make an official and easy fair trading platforms (such as Riven market).
  5. Fantasy football! Weird concept and a way to make money! So why can't Warframe! Index Index is main money maker for any warframe player but why do we have to fight in it? Why not say our crew and converted? With updated AI (so they can value point gainz) a player can bet in game credits to compete and chance at winning grofit by using our hand dandy mobile app! PVP With our new famtasy index it mayne possible to have player compete and toss in bets whether that be credits, primes, or even Plat. Grineer Gambit The executioner games could also
  6. Weapon are vastly numerous throughout warframe but something struck at me as odd. What weapons are used and not just by player but by AI. Another problem I've had was the incomplete mid tier varieties... Lemme explain: AI weapons: AI in warframe is pretty simplistic and standardized in Warframe with entire units dedicated too one weapon such as butchers only using dual cleavers. Instead why not have a standardized class for units and allow a random weapon pool (of course the pool can me decided so it makes contextual aka no harpoon guns in desert). My idea of this would reduce
  7. It'd definitely be opportunity to show diversity among the Infestation especially when there's so much that alludes to it.
  8. Well realistically yes but we're also playing a dark fantasy scifi game where Venus is a fridgid fungal wonderland so i think focus on reality can vary bit for entertainment value
  9. Orokin once great rulers of Sol now lay as ashes in direlect flesh towers. Artisan masters of life and death who long perish echo with armies of puppeted soldiers who were captured by their drone masks. This reasoning for corrupted units sounds thrilling yet we dont see in game or lore how cool it can be leaving vast potential unused. The masks The masks are golden sygils that by lore fly out and attach too users and control them, but it feels to basic and boring. Instead I purpose a most violent machine that functions more or less like the infection forms of halo. Small drone
  10. Grineer once ancient slave builders of Orokin now a militaristic war machine led by their twin Queens. Characteristically Grineer are simple single minded workers, violent, builders, and focus on engineering and chemical research. With this in mind they're largely comparable to ants with a militaristic hierarchy, and yet we're shown them to be messy slobs with no real system. Although fixing it would bring Grineer to be a far more prominent force in Warframe, so how do we fix it? Roles/ Classes: In game we see a vast variety of units that often break the rules such as a Kuva g
  11. Mercury one of the first planets to appear and the biggest introduction to two main factions, and yet still underwhelming. Although nonetheless opportunities remain. Currently we are introduced to a planet the a main mining site for Grineer and is runned in part by slaves, but during a story rescue ops it's discovered the Grineer somehow accidentally released the Infestation on the planet and now remains as a battleground. So how can it be improved? Tilesets! Scenery is everything and our current scenery is dull with boring generic Grineer mining sites tilesets, but there can
  12. The Infestation as we know it varies drastically especially when you consuder where the infection is located. On Direlect ships or planet out breaks its a furious ramaging monster hell bent on consuming, on Deimos it's a moon sized network that is in constant battle with itself, but one place hidden in the inky sky still remains uniquely strange...Eris. From what we know it's the largest infestation with hundreds or thousands of direlect ships in orbit and a surfaces unchallenged and untamed with several unique features and characters. My proposition is a Eris update to reflect its unique attr
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